Xcode tries to push git submodule

I’ve added a a git submodule to my project, but whenever I try to push to git using Xcode it wants to push the submodule project as well. Since I have read-only access to the artemis repo, I can’t push. I can get around this by downloading a zip of the artemis project and including […]

git svn returns empty repository

I am trying to move my ~6GB local subversions repository to git and keep all history. $ git svn clone –stdlayout –no-metadata -A /Users/dominikwilkowski/Desktop/users.txt file://localhost/Users/dominik/repository/svn/sites /Users/dominik/repository/git/sites This command will run without error or feeedback at all and will end up creating an empty repository. My svn version is: $ svn –version svn, version 1.7.8 (r1419691) […]

Why is git creating empty directory: build

Why is git creating empty directory: build. I am cloning a SVN repo with the following commands git svn clone -s http://svn/java/project project and I see that git created a empty directory that I don’t see in SVN, I keep removing it but everytime I do a git svn rebase it comes back.. can someone […]

git-subtree branch switching & directory layout

So I’m kinda new to git — or at least git on the console, have been using Tortoise git. And I find myself in something I would consider a relatively “common” use-case: I have several repositories planned: generic/shared code repo_sN, application code repo_appN. The folder structure for some shared repository should look something like this: […]

mac os x – xcode cannot reach local repository

On the recent upgrade to xcode (v4.6.2), it can no longer reach local git repositories. This is for existing projects as well as new projects (example below is a brand new project, with the option ‘xcode to create local repository‘ ticked. I should clarify that the local repository is created – running git status and […]

Referring a project directly from git in your maven project Pom.xml

Higuys, I am not an expert in maven and this is what I am trying to achieve. I have a main maven project but it has a dependency on another project. So when I push any change in this another project, I execute some integrations tests for which i need those changes which i submitted […]

Git repository split – total repository size increased in comparison to original

The big project, consisting of several modules, was split using git filter-branch -f –index-filter “git rm -r -f –cached \ –ignore-unmatch $(ls -w 100500 -xd ^(editor|shared|thirdparty) )” \ –prune-empty — –all and similar command for rest modules into 2 projects A and B The size of .git repository for original (unsplit) copy is 100Mb, size […]

Detach many subdirectories into a new, separate Git repository

This question is based on Detach subdirectory into separate Git repository Instead of detaching a single subdirectory, I want to detach a couple. For example, my current directory tree looks like this: /apps /AAA /BBB /CCC /libs /XXX /YYY /ZZZ And I would like this instead: /apps /AAA /libs /XXX The –subdirectory-filter argument to git […]

Why am I getting unstagged changes from a git pull?

I had a clean working directory. I do a git pull. Tells me I have 2 unstaged changes. This is false because I was not working on these files. I try everything I can to get rid of them and reset –hard HEAD does not work. HEAD clearly points to the latest commit in the […]

Git duplicates commit files

I’m using Aptana plugin for Eclipse. When I try to commit, it doubles file, i.e one exactly file appears couple times. If I have 10 files to commit, it shows 20 files (1 file 2 times). I tried close and open project, Clean by Eclipse (Project menu -> Clean), Refresh project. Not helped. Even it […]

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