How to properly push one git repository over another on codebasehq?

I need to know the proper way to move git history from one repository to another on Situation: there is a repo on which I call “old” on path like after some development in old repo the team realized that this repo should actually be in different location on and did […]

git difftool — how to skip a certain file?

when I do a git difftool, I get the message Hit return to launch ‘araxis’:. I found out that I can terminate the whole diffing by pressing CTRL-C, but how about skipping a single file? Is this possible? Edit: as of git (and msysgit, it is possible. For every file, I get asked […]

Migrating a TFS repository to git

This question already has an answer here: Migrating from TFS to Git 1 answer

ubuntu git init permission denied

I guess I have a problem with my rights. I have a nearly new Ubuntu 14.04 installed and just configured my vhost to display my little html project. The new site has no problem to work correctly in the Firefox. But now I want to initialize a new git repo and failed. When I type […]

GIT repositories with some different files

I’m just getting started with Git. I’ve got: a repository on my local machine for web development /www/my-web-app/ and on a remote server I have a bare repository /www/git-repo/ and then the actual web app /www/production-my-web-app/. I’m currently pushing from my local machine to the bare repository and then pulling that in the production repository. […]

expose the date a commit was pushed to a repository

I’m looking for a way to see the date a commit was pushed to a remote repository. Using git log you can see both the author date and the commit date; however, neither of these dates tell you when the developer actually got around to pushing the change up to the main remote repository. At […]

Heroku Deploy Error: Cannot find module './errors/cast'

I built my app using yeoman angular-fullstack generator and then modified for my own purposes. I built the dist folder to deploy to heroku using yo angular-fullstack:deploy heroku. It creates a new heroku app for me and when I cd into the dist folder and git push heroku master everything works great. I want to […]

Can't clone on windows but can clone on linux from Gitlab server

I am trying to clone a repository from a remote Gitlab server over SSH. I am using Gitlab CE version 9.3.9 755bb71 and TortoiseGIT version 2.5.0 and git (for windows) version 2.14.0 SSH Keys are installed correctly as I have tested the authentication using ssh -vT git@ -i /path/to/.ssh/key I get the following message for […]

How can I pull from one remote and push to another with git?

I have a contributor to my github repository who has a fork and is working on a branch. I want to pull their branch to my own branch and make modifications, but still track theirs. Can I configure git so that while I’m on branch foo, git pull pulls from contributor/foo and git push pushes […]

Extract authorship information from git repository

I am trying to extract (source code line, author label) pair from git repositories. The easiest way to do that is using git blame. The problem is that git blame takes the last committer as the author no matter whether the committer just indents the code or really changes the code. Do you know any […]

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