configuring github project with eclipse

I have configured Eclipse with GIT plugin and also created a repository in github now i want to add all my existing project from eclipse to the github repository through eclipse plugin Can someone please suggest the steps

Git command to get SVN style diff; modified file list between revisions

I used the command “git diff –name-only” and got output like below FilePath/FilePath/FileName.ext FilePath/FilePath1/FileName1.ext I need SVN style output like M FilePath/FilePath/FileName.ext A FilePath/FilePath1/FileName1.ext How to achive this?

How to Avoid Committing Tokens in GIT

I have been doing back-flips to avoid committing API tokens into my git repositories. Often I have been failing. Despite my best efforts I cannot find any tool or builtin command to prevent the accidental commit of my tokens prompting rather embarrassing second commits and token refreshes. I am wondering if anyone has found a […]

git rebase issue reordering

I’m having an issue while rebasing git commits. The problem is: pick A pick B <- mine pick C pick D pick E <- mine pick F <- mine I want to squash all my commits into one. I planned to do something like: pick A pick C pick D pick B <- mine squash […]

Extract meaningful changes with git diff

I’m trying to obtain changes between commits for a large number of HTML documents, but I quickly noticed that most changes are not important and are usually the result of logging, changes in versions to prevent caching or external scripts. For example: <a class=”support-ga” target=”_blank” href=”#”>0fb63cacd50e / 0fb63cacd50e @ -app-151</a> +app-107</a> <input type=’hidden’ name=’csrfmiddlewaretoken’ -value=’82NB5DdySoICu1mqcl0RZVk5dMCOVEQd’ […]

Git workflow: leave or keep an old code?

We are a small team of data scientists maintaining some business processes in Git repository. We have a lot of dead and unused code, things like process.R, process_1_1_0.R and process2.R (and, obviously, only one is used). The idea has always been to keep some older code ‘in case something happens’. Since all the changes are […]

How can I share local commits to my TFS 2017 server from a submodule hosted in github?

There’s a github project that I’ve added to my TFS repo as a submodule. I’ve made a few commits to the submodule/github project that have not yet been accepted into the public github project. How do I get those local commits off my machine to somewhere TFS can access them so TFS can build my […]

Git Submodule has a wrong reference to its remote repository

I have two submodules in my main repository, both linked to two another remote repositories. When I enter the 1st submodule I am getting a message “HEAD detached at xxxxxxxx” – which is fine, cause the remote repository and the submodule have the same ID (the 32 digits). When I enter the 2nd submodule I […]

Importing commit from Bitbucket to Existing Gitlab repo

I am working on this large project and my source code is being stored on Gitlab. I gave the code to another person and they have done some major work to it and they store it on Bitbucket. Now I want to take the person’s code and add it to my existing Gitlab repo (as […]

How to not include a class file with API strings in git, but still get it on a build server?

I am currently working on my final project as a last year IT student, for which I am creating an Android application. Somewhere in my app I allow my users to edit a picture right after it was taken from inside my app. Since this is not a core functionality in the app I use […]

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