Gitiginore all files except those with .rst extensions?

The ** and * in gitignore are a bit confusing. Here is what I have in .gitignore: * !*.rst This works for all *.rst files in the root directory. What about .rst files in subdirectories? I tried * !*.rst !**/*.rst But this does not change anything.

Can I use git to track public and private branches that intentionally diverge?

Say I have: X Z o—–o—-o—–o—o A \ / \ / o——o———o B Y Suppose that A and B intentionally diverge, because (say) A is a public branch and B is a company-internal branch (which needs to have some differences for technical reasons and potentially has secrets that should not be in the open-source release). […]

How do I create a new branch based on an existing Git hub branch? (Please read – tried the beginners guide)

I have a master branch and would like to create a new branch based on it, and then switch to the new branch. I’m very very new to coda/github/terminal so I don’t even know if my syntax is correct. here’s what I typed in, letter for letter, with the exception of the branch names which […]

how is a diff pathspec defined

In gitdiffcore(7) it simply states: The pathspecs are used to limit the world diff operates in. They remove the filepairs outside the specified sets of pathnames. E.g. If the input set of filepairs included: :100644 100644 bcd1234… 0123456… M junkfile My question is how to read this, i.e. which fields are which, and what should […]

VSTS unprotect git branch

Apparently the guys at VSTS decided to give the UI a new look and feel. Negative side effect: I cannot unprotect a previously protected branch. The option is greyed out. That means every commit needs to surpass a pull request approval – which I don’t want anymore. Previously it was possible to switch this off […]

svn monitor for linux

is there any svn/git monitor for linux? there is one written in c# I would like to know when someone else have commited something to SVN right after he does it, so I can make decisions based on that. Since I’m not the owner of the repository I can’t use a post commit hook […]

No releases in github when using git flow release

I am using git flow and the release functionality. It is generally working but I am not seeing any tags created for each release. Is that expected? If so, does anyone have a suggestion for the best way to create a git tag for each git flow release?

How to remove left over .rej files after reverting from a git patch?

I recently applied a patch to my repo which I afterwards realized was the wrong thing to do. I applied the patch with the “–reject” parameter, so it applied the changes that worked and created .rej files for the rest. I am fairly new to git, so I may not have gone back the right […]

Change ALL Commit Dates in GIT

Is there anyway I can change all of the commit dates in GIT by subtracting, let’s say a week, from all dates. Like, instead of showing “On date Thu, Sept 10 2012 USER committed…” I would like it to say “On date Mon, Sept 3 2012 USER committed…” This is for only one GIT repository. […]

Git stash: prevent converting line separators

In my normal core.autocrlf=true repositories on Windows I had a file with \n line separators (intentionally). After saving as a stash and applying it later, it was changed back to \r\n which was a little bit unexpected for me. How can I make saving and applying a stash not convert any line separator but keep […]

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