Git showing lots of changes and untracked files after checkout

So I’m on a branch, let’s call it feature/PRO-10 and I want to switch to another branch to quickly check the state of a piece of code. I do a git stash to stash my changes and then a git checkout bugfix/PRO-13 to go to the branch I want to look at code on. I […]

gitflow, tags an versions numbers

I need two thing for a work project: a clear branching model, and a way to accurately track the origin of my binaries. I want to follow the gitflow branching model, wich seems to perfectly suits my need. For the origin of the binaries, I use git describe –dirty in my makefiles, to generate a […]

Unable to push changes to remote repository with multiple users

I have set up git successfully and pushed my project to remote repository. I had already setup my global and by executing following: git config –global ‘user1’ git config –global ‘’ Now I have another repository for which I needed a different user, so I created another user specific to that […]

Git: Commit whitespace refactoring without overwriting history

I’m looking to refactor the whitespace / identation mayhem in our project. For that I was using the untabify function in MSVS, which does just what I need. The problem is commiting it using Git, since it shows almost every line last edited by me, which is technically correct, but in this case not the […]

How to disable pinentry-qt in fedora 20 for git-svn ?

I use git–svn command line client to synchronize my projects to an svn repository. Since I moved to fedora 20 (I was on fedora 17 before), when I synchronize with the svn repository (with git svn rebase, for instance) I have, very often, a pinentry-qt window pop-up. The pinentry-qt popup message looks like “Enter your […]

Git, ignore all files except a few in subdirectories

I’ve been reading around forever now without a solution that matches my setup. I am developing a extra for a cms and I don’t want to keep all the cms files in my repo. The files I want to keep are: /_build/ [everything inside here] /core/components/mycomponent/ [everything inside here] However, I’d like to ignore all […]

git – list tag message on remote repositories

I retrieve the tags on remote repositories using git ls-remote –tags The tags are annotated. The output provides the tags as below but doesn’t provide the tag message. Is there any way I can retrieve the tag message as well? Perhaps something like on the github API I need to fetch the message on […]

Migrating repositories into Github from Stash/Gitlab

I have repositories hosted in Stash and Gitlab but would like to consolidate them to Github. I am clear on how to move the the Git repositories themselves using git clone –bare and git push –mirror. My question is about preserving the additional info related to these repos (e.g. pull requests, user permissions, hooks) to […]

What does 'Checking out files' stat indicate while switching to master branch in Git world?

I am using git bash. I created a brand new local git repository from a brand new public repository ( means it just had .gitIgnore file. no code) I branched off from my local master repository to a new repository ‘FromClearcase’ using: git branch FromClearcase git checkout FromClearcase I pasted 49 files of code into […]

Can gitattributes filters remove or add files?

Git attributes can be used to set up filters per file to make the content of the working directory be a transformed version of the repository content. I was wondering if this could be used to clean up the .SRCINFO files that have to be dealt with in Archlinux’ new AUR version 4. Essentially, there […]

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