How to organize git repository for android and server code

I would like to develop an Android application that will communicate with a node js server. I think there may be some models I want to share among 2 applications, I would like to put it in the same repository so that I don’t have duplicate code. How could I organize my Git repo to […]

How do I receive progress information for git push?

I’m attempting to migrate a pre-existing project from TFVC to git. I’m able to successfully perform the conversion locally. However, when I attempt to push to the new git remote, the process seems to hang indefinitely. (There is a large amount of data — a few hundred MiB) Using the command git push –verbose –progress, […]

Codenameone UIDesigner out of sync with file

I’m developing a Codenameone app using Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket. I’m doing work on two computers, one at my home office and one laptop when I’m on the go. Therefore I use Git and Bitbucket to ensure that my files are kept in sync across both computers. I’ve run into a strange issue with the […]

Teamcity Git private Submodule checkout fails

TeamCity unable to checkout git projects with private git submodules (projects themselves are private and accessed with username/password and use same credentails for submodules), all source is stored on bitbucket and accessed over HTTPS. TeamCity is able to using the same VCS root checkout other projects without submodules just fine (so im happy credentails/proxy issues […]

git commits into html filr through jenkins

I am passing a HTML file through Jenkins from build to production servers. I am injecting the build number into the HTML file using perl. Now I also want to inject the git commits into the HTML page. The below is how I injected build number in place of the {BUILD_VERSION} in the HTML page. […]

Trying to pass lines of a text file to a command as an argument

I’m doing this in the git command line for Windows (gitbash?) so that may be causing problems (Windows does not now what a line feed is). Trying to pass paths in a file to git the following way: $ while read p; do git checkout dev $p; done <test.txt ‘ did not match any file(s) […]

Guidelines to deploy a production MEAN Stack app

Guidelines to deploy a production MEAN Stack app. I’m beginning with Full Stack development and I’m studying news topics every week. But, it’s really common to find something new that should be used in the beginning of the project. My first glance with this gave me this kind of checklist: Node Express API. MongoDB running. […]

git diff displaying only changed lines in renamed files

I’m reviewing a big refactor which moved plenty of files around and changing some of the moved files. When I use git diff –summary -M master feature/x I can see many files that have ‘similarity percentage’ above 95% and when I use git difftool it shows that many of files don’t actually have any changes. […]

List only files with permissions changes in git

How can I list all files in git for which only permission have been changed? There is git diff -p –name-only –no-ext-diff, but this lists all the files with changed permissons, including the ones, that have changed content. I just want to list the files with updated permissions, excluding the ones with text changes (even […]

Jenkins Version Number Format Substring

I am using the Jenkins Version Number Plugin. I have the following Version Number Format String in my Git/Maven project: #${BUILDS_ALL_TIME} – ${POM_VERSION} – ${GIT_BRANCH} This results in: However, I want a substring of GIT_BRANCH that results in the output: #42 – 1.4.2-SNAPSHOT – master In other words, I just want a GIT_BRANCH of master […]

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