Modifying a file after “git add”

Scenario Due to PHPMD and PHPCS checks that run during a commit, I often need to modify files that have already been affected by “git add”. If I modify a file that is added, and retry the commit, the changes aren’t recognized, so the commit will fail again. I then need to “git reset” the […]

Merging branches With Git

I am using git for windows to manage a local project. I have two branches, ‘master’ and ‘change_specific’. I have added some extra files to ‘change_specific’. Those files don’t show up when I switch to ‘master’. When I call git merge -m “don’t need old branch” master change_specific git tells me “Already up-to-date. Yeeah!”. Yet […]

Are the remote and centralized repository the same thing in git?

They seem to be synonyms, but I can’t tell quite yet. Basing this off the Subversion vs. DVCS debate here.

Git: Putting local directory under revision control

For the sake of an example, supose I have an old copy of phpMyAdmin (not under revision control) in my home directory. I would like to upgrade it to the latest version from the “stable” branch. So basically, I just want to be able to do git pull and have my copy of phpMyAdmin “upgraded” […]

How can I see what changes have been made in a git repository without pulling it into my working tree

For example, I could just git pull and then git checkout HEAD-1. But is there a way of seeing the differences before deciding whether to git pull or not?

What is the git command to list ignored files?

This question already has an answer here: Git command to show which specific files are ignored by .gitignore 8 answers

Git Alias to chain add, commit, pull, push?

What I am interested in doing is creating an alias that adds all files, commits with a message, does a pull, if there are any conflicts stop and show a list of conflicted files, otherwise push. I have already found an alias to list conflicted files (git config –global alias.conflicts “diff –name-only –diff-filter=U”), but I […]

Adding git commit message to all files (even unchanged)

I would like to update every single file’s commit message within GitHub at certain times. Whenever I make a major upgrade (merging development into stable branch), I would like to commit and push my changes to GitHub such that all of the files, even those which have had no changes, have the same commit message. […]

Can't get updated file on server after git push

I have a local repo on my laptop and a remote repo on a server. On laptop: $ git pull ssh://xxxx@xxxxxxx/home/gittest/ master $ cat a.php <?php echo ‘hello’; ?> so I changed file on laptop $ vim a.php $ cat a.php <?php echo ‘hello’; echo ‘hello2’; ?> and commit it $ git add a.php $ […]

how to merge cloned git repository with the original repository

we are using git on a lan of computers and we have a central repository on one machine, every developer has to clone the repository and work on his one machine. but how to merge all this repositories together in the central repository ?

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