Why does git commit after a merge by default?

I’m curious about this behavior and maybe its just because I’ve come from using SVN and bazaar mostly. (I’m learning git to interface with the excellent github.) It seems counter intuitive to me and as if it would be better for git merge [branch] –no-commit to be the default to encourage people to make sure […]

Edit an AndroidManifest when compiling to remove API-key

I’m currently working on an Android project, and learning how to use git. I’m blocked because of a problem with git : I have my Google Maps api key declared in my android-manifest file : <meta-data android:name=”com.google.android.maps.v2.API_KEY” android:value=”HEREISMYKEY”/> Now, I’d like to push my code in github, but I can’t push my AndroidManifest, because it […]

How to pull a single file from a server repository in Git?

I am working on a site with a server running git. I am using Git for deployment (not Github). This was setup prior to my involvement using a hook method and I referred to this question and entered the commands below but it didn’t work. So basically how do i pull a single file from […]

How can I pull all branches in SourceTree?

I didn’t see any options to do this in the pull window. What should I do?

git grep to find files

I love git grep to search in all files checked in to a repo. It’s great. But is it possible to use it (or some other git command) to just use to find files (independent of content)? At the moment I do this: $ find . | grep middleware which works but it’s not using […]

GIT for a solo developer

Outside of work I use SVN for my personal projects I wish to keep private. I use it to synchronise sources between my laptop and desktop, for off site backup and the normal advantages SCM brings. The current trendy source control system is GIT and I must admit I’m considering moving to it. But given […]

Prune binary data from a git repository after the fact

I accidentally committed some large binary data into some commits. Since then I’ve updated my .gitignore, and those files are no longer being committed. But I’d like to go back into the older commits and selectively prune out this data from the repository, removing a couple directories that should have been in .gitignore. I don’t […]

Git reset to previous commit

I have three commits I made which I attempted to clean up some code. Anyways I managed to completely destroy what I was working on. And I want to delete the past three commits and return to a specific commit SHA1. How can I restore to that previous commit and delete the history of those […]

Pushing to TFS git using public/private key

I have a TFS server which is using git for source-control. How do I use ssh style public/private keys to push/pull/fetch from the TFS server? That is, where do I add my public key on the TFS server?

why is git-cherrypick saying nothing to commit

I googled a lot for the below issue but couldn’t get any substantial info…please help me out,created a temporary branch 202116 and am trying to do a cherrypick of gerrit 202116 and I get the below message,why am I not able to cherry-pick this gerrit and why am I getting this error?please provide your inputs […]

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