What is a changelist in IntelliJ IDEA?

What is a changelist in IntelliJ IDEA? Is it similar to a commit? When adding one, I have the following options: Name (text field) Comment (text field) Make this changelist active (checkbox) Track context (checkbox)

Git remove remote history past certain commit

I have a Git/Gitlab repository. We used to commit straight to master, but we decided to switch to using feature branches like the rest of the world for this release. We need to reset our remote master to the state it was in immediately after the last release. If someone has already committed to the […]

Github API – create branch?

Seems like it’s missing from the “Repos” docs for v1, v2, and v3…how do I create a branch using the Github API?

Change root of a branch in git

I’m using git and want to change the base of an exiting branch. This is caused by a deployment system, which pulls this explicit branch into my production environment. When planning my releases, I create a tag every time I want to go live. But my branch has special changes too, so git reset –hard […]

Git and ssh authorizating

I can’t login to github with generated ssh-keys. I’ve followed this manual: http://help.github.com/linux-key-setup but at step: ssh git@github.com I get: Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (publickey). What’s wroing? And, of course, I’m adding my own user email. Tried dsa-key, the same thing.

git: difference between “branchname” and “refs/head/branchname”

Best to be explained at an example: I am on branch 0.58 of repository and this his how I pull: git pull origin 0.58 When I just call “git pull”, I get: ip238:openlierox az$ git pull You asked me to pull without telling me which branch you want to merge with, and ‘branch.0.58.merge’ in your […]

How to get a copy of an older version of a file in a git repository?

I have a version of a .tex file from a number of commits ago that I would like to get a copy of. I have the sha1 hash value for the commit that has the version of that file that I want. I do not want to replace the current version of the file. Rather, […]

Git: Undo local changes; git add . + git rm?

Need help figuring out a couple common workflows with Github. I come from a VS TFS background, so forgive me. Undoing Pending Changes Let’s say I have cloned of a git repository to my local file system. At this point, the project’s local files match exactly what’s in the remote repoistory. Then I decided to […]

“git checkout <commit id>” is changing branch to “no branch”

I am working on a branch in git. When I do git checkout <commit id> (commit id obtained from git log ), it is getting committed to that particular change but branch is changed to <No-branch>. Why is this happening? How do you resolve this?

git-svn rebase gone horribly wrong

Is there a way to redo a git-svn rebase. or reset any effects by it. In my +8000 commit git-svn repository, something went wrong after merging a branch. My local “master” does not reflect anything near a complete log of trunk. And running git svn rebase correctly fetches new revisions but then tries to apply […]

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