Visual Studio Code push automatically

Is it possible to make git push after commit automatically? Now I need to click on push after commit manually and this is not very comfortable.

Trouble deleting file from tracking using Git

I have a weird problem with untracking file. I have a tracked file index.css. Then I add it to .gitignore. Then I run the following and get an output: $ git rm –cached build/development/css/index.css rm ‘build/development/css/index.css’ Running git status gives the following: $ git status On branch master Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’. Changes […]

Question marks in project navigator Xcode 5

i just updated to Xcode 5 and my project is using GIT, after update completed suddenly question marks appear in project navigator file near each file. when i am trying to Commit i don’t see what files have been changed, i cannot pull also and when i am trying to push it gives :Push Success” […]

Git: after preparing a real merge commit, how to create a simple commit?

After invoking git merge –no-commit <commit>, performing a commit will result in a merge commit with two (or more) parents. What command to invoke to create a simple commit instead (without having to re-perform the merge command with the –squash option)?

Get git branch name in Jenkins Jenkinsfile

I’ve create a jenkins pipeline and it is pulling the pipeline script from scm. I set the branch specifier to ‘all‘, so it builds on any change to any branch. How do I access the branch name causing this build from the Jenkinsfile? Everything I have tried echos out null except sh(returnStdout: true, script: ‘git […]

Git squash commits of renamed files (an keep history)

Backround Hi, I’m working on a local feature branch. This local branch is messed up with lots of small commits. Before pushing the branch to the remote I would like to tidy things up. For this I’d do a interactively rebase: git rebase -i No problem so far. Problem Now here’s the difficult part: During […]

How git makes branching not to be feared?

I’m a beginner in the Git world, previously working solely on centralized version control mechanism, namely TFS (tfvc) from microsoft. I already read couple tutorials, editorials, questions/answers on stackoverflow as well as created couple git repositories in which I work, but nothing fancy so far. I’m curious as to why so often I run into […]

How to tell git branch name from commit hash?

I have a bash script which accepts a string of either a branch name (e.g., “master”, or “feature/foo”) or a commit hash (e.g. “1234abcd”). I have the repository checked out, so I can call git. What is the best way to determine whether the string is a branch name or a commit hash? #!/bin/bash commit_or_branch=”$1″ […]

Ansible playbook using private git role dependency

I have an issue running an Ansible playbook with a set of private roles (that is, Ansible roles in a private git repository). For example, I have a playbook that uses the role base which depends on dep, both of which are hosted in private git repositories. Running ansible-galaxy fetches and installs all roles and […]

some confusion on git pull vs git-fetch

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between 'git pull' and 'git fetch'? 39 answers

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