GIT :: Merging 2 branches overwrite the content in one branch with the other

I am experiencing a wild issue. I have my entire project in the master branch. Earlier, one guy was working on this project, but it was in SVN. He made some changes and I need to integrate those changes with mine. Both projects have the same folder structure, the only difference is the type of […]

Why does this cherry pick result in a merge confict

Edit: I added some Information I thought to be unnecessary, but is not. I have two branches, A and B. After making three commits in A that changes file.c I want to cherry-pick them into B, there is also a file.h which was changed in A~1 > git cherry-pick A~2 Success > git cherry-pick A~1 […]

Is there any provision for converting .cvsignore files to .gitignore file?

I am using cvs2svn-2.4.0 for CVS to Git migration. This does not include the .cvsignore to .gitignore conversion. How do I convert .cvsignore files to .gitignore file?

Gerrit + GitLab's CI

We have been using Gerrit for code review, but now we want to use GitLab’s CI as one of the code review reviewers. Basically if the GitLab CI build is successful the review would pass for the user represented by GitLab’s CI. I guess I could set up a couple of hooks to get both […]

Git pull invalid Windows file names

I’m working a shared project using git for version control. I’m on windows while my partner is on Unix. My partner has named some files with <file1>.txt. When I try to pull these files they are not accepted as the < and > are invalid characters for Windows. This is fine, I don’t need to […]

Deploying an MVC4 C# application to Azure via GitHub. What should be in my .gitignore?

I have an ASP.NET, MVC4, C# application which I have developed in Visual Studio 2012. Up to now I have deployed successfully to an Azure website using the VS Publish facility. I have now successfully set up Git publishing on the Azure Website and linked it with a GitHub repository. I have initialized a repository […]

How can I setup my .git/config to be able to push to / pull from multiple remote repositories?

Ok, I have three different computers that I work from and right now their configurations are all different so I have to push/pull a certain on each and its very bothersome. What I want to do is have ONE config file that I can use for all three that will allow me to do the […]

Unable to resolve reference refs /refs/remotes/origin/branch while pushing after merging branches

New to git and github. I want to replace the git master branch with my other branch bridge both locally and remotely. The problem is that git is unable to resolve the references for the bridge branch. The problem arises from pushing to github. How the git tree came to be this way: Started master […]

What's the fastest way to get a private Maven Repository up and running?

I’m working with a few developers and we would like to share some jars as we’re working through the early iteration of a projects code. We would like to just pop up a quick private maven repository server to use for a short bit. In ruby it’s a simple as typing: gem server Apparently, there’s […]

Git to svn: Adding commit date to log messages

How should I do to have the author (or committer) name/date added to the log message when “dcommitting” to svn? For example, if the log message in Git is: This is a nice modif I’d like to have the message in svn be something like: This is a nice modif —– Author: John Doo <> […]

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