Git merge: accept theirs for multiple conflicts

I’m trying to merge a git branch (test-development) back into master. There are lots of merge conflicts but I want as many as possible to be resolved via –theirs. Is there a way to tell git to merge with –theirs in bulk?

Can someone explain the distinction between content tracking used in Git and file tracking used in other SCMs

I’ve been using Git for a while now and love the features and flexibility in workflow it allows. The ability to commit early and often is a huge deal for me and really fits into my way of working. One feature of Git I’ve heard mentioned many times but have yet to get my head […]

Reset local git repository

A few days ago I created a repository on Github, then followed the steps to add my existing solution to it. I have no idea what I did wrong, but after a few random ‘git add’ commands and whatnot, I now get the message in github for windows: failed to sync this branch. You might […]

git create patch with diff

I tried doing git diff 13.1_dev sale_edit > patch.diff Then I tried doing git apply patch.diff in another branch, but I got patch does not apply. How do I create patch files from diffs that I can use with git apply? Errors received: $ git apply –ignore-space-change –ignore-whitespace diff.diff diff.diff:9: trailing whitespace. diff.diff:10: trailing whitespace. […]

Clone a git repo (in depth)

How to clone a repo (with libgit2) I want to do exactly what git clone does but with libgit2. What I may be asking is what git clone really does in depth. This is what I’m doing so far: Initialize a repo Adjust the config file to add the remote Create a git_remote Download a […]

.gitignore not ignoring web.config

For my remote repository, I’m trying to ignore the web.config file of my Umbraco website. The .gitignore is in the root of my website, and the file to ignore, web.config is also in the root of my website. so I added this line to my .gitignore file: web.config But everytime I push changes to my […]

What is the difference between Git for Windows and Github Desktop?

As a programming neophyte, I have recently installed Github Desktop on Windows 10. However, upon using npm, I have discovered that some packages, like bower, require the user to install Git for Windows. My questions are: What is the difference between using Github for Desktop’s installation of git and using Git for Windows? Would it […]

Using an alternate diff algorithm in Git

Because git is designed for source code, its default diff algorithm treats a line as the minimum indivisible unit. I am trying to edit some markdown files that are word wrapped at column 80. Adding a sentence can cause the rest of the paragraph to be marked as changed. Is there a way to have […]

Git: pre-receive hook with PHP_CodeSniffer

Since switching from SVN to Git, we lost the ability to enforce our coding standards through a pre-commit hook on the subversion server. With Git, you only have pre-commit hooks on the client which cannot be enforced in any way. What makes it worse is that we have developers working with all three main operating […]

Gerrit – Gitlab Integration

In order to improve the development process, our organization have decided to introduce Gerrit in the development workflow. I am the person responsible for implementing Gerrit server. The user guides available in internet were very helpful in implementing Gerrit to our existing workflow. We are using Jenkins and Sonar as Non-interactive users for verifying the […]

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