code share between web app and cordova app

We have written an angularjs web site/app – optimised for mobile and are using cordova to make an html5 based mobile app. The code (html, css, js) will be the same for both the web app and cordova app but there will be some files that will be different. How do we set up our […]

Git “leaky” branches?

We usually do feature development on new branches and then bugfixes on the master branch. This time, for some reason, one of the feature branches had a leak where it was merged back into master when it shouldn’t have. From the screenshot, you can see that we have the feature branches sms_open and 121217. 121217 […]

I push my project to gitlab to test git ci,but it built fail

These are my information of error Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.5.3 (fb49c47) Using Shell executor… Running on luckyxmobiledeMac-mini-2.local… Fetching changes… HEAD is now at e56d7ac Update Checking out e56d7ace as master… bash: line 4: shell_session_update: command not found ERROR: Build failed: exit status 127 These are content of my .gitlab-ci.yml:= stages: – build build_project: stage: […]

“Hg to Hg (Gateway) to SVN” compared to “Git to Git (Gateway) to SVN”

Question is similar to this (unanswered) and this one (same problem not involving Git). The goal is to make Hg a front end for SVN for a period of time before transitioning fully to Hg. The setup should probably look like the one depicted below (same as in the questions referenced above), however I’m not […]

undoing accidental git merge without regressing history

I did something stupid and accidently merged a topic branch into my master branch and then pushed it live to github (where others have pulled). Just to make sure it was a completely moronic mistake, I pulled it out to my production servers. I’ve hung my head in shame for the appropriate amount of time […]

Why is it bad practice to commit to your fork's master branch?

Most Git workflows say to never commit to your fork’s master because then your master branch will diverge from origin. However, wouldn’t it work to just rebase your commits (from your master branch) on the upstream’s master? I know it’s a little more complicated, but I don’t see why this is bad practice.

Running pylint against only changed lines/files with jenkins

At this time, I am using the violations plugin with Jenkins to generate a report of PEP8 violations. Since I am only beginning to use this check, there are an insane number of violations. So I’d like to start with only checking what changed in a pull request. When a pull request is opened, I […]

Elevator pitch for Git a/o DVCS

Imagine you have a friend on the phone (not VoIP) who asks: “What’s so special about Git? I’m fine using Subversion.” What would be your “elevator pitch” in order to describe the advantage of using a DVCS like Git?

Merge two commits where commits are between

I want to merge two commits – there are commits between these two commits. The commits between don’t change files edited by commit 1 and commit 6. The commits are not pushed yet. Is this possible? f68ffb5 commit 6 … d294fac commit 1

Re-base sub-branch off master

still wrapping my head around GIT… I created a branch off another branch by mistake. Looks like this: c1…c2 / b1…b2…b3 / a1…a2…a3…a4 Meant to do this: b1…b2…b3 / a1…a2…a3…a4 \ c1…c2 I assume there’s some way to fix this but after some time with the docs etc. I’m not seeing it. Thanks!

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