How to specify 'git send-email' to send mail on a specific patch?

How to specify ‘git send-email’ to send mail on a specific patch? I have 4 commits but I haven’t done a ‘git pull’. When I do ‘git send-email’, it will send out 4 emails (1 patch for each commit). How can I configure git send-email so that it can send out email just for the […]

mvn release:perform fails from a git branch: does the pom.xml need to have same version on master?

we have several projects that are very similar. I’m trying to do a mvn release from a git branch. (Checking out the branch, then doing mvn release). On some of the projects this works fine, on others mvn release:prepare works just fine but when I do mvn release:perform it fails. The failure comes when it […]

What does git log –exit-code mean?

The git-log man page describes the –check option as incompatible with the –exit-code option. I’d like to know what this –exit-code means but I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve tried man git log, man git, Google and direct search here on SO… to no avail! What does –exit-code mean for git log?

git ls-files with date?

On GitHub you have this nice feature on each folder page, it lists the file name along with the age of the last commit to that file. This is similar to the ls -l command. Is there a way to mimic this behavior from the command line? Something like git ls-files -l Based on sjas […]

Git- how to checkout a specific version (commit hash) in Teamcity?

I have done this for SVN but I can not find any instruction for Git. I want to build from a branch up to a specific commit hash, how to specify the hash in TeamCity? I believe the config should go in to Branch Specification. Thanks in advance!

Keep stash after git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter

I recently split out my repository (residing in bigproj) using git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter deep/in/my/project. Then, I moved .git directory to deep/in/my/project. Now, stash is in a strange state, where the top stash is something like: stash@{0}: filter-branch: rewrite I can’t drop this stash, as I get this error (after git stash drop): refs/stash@{0}: not a […]

Is there any decent git repository manager that's downloadable?

I want to host git repos on my server, but still have a nice tool to manage them, such as Beanstalk or Assembla. Does anyone know of a similar tool which is downloadable (Other than Assembla private)? Security and reliability concerns won’t allow for hosted solutions.

`git difftool` and witespaces in namefiles

It seems that when git difftool executes an external command, it does not quote the arguments correctly. If .gitconfig contains the following lines: [difftool.echo] cmd = echo “$LOCAL” “$REMOTE” When I try to run difftool with a path containing spaces, such as > git difftool -t echo HEAD^ HEAD spaces\ here/test.txt I get the following […]

Is there a way to make git automatically retry commands if index.lock exists?

I use some of Xcode’s source control features, specifically the blame feature in the main editor, but use git on the command line for all of my actual version control. This means that, fairly often, git commands on the command line fail with the message: fatal: Unable to create ‘/path/to/repo/.git/index.lock’: File exists. Xcode is creating […]

git branch with multiple upstreams

I’m looking to have a branch in git that has 2 upstream branches, such that it pulls from both of them and pushes to one of them… Here’s the scenario: MY_BRANCH –> ORIGINAL_BRANCH MY_BRANCH –> MY_BRANCH So, my new branch, MY_BRANCH, pulls from both ORIGINAL_BRANCH and MY_BRANCH (at the origin), and pushes to MY_BRANCH (at […]

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