How can I downgrade the format of a Subversion repositiory?

Is there any way to down-format a Subversion repository to avoid messages like this: svn: Expected format ‘3’ of repository; found format ‘5’ This happens when you access repositories from more than one machine, and you aren’t able to use a consistent version of Subversion across all of those machines. Worse still, there are multiple […]

reading SVN:externals from working copy

Until recently it was simple to read all the SVN:Externals referenced in a subversion working copy by just reading some text files stored in the .svn subdirectory. With the change to a new on disk structure using mysql tables this is no longer that simple. I want to update an internally used tool that used […]

Web Application Deployment Workflow with SVN and TeamCity

I’m fairly new to Subversion. Most of my work so far has been with Visual Source Safe. I’m looking to improve my deployment process with SVN and TeamCity. This is my plan: There would be three branches: Development (/trunk) – Entire ASP.NET solution, including a Web Deployment Project. Staging (/branches/staging) – Web Deployment Project output […]

SVN error on connecting with eclipse

When I am trying to connect SVN to eclipse I am getting the following error: any idea how to resolve it? Failed to load JavaHL Library. These are the errors that were encountered: no libapr-1 in java.library.path no libapriconv-1 in java.library.path C:\Program Files (x86)\Subversion\bin\libeay32.dll: Can’t load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform C:\Program […]

Best practices for version control for Lotus Notes/Domino development

Please share how you do version control for Lotus Notes/Domino development. I want to put in our SVN repository all the scripts, views, custom forms, script libraries, etc. Semi-automated methods are accepted as well (i.e. if I find a way to get all the event scripts for a form in one file, and to be […]

Where is svn.exe for TortoiseSVN?

Possible Duplicate: Where is svn.exe in my machine? I try change username for my repository with command svn propset –revprop svn:author I cannot find program svn.exe. What is wrong

What's the best practice to fork an open source project?

I need to customize an open-source project. The changes are for a specific organization and will not be useful to the public project. The code changes include disabling features not needed by the organization (affecting 5% of the code), customizing other features for the organization (affecting 20% of the code), and adding new custom features […]

SVN Switch with relocate in Eclipse

My question can be claimed to be an extension/similar to the question posted here. basically, I need to do the same functionality using Eclipse plugin Subclipse. Subclipse has a functionality to “Switch branch/tag/revision”, however, this is limited as it treats the new url as a repository and tries to compare them. I only wish to […]

Best way to track and enforce peer reviews before commit

I was wondering what mechanism have people used to enforce and track peer reviews for committing to SVN. For each commit I want to be able to track if people have had a peer review (I am not sure whether enforcing a rule where they can’t commit is a good idea, my gut feeling is […]

What are you supposed to do with old SVN branches?

We had a SVN branch recently that had been merged back to trunk, and some more work on that feature/functional area was needed. I suggested using the same branch but was told you shouldn’t re-use a branch once it has been integrated into trunk (a reference in SVN docs was given, I can’t find it […]

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