How to create development branch from master on GitHub

I created a repo on GitHub and only have a master branch so far. My local working copy is completely up to date with the remote/origin master on GitHub. I now want to create a development branch on GitHub so that other people on my team can start pushing changes to development (instead of directly […]

Copy last commits from master to branch

Present situation in the picture. Green branch is a master. How to copy last 3 commits from master to pink branch, but without touching a master ?

How can I merge two git commits

I have done a series of commits and now I’m seeing that I would have liked to have 2 commits merged. Not the last two, but a bit further away My log: commit 326f35d83963660893d065e480f231b76f052dd2 Author: Peter Smit <> Date: Thu Dec 16 11:13:47 2010 +0200 Small editing in ASR chapter commit 652b4c27a5fcb2125ed82aea31421fca4e8eee47 Author: Peter Smit […]

With an initial commit, is “add .” and “add *” synonymous?

Will git add . and git add * accomplish exactly the same things?

Git / Rails / Shared Hosting (Dreamhost) workflow

This is primarily a question about effective Git usage. I should first say I’m not an expert in Rails (at least in a production sense) and definitely a Git newbie, however, I have had some experience using SVN. My problem is that I am trying to create a rails application but do not know the […]

Using NodeJS to self-update project

I have a project that runs mainly on NodeJS. During startup, it creates a server and a few workers (mainly event listeners that do their job on specific events). Now I would like to implement a worker process that automatically checks if a new commit is available on a git repo that is hosted […]

Multi-stage deployment advice?

What are some best practices and general theory of multi-stage deployment for web apps? I’m particularly interested in deploying Rails apps using Git, Capistrano, and Passenger, and I’ve found posts that discuss the nuts and bolts of the process: Capistrano: Multistage Introducing AutoTagger What considerations should I take with regard to each stage (testing, staging, […]

Branch descriptions in git

Is there a way in git to have a ‘description’ for branches? While I try to use descriptive names, working for a while on a single branch sometimes dampens my memory of why I made some of the other topic branches. I try to use descriptive names for the branches but I think a ‘description’ […]

Where does the ssh client in git bash store it's known_hosts file on windows?

I’m running a git bash on windows 7, and would like to remove a few hosts from the known_hosts file. I can’t seem to find a .ssh directory anywhere. Where does the ssh client included with git bash store it’s known hosts, on Windows 7?

Git – Commit file in .gitignore

I want to commit and push two new files that are inside a folder that is listed in the project’s .gitignore. I figure I can just change the .gitignore file, but then I would require two commits: one commit to push the two new files, and a second commit to reset the .gitignore. I’d like […]

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