Bitbucket – Explanation on Branch Column

I’m using Bitbucket as my git repo and I’m having trouble understanding the column that shows the branches, from the Commits page. Let’s say I just pushed a branch called bug_fix. In the first row, I see “bug_fix” under the column for branches. But for other rows, when I start seeing 2 branches, or 3 […]

What to do with unpushed git commits after mvn release:perform

I did a mvn release:prepare followed by a release:perform. Everything went well and my new library was uploaded to the release repo and there are two new commits in my github remote repo: One for the 1.0 release version(with message [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0-RELEASE) And the other changes to the pom to update to the […]

I have a git repo with some files in Large File Storage. How can I change what server these are stored in?

I got Git LFS and set it up according to this website: On one of my repos, I tracked a few large files, and that seemed to be working well. I want to move my storage of these large files to an S3 bucket, and I found this project: I installed git-lfs-s3 according […]

Multiple git repositories in same path

So, I’ve checked around and read a bit about submodules and other tricks to handle this, but I’m unsure whether it really addresses my need. Here is my current git repo of my content management system: /Atlas /Atlas/Core /Sites /Sites/site1 /Sites/site2 Simplified, of course. But “Core” is the folder with all the code for the […]

Git hook commit-msg git add file

I’ve found myself working with a group that has a tedious change-log format. I’ve decided I’d like to automate creating a change-log entry based on the commit message details. The process is you supply a formatted commit message, I then adjust a change log file on the fly, and try to add it to the […]

Git repo sync – connection lost

I’m trying to download android source (Cyanogenmod). i have spent more than 12hrs to download 2.5GB files, Now my connection lost for a while, it shows error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200 fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed fatal: unable to access ‘’: Could not resolve […]

Very large tree: What is wrong with our branch workflow and how to fix it?

My team has started working under git with a workflow close to GitFlow. We had several constraints: We need a branch with all features currently in development to provide users with a testing environment. We called that branch integration We need a branch with only functional features that users validated and every technical feature that […]

how to ammend the git commit message through python?

I have used subprocess.check_output to get the result of git command but Cant think of a way how to update the commit message that we do with git command git commit -amend ?

SourceTree Terminal not working properly

I’m using Windows 10, SourceTree and Git . When i want to Switch branch by using the SourceTree terminal it shows : error: pathspec ‘3.Building-the-API-Implementing-Basic-Requirements’ did not match any file(s) known to git. But if i execute same command from Git Bash in my project directory, it works fine. Why the SourceTree terminal is not […]

Bonobo Git Server Windows Authentication Error

I have recently installed Bonobo Git Server on my local IIS server. I’ve got windows authentication and the Active Directory membership service working correctly via the web ui (Authentication works, AD groups/teams/admins are imported as expected). However, when trying to clone a repository I am presented with this error from the git client. fatal: Authentication […]

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