Accessing a git repository via ssh behind a firewall

I would like to access (clone/push/pull) a private (via ssh) git repository while behind a corporate firewall that only allows http proxy access. I have written a robust Java (daemon) program (based on the JSCh class library) that will allow me to leverage local and remote port forwarding and I am hoping to leverage this […]

extract all files changed in a git commit

I need to make a patch for someone (they are not using git) – a zip of the files changed by a commit. I thought something like git archive –format=zip commitguid > but this extracts the entire thing, not just the changed files. Is there any way to do this? And to make it […]

Should I deploy my Ruby on Rails application on Heroku

A little about myself. I am 24 years old, I graduated from NC State with a Master’s in Analytics last year. Statistics, mathematics, that kind of thing. I don’t have a strong programming background, which is pretty important for my question. If I say anything that doesn’t make any sense, that is why. Ever since […]

Is it possible to find out the users who have checked out my project on GitHub?

I’m wondering if there is any way to know who has checked out my project hosted on GitHub? This would include people who have forked the project directly on GitHub, as well as people who may have cloned the repository using standard git clone commands.

Git merging hotfix to multiple branches

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around git branching models. I’ve been looking at for some ideas and coming from Subversion one thing I was really looking forward to was making a change in a single place and merging it to all the branches that needed it. In Subversion, we ended up doing […]

git push after removing large file

I accidentally commited log/test.log but have never pushed it. I have since done a git rm to get rid of it. But when I try to push, I’m still getting a huge amount of data attempting to be transferred. Shouldn’t the git rm fix that problem. If not, how could I fix it?

How do I make git automatically open the mergetool if there is a merge conflict?

How do I make git automatically run git mergetool for any merge conflict? This should apply for all merges, using merge, rebase, pull, etc.

Merge non-merged feature branch into another feature branch with Git

My company has a Git workflow that looks something like this: Create feature branch from pristine branch (we use a base branch called “develop”, but you can think of this as “master”) Do the work you need to do in this feature branch, and commit your changes Occasionally, rebase your feature branch with the develop […]

git delete remotes: remote refs do not exist

In short; How can I delete remote multiple merged remotes? More background; I have a git repo with tens of remotes which have been merged into master. I can delete these remotes one at a time by using: git push –delete origin myBranch-1234 However this is a slow and tedious process for all remotes. So […]

Sharing code between two or more rails apps… alternatives to git submodules?

We have two separate rails_app, foo/ and bar/ (separate for good reason). They both depend on some models, etc. in a common/ folder, currently parallel to foo and bar. Our current svn setup uses svn:externals to share common/. This weekend we wanted to try out git. After much research, it appears that the “kosher” way […]

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