How can I configure zsh to autocomplete branch names while using 'git checkout'?

When I say ‘git checkout ‘ I want zsh to autocomplete names of my git branches. Is that possible?

Is there a way to get git status to show 2 remotes

Is there a way to get git status to show 2 remotes? Basically I have origin set to the Fork of a github project and upstream to the Fork’s parent project. On the github page for my Fork it lists something like this This branch is 1 commit ahead, 9 commits behind othergithubuser:master Essentially, I’m […]

Merging small change into branch

I currently have a stable master branch, and a branch with a lot of big changes on certain classes. While using the “changes” branch, I discovered a bug I also want to fix on the master branch. I fixed it by changing only one line of code on the master. Now, I want to have […]

git basic setup

I have (finally) convinced my manager to allow us to set up version control, and have been doing some research for the past few days and have decided on git. Anyways I found a tutorial here on a basic setup, that will push changes to remote repository. This would work great for our company. […]

Git history visualizer GUI that can hide branches?

I started out learning DVCS with bazaar due to its newbie-friendliness, and have recently moved to git for my daily work due to its speed. The one thing I miss from bazaar is the bzr qlog dialog, that lets you hide or show lines of development by clicking on the plus sign, as shown here. […]

gitattributes not setting merge driver correctly

I have the following directory structure: project/ .git/ … app/ … config/ initializers/ braintree.rb environments/ production.rb .gitattributes My project uses two main branches, master and staging, each tracking a different remote (production and staging heroku apps). The idea is that the staging branch moves forward with new features, they get pushed to and tested on […]

Should I keep DB migration scripts generated via alembic under version control

I am using SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL on my live site. For database migrations, I am using alembic. I have some questions regarding the best strategy to do this . Do I need to keep my DB migration scripts under version control? I use Fabric for automated deployments. Should I run migration scripts by hand or […]

git mergetool fails

After a merge I want to use git mergetool to resolve the issue but it fails with whatever tool I specify: git mergetool merge tool candidates: opendiff kdiff3 tkdiff xxdiff meld tortoisemerge gvimdiff diffuse ecmerge p4merge araxis bc3 vimdiff emerge Merging: main.c Normal merge conflict for ‘main.c’: {local}: modified file {remote}: modified file Hit return […]

How do I include a .gitignore file as part of my npm module?

I am building an npm module that will generate a specific project template for certain software projects. As such, when a developer installs my npm module and runs it, I would like the program to create files and folders in a certain way. One such file I would like to include in the project template […]

Using git in Windows, does the –shared option to git-init do anything useful?

I noticed that when using the Git Extensions on Windows to init a bare repository that it does git init –bare –shared=all I’ve read the manual for the –shared options. It seems a convenience to set folder permissions but the descriptions are very UNIX-y (e.g. umask). My remote repositories are going to be shared, but […]

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