Undo line ending changes in Git

My question is similar to Git – unchange line endings in already committed file, though the accepted answer seems to be mostly musings, and not helpful in my situation. I have several fairly large commits. Between my editor and my git configuration at the time, I committed many line ending changes For example, I changed […]

What is the difference between a tree and a directory?

I am a git novice trying to sort through the concepts and terms. The git glossary says a tree is equivalent to a directory and a directory is what you get with ls. Are they interchangeable terms? Or are “tree” and “directory” to be used in different contexts or to refer to separate (though related) […]

Github push error: unpack failed: index-pack abnormal exit

I’m having issues pushing a new git changeset to the github repository. First I cloned my local changes with a depth of 1 to remove the history as: git clone –depth 1 file:///Users/kunal<path to project> Then I ran a git init remote add and push as inside of the directory I cloned: > git init […]

Deploying project to live server with Gitlab

I’ve usually used another platform such as DeployHQ for deploying projects but in this instance, I have a local repository set up which pushes to the remote repository in Gitlab but how can I then push the remote repository to the live server? Do I need to create a post-receive web hook for this in […]

Github & Heroku Webhooks : Add label when pushed to origin, close when pushed to prod

I love webhooks. Github has them, heroku also. We extensively use the commit messages Fixes #345 git commit message that will close issue 345 when pushed to origin What I’d like to achieve is: When I push to origin, a label is added to the issue, something like Fixed When I push to my heroku […]

How do you manage large git repositories?

One of our git repositories is large enough that a git-clone takes an annoying amount of time (more than a few minutes). The .git directory is ~800M. Cloning always happens on a 100Mbps lan over ssh. Even cloning over ssh to localhost takes more than a few minutes. Yes, we store data and binary blobs […]

git clone never completes

I am trying to use git clone on Mac OS Snow Leopard. All I do is “git clone https://*/project.git” from documents/projects directory. For some reason operation never completes and stops at random points somewhere at the “Receiving Files:” stage(different % of copied files each time). Am I doing something wrong?

How can I tell composer which key to use for a given composer repository?

I have the following situation: I have a project hosted on a private repository on bitbucket, for which I use deployment key #1. In this project’s composer file is a dependency hosted on a satis repository, and is pulled through another private bitbucket repository, using deployment key #2. I have deployment key #1 stored in […]

Team member cannot clone repo from BitBucket?

I am quite new to BitBucket/SourceTree, infact I am quite new to GIT! I created a BitBucket account couple of days ago, created a private repo and invited one other user (with WRITE permission). On my machine, I opened SourceTree, generated SSH key, added SSH key to BitBucket, voila, repo cloned, everything works. My friend […]

Is this git's correct behavior for “git add” with subfolders?

When using “git add” with a file pattern it only adds recursively the untracked files, and ignores the changed ones unless they are in the current folder. Example: $ git status # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout […]

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