Is it possible to do a partial clone/branch with either bazaar, mercurial or git?

Suppose I have a project in source control with a lot of subdirectories, many of which I don’t need at the moment. I would like to create a working copy containing only some of the entire tree, which still maintaining the ability to make changes, commit them, and push them back up. Is this possible […]

How do I pull missing file back into my branch

I have cloned git project into local git repository. Then I have done something nasty to one of the files and in that panic I deleted file physically from drive (rm style.css) and also removed it from git (git rm style.css). I want to get original style.css back from origin to my dev branch. Unfortunately […]

Git conflicted copy error while cloning a repository

I am using dropbox as a git repository. Now due to some issue in the syncing, there is some conflicted copy present in the git. How do I remove this conflict ? Due to this conflict I am unable to clone the contents of that repository. The error I am getting while cloning the repository […]

git error: unable to index file Crashlytics.framework/Headers

I am using Twitter’s Fabric on my iOS app. Crashlytics in Fabric just updated itself and now I cannot commit my project to git. I get the error: git error: unable to index file Crashlytics.framework/Headers fatal: updating files failed Any idea what is going wrong or how to fix it? Running git status reveals: Untracked […]

Is there a simple command to convert a branch to a tag?

I am about to complete a tedious process of converting “dumb snapshots” to git. This process has been going very well (thanks to this rename process), but now I realized that some of the branches that I created, do not merit a branch but rather a tag. Since everything is still local (never pushed to […]

How to add heroku key to git to work properly

I am using windows7. I have created heroku APP using heroku create loka-xxxx It will create an app for me with git link. but when i do. git push heroku master It gives me this error “Permission denied (publickey)”. Before heroku i had github installed on my window machine. So, this is key error. […]

CruiseControl.NET and Git

It looks like there is no built-in support for Git in CruiseControl.NET. Anyone have suggestions on Git plug-ins, tips, or other advice on getting CruiseControl.NET with work with Git?

Delete everything and upload new version

We are using git for version control and right now we are getting a lot of warnings when trying to upload the most recent version. I am new to git and don’t have patience for the restrictions, is there any way to delete everything and upload the current version? This is what I get now […]

List all text (non-binary) files in repo

I have a repository with a lot of autogenerated source files I’ve marked as “binary” in .gitattributes (they are checked in because not everyone has access to the generator tools). Additionally, the repo has a lot of source-ish files in ignored directories (again, generated as part of the build processes), and a number of actual […]

fixing a corrupt loose object as a commit in git

Immediately before receiving this error I did the following: user@thismachine:~/file/path$ git add * user@thismachine:~/file/path$ git push ^C user@thismachine:~/file/path$ git commit -m “my commitmesg” (I panicked because I forgot to add a commit before pushing, so I cntrl+c’ed it. Now, I receive the following error from git fsck -full: error: inflate: data stream error (incorrect header […]

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