Git diff – ignore reorder

git diff numbers diff –git a/numbers b/numbers index 5f5fbe7..d184fef 100644 — a/numbers +++ b/numbers @@ -1,3 +1,3 @@ -1 +4 +3 2 -3 Number 3 is repeated but the order is changed. Any way to ignore the reorder in git or any grep solution? I want the result of only added and deleted numbers, not […]

Git: Explore objects in a remote

I’m doing some advanced usage of Git, querying objects in order to make optimizations of test runs of my code, so bear with me if the following sounds very far from the usage that most people do with Git. I want to do something like git cat-file -p […], except on objects on a remote, […]

Git: Received HTTP code 503 from proxy after CONNECT

I checked a lot of post related to this issue, but nothing seems to fix my problem. So now I hope you guys can give me the magic answer. I’m using Intellij (but also tried it with SourceTree) to pull/push/clone a repository from Fisheye. However I’m receiving the error: git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false fetch […]

can git merge two files ignoring their common ancestor

For example I have the following file: // first part function() { var timer = 1; } // second part function() { var timer = 2; } // third part function() { var timer = 3; } Now two different branches change it. I have changes: in branch1: // first part function() { var timer […]

Find date for not dated commit?

I’m doing a git log to list all commits and then parse them. With this command: git log –encoding=UTF-8 –date=local –pretty=format:’%H,%P,%at,%ct,%an,%s’ In some weird repos i get commits without the date in both author and commit dates. I tried with the simple: git log and what i got was a 1970 date. A repo where […]

Azure – deploying from Bitbucket

I have a website hosted on Windows Azure, and I set it up quite a few months ago to automatically deploy when I push to a specific branch on Bitbucket – as per these instructions: This was working fine last time I made any changes to the site (which was Nov 24th 2012). I’ve […]

How do you view a different branch of your GitHub Pages?

My master branch is accessible by {USERNAME} Let’s say I make a new branch named “mobile” and make some new commits on the web interface. How to do I view the new mobile branch, locally, without merging it into master?

Can I do a subtree merge from a subdirectory?

Let’s assume two git repositories with some files in them: ProjectA + a + b ProjectB + foo/x + foo/y + bar/z Now I want to include the directory foo from ProjectB into ProjectA. As far as I understand when I do git subtree add the prefix is the path that it should have in […]

Detailed explanation of 'git remote show'

I honestly cannot find any detailed documentation of the output of git remote show (certainly not on the man page) In particular, a clear, exact explanation of the Local sections would be appreciated. An example of what I find confusing: Here I have two remotes, klas and origin and the output they produce: > git […]

Is there a Git counterpart to svn:bugtraq properties?

I’m looking for a specification or guidelines on how a Git client should integrate with bug tracking systems. For SVN, there are bugtraq:-properties. Is there something similar for Git?

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