To use <git push> on Visual Studio Code, but show “Could not read from remote repository.”

I started studying Git and GitHub. And now, I could create my repository to practice and I could push commits to origin repository(in GitHub) on git bash. But when I tried to push on Visual Studio Code, I have received this error Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. and failed to […]

Git revert merge to specific parent

I have a git repo and am having trouble reverting a merge. The current hash is 0ce2ca0b35f59af267241cf4d40d16a3e13ba6f3. and it has two parents: df1acf5f54426d30f12c6b4558c3dd922297aae3 e19b912404ffd3c153ccac3072dbf22396896d2a doing the following will revert to df1acf5f54426d30f12c6b4558c3dd922297aae3 git revert -m 1 0ce2ca0b35f59af267241cf4d40d16a3e13ba6f3 how do I revert to e19b912404ffd3c153ccac3072dbf22396896d2a?

How to trigger a Jenkins build when a push is made to a private github repository

My Jenkins Continuous Integration Server is on running on a Ubuntu host, configured as follows: Jenkins v 1.463 github-api 1.23 Jenkins GIT plugin 1.1.18 GitHub plugin 1.2 Polling SCM works. This is important to say because I want you to know my other jenkins related configuration is working well except this post build trigger nonsense. […]

What can SVN do that Git not do?

I am currently deep into Git before ever mastering SVN. Its my first serious source control management system learning experience. I wonder about the opportunity-cost of not learning (or even de-learning what little I learned about) SVN. Is there something that I need to watch out for? Are there things that are just not doable […]

How to resolve “git pull,fatal: unable to access '…\': Empty reply from server”

It’s failed when I used Git command “git pull” to update my repository, messages as below: fatal: unable to access ‘…’: Empty reply from server. And the I tried to use the GitHub App, but alert this: Cloning into ‘renren_mobile’… warning: templates not found /Applications/ 2014-11-23 13:58:57.975 GitHub for Mac Login[659:11891] AskPass with arguments: ( […]

Use of apostrophe (single-quote) in a git commit message via command line?

This question already has an answer here: How to escape single quotes within single quoted strings? 18 answers

Two people working on a file at the same time in git

Possible Duplicate: How git works when two peers push changes to same remote simultaneously I’m kinda new to git and me and a friend want to do some collaborative developing with git. I got the whole pull and push system down somewhat, now I have a question. I want to work on file test.php and […]

How to get the last commit ID of a remote repo using curl-like command?

I want to get the last commit ID of the remote git repo. The command git rev-parse HEAD works for a locally-cloned git repo, but I want to get it from the original GIT repo by a CURL command or so. Eg: I want to get the last commit ID of the git URL […]

How does git-svn know which branch to dcommit to?

My repo is SVN, and I do all development with git. We have a standard layout, and I initialized my local repo with git svn init -s <url to repo> Here’s my workflow for working with branches: # creates a new branch remotely git svn branch new-branch-name # switches to a branch or trunk locally […]

ignoring changes matching a string in git diff

I’ve made a single simple change to a large number of files that are version controlled in git and I’d like to be able to check that no other changes are slipping into this large commit. The changes are all of the form – “main()”, + OOMPH_CURRENT_FUNCTION, where “main()” could be the name of any […]

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