Jenkins git plugin and branches

I have a job set up in Jenkins to build all my feature branches (feature/**). It is working nicely with the Build Name Setter plugin to identify different builds with Jenkins branch setter name plugin. My question is, if there are changes to more than one branch at the same time, will it queue the […]

How can I change my git timezone offset?

I read that the –date argument when adding a commit can be used to specify the timestamp and the timezone offset. I’m curious if there’s a way to globally set just the timezone offset so it matches my timezone.. I’m in EST which is -0500 from UTC, and whenever I commit and push to Github […]

Get a list of all tags between two commits

I have two commit hashes and want to list all the tags that begin with phinx- between these two commit hashes. How can I do it? Edit: This is what I have come up with. Is there a better solution git log –pretty=format:’%D’ 35164f33..49085fbe | grep -o ‘tag: phinx-[0-9]*’

Intellij: Making a project dependent on another project?

I am new to using Intellij and I am facing a problem. I have a project, which is dependent on another project and this second project is integrated using maven repository. So when I work on my project, maven handles everything perfectly and everything is working. But the second project is under development and there […]

How to open Git Bash from Git Gui?

In Windows, is there any way to open Git Bash from the repository currently open by Git Gui?

Rebasing local Git branch before push to remote

Remotes: origin $ git branch * master $ git checkout -b “new_feature” Now I do couple of commits on “new_feature” branch and want to push it to origin after updating it. $ git branch master * new _feature $ git pull –rebase origin new_feature $ git push origin new_feature Is this the correct way to […]

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously?

Can I share the same eclipse project on a SVN & a GIT repository simultaneously. If yes then how ? I am using Eclipse Indigo and have to share the same android(Java) project at 2 locations. Unfortunately the configuration management can not be changed. Thank you for your help..

Teamcity perform GIT Checkout

Team city agent which is currently performing the build does not have ‘git‘ installed its a linux box. I cannot have git installed there. Is there a native method in teamcity which can support the below in build step : git checkout -b %dynamicversion%

Is there a way to turn off git conflict resolution?

Is there a way to completely turn off git‘s attempts to resolve conflicts before feeding files into 3-way merge tool? I mean those lines: <<<<<<< Temporary merge branch 1 … ======= … >>>>>>> Temporary merge branch 2 It adds them and branch changes into the base file before feeding it into kdiff3, and the later […]

Keeping local changes in a git repo

Say I have a file in a git repo: setting1 = default1 setting2 = default2 <some code> Now I want to make some local changes that don’t get pushed back into the repo – local change setting1 = mysetting1 setting2 = mysetting2 <some code> Say sometime in the future the upstream repo is […]

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