Git: list all tracked files

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Changing heroku repo for pre-existing app

I created a heroku repo some time ago for my rails app but deleted it because I was never using it. Now I have come to the point where I need to use heroku but I am encountering the following error: ! No such app as furious-mist-2295. which was the old repo name, so it […]

Programmatically read files and information from a Git repository

I’m on the road right now and started thinking about a project I plan to work on and have a few questions. I need to be able to read files and information from a (local) Git repository. So my initial thought is just to run Git commands just to fetch required information I need. My […]

Git for Windows doesn't know %USERPROFILE%

I have the same issue like Git for Windows doesn't execute my .bashrc file and tried to make the same steps. But my Git Bash (2.5.0, 64bit on Windows 7, 64bit) doesn’t know my %USERPROFILE%. pitgrap@xxx MINGW64 / $ pwd / pitgrap@xxx MINGW64 / $ cd ~ bash: cd: /%USERPROFILE%: No such file or directory […]

Installing github version of package with Anaconda

I have Sympy installed with Anaconda, my version (of Sympy) is 0.7.6 . I want to be able to use the git version of Sympy. Do you know how can I tell to Anaconda to substitute the 2 versions ? I’ve tried using the git clone command, but the Sympy folder from git and Anaconda […]

How to deploy .gitignored compiled files in Heroku?

I have a compiled folder named /target where my server.js lives. Since it’s compiled files, I added /target to .gitignore since I don’t want all those changes checked it into my GitHub. But Heroku ignores anything listed in the .gitignore, so I’m unable to spin up the app. Ideally I’d like to run node /target/scripts/server.js […]

Git Autocompletion looks weird (and only half-functional)

Following these excellent instructions for enabling Git bash autocompletion in OSX: curl -o ~/.git-completion.bash echo “source ~/.git-completion.bash” >> ~/.bash_profile I get the following output when I type “git TabTab” at the command line: Following multiple different tutorials produces the same result. Either I don’t know the right search terms or there is just very […]

Git rebase recursive branches

I’m writing a programming course with in which I want to show how to write a program step-by-step. I thought I might use git for this purpose. The idea is to keep each lesson as a separate branch and create new branches as the course goes on. It is all fine till I discover I’ve […]

What does the git option remote.unfuddle.push do?

What changes will be made if below line is set? git config remote.unfuddle.push refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master

Cloning a git repo from Bitbucket with Ansible – asked for password two or three times

I am trying to clone a private git repository from Bitbucket using Ansible 1.9.3 (OSX) and an https connection. I have my password stored in the clipboard and use pasting when asked to provide it. The following command requires me to provide the password two or three times (irregularly, never once and never more than […]

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