How to get rid of false dependencies in gerrit

It appears that when using gerrit, by default all changes depend on the previous one. I do not branch for new changes, I simply work off the master branch and then push the commited changes to a remote origin/master. A dependency is created every time even if the two commits have nothing to do with […]

git-shell – New repositories

I have a server with a dedicated git user and repositories I’m trying to use the git-shell method to allow my devs to work on several projects. I’m about to change the shell of my git user to git-shell If I do that, I won’t be able to connect with a standard shell anymore (that’s […]

Should I remove the list of conflicts in my commit message after doing a manual merge?

Say I run git pull and there is a conflict that git cannot automatically merge. After I manually merge the changes, and run git commit, should I leave the Conflicts: section that git generates in the commit (as a record that those files were manually merged), or removed it (as the conflict is not being […]

How to set environment variables for Laravel 5 on AWS EC2 with MySQL

I have successfully deployed my laravel 5 app to AWS EC2. I have also created a MySQL database with AWS RDS and associated it with my app instance. Now I want to set my env variables so it uses homesteads default values when on my local machine in development, and my AWS database when deployed […]

git locally, push to tfs remote repo

I’m so tired of explaining benefits of using DVCS over CVCS to my teammates. Some of them scared of the learning curve, some of them see no reasons because for them: “tis the same fokin ting”. Personally I’m so tired of TFS and its problems. Everytime when I need to work on some small “fix” […]

How to add missing origin/HEAD in git repo

I have a working git repo. However, I miss the remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master when typing git branch -a. Why is the HEAD missing and how can I add the missing HEAD to my repo?

Git lists same file modified and not staged for commit?

For some reason Git is telling me I have a file which is both “to be committed” and also “not staged for commit”? This doesn’t make sense: % git status # On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # # modified: Dir1/Dir2/filename.cpp # # Changes not […]

Clarifying/clearing up line ending issues in GIT

We have a repository that was exported from subversion into git. This repository is used by Mac, Linux, and PC users. Needless to say the line endings are a mess. Some files end in CRLF, LF, or CR and some have a mix between all two or three in one file. Adding autocrlf = true […]

Track file inside ignored directory

Some time ago I set up my .gitignore file to not track a folder my_folder with: my_folder/ Now I want to track only a given file inside said folder, named After making .gitignore look like this: my_folder/ !my_folder/ and checking: git status the file does not appear as a change to be committed. What […]

“git format-patch” equivalent for a single file?

A collegue of mine forked my project and we want to incorporate his changed on a single file into my repo, keeping its history (mainly the commit logs). The problem is that he clumsy in his commits so the commits contains diff from other files as well, unrelated to the project (or what need to […]

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