How well does git scale in terms of users/code base size?

We are currently using single git repository of ~600MB (that’s the size of the .git directory) shared by ~50 active developers. As our codebase and developer base grow, it seems that this approach will eventually become unsustainable due to increasing code volume (slow git status) and push volume (pushes to master get rejected because someone […]

Git reversing mistake

This question already has an answer here: How to revert Git repository to a previous commit? 33 answers

Determining if a file modified between 2 commits in git

I am creating a rake task that would re-upload a file in S3 when it gets changed between HEAD and HEAD^1. Which git command should I use to do this. Does it make sense to compare the hash-object of those two?

Magento upgrading with Git

I am about to upgrade our Magento store from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0, I know how I want to do it, but I’m a little unsure on the commands I needs to use. For starters I have my current store on our production server, I have git setup and a duplicate of the repo is on […]

How to view git commits when local branch is ahead of origin Commits

I want to view git commits when my branch is ahead of origin branch. i tried git log it returns all commits. but, i want to view only ahead commits from branch to origin/branch here what i mean, On branch permissions Your branch is ahead of ‘upstream/permissions’ by 2 commits. (use “git push” to publish […]

Does each Visual Studio version need its own cloned git repository?

I’ve been successfully using Git on through the Team Explorer of VS2013. I just installed the VS2015 preview and, when I connected to my space, it said I need to close the repositories before I can do anything. The Default Repository Location setting is the same for both VS versions and the repos […]

Can I use my ssh keypair from a different machine

I created a ssh key-pair and published the key as part of my github account. Now I would like to access my account from a different machine (say an EC2 instance), so I copied my ~/.ssh/id_rsa* files into the target machine and was able to checkout code. Is this an acceptable procedure or should I […]

File in the project not seen by Xcode after Git pull

A partner and I are managing an Xcode project via Git. He recently “localized” the project, which added a directory for German (“de.lproj”) to the project with a number of files. After I pulled those changes over to my copy of the project, Xcode now fails to compile complaining that two files in this directory […]

How to automatically stage files in SourceTree

Every time I want to commit changes I’ve made, I have to check the box “Unstaged files” even though I’d previously committed them, and have only modified their contents. I can’t find a setting for this anywhere. Is there one? If not, is there a reason? And/or is there a workaround? Thanks

When performing git filter-branch –tree-filter, how to add the original commit SHA to the commit message?

I’m running a –tree-filter in order to move a couple of directories, with history, to another repo. I’d like to append a line to the commit message, something like (Imported from ProjectA rev 684fa3….) including the SHA of the corresponding commit in the original project. How can I do this?

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