How to switch svn repositories using git-svn?

I have a number of git projects created as clones of SVN repositories using git-svn. We have migrated our SVN repositories to a new provider so the URL has now changed. How can I update the remote SVN URL of my git clone? One possibility is that I re-clone from the new SVN repository but […]

What is the meaning of pull strategy when creating a branch with egit?

In EGit when I got to Team > Switch to > New branch I end up with the dialog box below. What is the meaning of the various pull strategies listed on this dialog box?

Git: commit partial changes

There are multiple questions on Stack Overflow addressing the problem of staging and committing only parts from files. However, I can’t make it work. How can I commit only part of a file in git Let’s say we want to implement a dummy math class in php (the language doesn’t matter) with some basic methods […]

Git – Add all new files in the repo

I’m trying to automate an update process. The process is basically: Check out repo A Check out repo B Run a process in repo B that updates/creates a bunch of files Copy files into repo A Compile repo A and make sure it doesn’t fail Commit changes into repo A and repo B Push changes […]

How to rollback everything to previous commit

Recently in a project with multiple people, a commit was made as seen in the image below. Marked in red you can see a commit with the description/comment of ‘Merge?’. This commit added numerous files and altered numerous others and was never intended to take place. Using atlassian-sourcetree what do I need to do to […]

What do the numbers in the “Total” line of git gc/git repack output mean?

When I run git gc or git repack over my Git repository, it outputs a “Total” line once it’s done. What do these numbers mean? A couple of examples from a fairly small repository: $ git gc … Total 576 (delta 315), reused 576 (delta 315) $ git repack -afd –depth=250 –window=250 … Total 576 […]

E325: ATTENTION Found a swap file by the name “.git/.COMMIT_EDITMSG.swp”

I’ve been working with a team for almost a year now. It’s always been easy to use github/git to pull and push changes using: git pull git add . git commit -a -m “my work desc” git push That has always worked fine until recently. Now no matter what, if someone else has pushed, whenever […]

How to share a bit bucket repository with another user?

I am using Bit bucket and I have a friend that I would like to share my repository with. I am using the free individual account. There seems to be an option of creating a team in bit bucket but it says it will convert my account from individual to team account. I do not […]

How do I push different branches to different heroku apps?

I’ve been working on a web-app that gets pushed to heroku. The source is hosted on GitHub. So git push pushes the master branch to GutHub. My git branch ‘master’ is connected to Heroku app ‘my-app-staging‘ So git push heroku pushes the app to I’ve created a new Heroku app which will be the […]

extract multiple directories using git-filter-branch

I have a big repository which currently contains multiple projects in top level subfolders, say /a, /b, /c, and /d. Now I want to split up that repository into two different repositories: one containing /a and /b and the other containing /c and /d. I am aware of git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter, which is perfect for […]

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