Trusted development path in git with signatures

I’d like to build a trusted path for software development. This means that every change in to code must be signed by the author and one reviewer, before being accepted. These signatures for the changes must be verifiable at release time, or there must be some other means of making sure the repository can not […]

Enabling other github users to only fork my private repository and send me pull requests

Is that make sense to enable other GitHub users to only fork my private repository and send me pull requests. I don’t want them to push changes directly to my private repo. What I am struggling here is that a user cannot see my private repo which is a good thing. Then, I add the […]

Way to modify git pack files?

I’m pentesting a git server currently, and I’m trying to figure out how to modify pack files. I have my git requests running through Burp proxy, however, I’m unsure how to tamper with the pack files I see being sent to the git-receive-pack endpoint. Are there any good tools for making simple modifications to pack […]

Managing configuration files across multiple servers

Running a Rails application on multiple servers (~20), I want to able to manage the configurartion files (mainly *.yml, but also SSL pem/certs files and other text based) from a single location such that any change to files, or a new file, is added to all servers. I also want to have this content source […]

git: repo monitoring tool

Do you know any good repo monitoring solution? I’d like to get information when someone pushes to remote repo (preferably via taskbar tray icon: “someuser pushed…”). Other solutions I consider: recieve hook periodically git log via cron check for updates on running every git command (my system of choice is Ubuntu)

Bamboo build stuck on “Waiting to be built…” and Cloning into 'Common'

For some reason my bamboo build which uses MSBuild is stuck for past 4 hours with message below: “Waiting to be built…”. I tried stopping the build but stuck on ‘Cancelling….’. Can’t even disable the Agent. Weird thing is there are 2 build agents in IDLE. Before I stopped build, the build was running over […]

How to use issues of Gitlab from terminal?

I know you can use Github issues on the command line by installing ghi. ghi However, is there any way to use similar tools for listing/adding/removing/editing issues of repositories on Gitlab ?

How to eliminate junk commits in a Git repository?

When I am investigating on a bug, I am sometime not working carefully especially when I am digging down on several branches with many commits. Hopefully once I am done with it, I merge the working result to my master branch with a git merge yeah_i_got_it. Here is what my repository might look like in […]

Sharing code between two different git projects

I have two different .Net projects, hosted on github. I would like to create a shared “commons” library for the two projects. How should I structure my repository to facilitate this sharing? Ideally, a change in this common library in one project could easily be pushed into the other project. I prefer to keep the […]

Git clone hangs in Ansible

What I’ve tried: 1) Copy private key from local machine to server and clone with it: – name: clone repo sudo: yes git: repo={{ app_repo }} dest={{ app_repo_dir }} accept_hostkey=true key_file={{ssh_key}} version=master force=yes But it hangs. As I understand this issue occurs ’cause key has passphrase. 2) Use ForwardAgent in ansible.cfg: [ssh_connection] ssh_args = -o […]

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