Recommendations regarding Continuous Integration systems

We are currently evaluating different applications that interface with Visual Studio 2008 (C#) and Subversion to do automated builds of our core libraries. We are hoping to have nightly builds performed and either email the list of changes made to each developer or have the latest versions be pushed to each workstation. What has been […]

How can I commit multiple directories at once using subversion?

I tried using svn ci dir/a dir/b -m “my comment” but this doesn’t work. I also used svn ci dir/a/* dir/b/* -m “my comment” and it too doesn’t work. I know you can specify multiple files, but how can I tell subversion to check in all modified files in these folders? I mainly want to […]

Whats the easiest way to setup a local subversion server?

I’m really not well versed in these things, I just want to setup an svn server locally on my computer. Also I’d like to set it up and integrate it directly into Visual Studio 2008 if it’s possible? thanks for any help!

TFS- Revision graph like Subversion

Is there a way to see revisions/changeset to a repository in TFS just like how we can see revisions/branches in SVN using revision graph? Edit: I am using TortoiseSVN for SVN client

Submitting Hg changes back to SVN

I’ve began work in an SVN repository. I’ve cloned a subfolder of it into a local Hg repo with hg clone. Afterwards, I wanted to share this with a colleague who does not have access to the SVN repository. I’ve created a private BitBucket repository, and we occasionally pushed the changes, and hence I had […]

xCode 4 hangs… what to do?

xCode 4 started to hang on any project under svn control. I use a remote repository which is accessible and works just fine from a command line. The only work around I was able to find is to kill local svn and checkout the whole project again. That seems to work for a bit but […]

How can I extract a subtree from my SVN repository into a new one?

We have a Subversion repository with one directory that is: Not really in need of revision control beyond the capabilities of RCS Not versioned in conjunction with anything else in the repository Modified about six times as often as the rest of the repository Although I know that high revision numbers aren’t a problem, nonetheless […]

SVN? VSS? Why is one better than the other?

I tend to get the feeling that most folks here think SVN is gold-plated goodness, whereas VSS is the worst program ever devised (at least as Version Control is concerned). That said, why? I’ve used some CVS, and my current job uses VSS, and from a grunt on the team’s perspective, I can’t really tell […]

pristine svn-base file missing

I’m trying to svn update my SVN working copy with TortoiseSVN but the update fails, asking to perform the clean up first. However, the svn cleanup fails too stating that a \.svn\pristine\20\20long-namecbf.svn-base file cannot be found. I’ve already tried to release the lock but this does not work either. Any idea how should I proceed?

Standard practices for Subversion

I’m wondering if there’s any other factors to consider for standard practice of using Subversion. The few I have are: Directory structure of /tags /trunk and /branches All work is done in trunk which does not break functionality Branch when major structural changes are made or when a feature is being added that breaks core […]

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