IntelliJ git commit message template

Is there any way to set default Git commit message or commit message template in IntelliJ? For example I would like that every commit message will look like: Commit subject: Feature: Reviewer:

git pull, ignores depth, how not to pull the entire history?

We have a massive multi GB git repo which is mainly binary objects. It takes days to clone. The actual master branch (without history) is only about 20MB, so a git clone with a depth of 1 was the cure, I thought. However, Now I need to pull someones updates to the master (we have […]

Is it better to use merge or rebase when two people are on the same remote feature branch and having conflicts that will be dcommitted to svn

My colleague and I are having an vigorous discussion about merge strategies and I’m hoping we can get some information to help resolve it. The tl:dr is: Should we use merge or rebase when pulling changes from a remote branch so that we are not constantly redoing the conflict resolution. svn: our master golden repository […]

Cannot connect to Github?

so I tried to push some updates onto my repo on github via terminal on Mac OSX 10.8.4 and it doesn’t work. I’ve been getting the same error many times: Lillys-MacBook-Air:Yuewei Lilly$ git push origin master error: Failed connect to; Operation timed out while accessing fatal: HTTP request failed Some background: I’ve pushed […]

git: merge branch and use meaningful merge commit message?

After I merge a feature branch back to main branch I usually need to do a merge commit by default. But I’d like to use the original commit messages from my feature branch in this commit instead of “merge branch XXX”. How should I do that?

Is Git's stashing mechanism essentially creating commit and then cherry-picking it?

I’ve made changes in my working directory and then run git stash. In my .dir/refs directory I’ve got a new reference called stash, which is a pointer to the object with hash 2d05be16dcd0828c84d63f1e07ee78a2a28b3deb. I’ve checked the type of the object and it’s commit: $ git cat-file -t 2d05be16dcd0828c84d63f1e07ee78a2a28b3deb commit So it seems that stashing indeed […]

How to push code to Github hiding the API keys?

I want to push some code to GitHub. It contains some private API key that I don’t want to publish. Is there any way to hide it automatically? Should I remove it from my code manually?

Somehow my git develop branch got merged into my master branch

I am using git-flow, but that’s not important. My master branch is production and my develop branch is for development. This morning, my master branch (this is my production release) hadn’t been touched for weeks (since my last release). Now, when I look at my master branch, it has all of my commits from my […]

in which file git stores commit history?

I want to read from the file where git stores commit history to store each commit information in my project’s DB and display all histories in my project view

Git rebase – force overwrite on merge conflict

I am trying to do a git rebase to migrate data to a disconnected SVN clone branch. Let’s say I am trying this with the SoundManager2 repo from Github. About the first 20 or so of the rebase actions will work fine. After that it will start hitting some conflicts. Most of them resolve automatically, […]

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