Egit “*” symbol?

Hiho, I’m using the egit plugin for eclipse. What does this Symbol “*” mean over the icon of a file? The file is committed but with “git status” the file is marked with “changes to be commited” but with “git diff” happens nothing:/ Here’s a screenshot: greetings

How does Git's concept of the Index improve or change your workflow?

I’ve been trying to use Git on my personal projects for almost a month now. I have a pretty good understanding of the basic set of commands and while its user experience isn’t awesome, I still find myself liking Git more than the other VCS’s I’ve used in the past. However, one concept that I […]

Is creating and removing lots of branches in git bad?

I have a main branch master that contains the stable code. Each time I want to build something new I get checkout -b ‘development’, add the new code, then merge it back into the master and delete the development branch. However, is this creating a larger repo database than just keeping the development branch and […]

Apply a commit chunk by chunk

When I add a file to staging, I can $ git add my_file -p And select the chunks I want to stage. Is there a way to merge/cherry-pick a commit and apply its diff chunk by chunk? Thanks

Create specific device tree for AOSP

I followed official Google`s tutorial to build my own AOSP and succeeded in all steps: I have “Pure AOSP version” running on nexus emulator. The story is I have some rare device came with some Android version full of pre-installed app’s obviously I don’t want… So I want to port Pure AOSP to my […]

undo git pull of wrong branch onto master

I have pulled from a different branch from the remote. The 2 branches are different yet the merge happened silently on my current branch. I am currently working on the “master” branch locally, and it has been updated with the changes of the remote branch – “FE_Changes”. How do I remove the effects of the […]

“unqualified destination” error with git subtree push

I just created a new Heroku app and I don’t manage to push the subtree folder backend of my repo (branch staging) to the newly created app myapp-staging (no branch yet). Here is how I push the subtree: git push heroku `git subtree split –prefix=backend staging`:master An the related error: error: unable to push to […]

X session in Git Bash on Windows?

I’m using Git Bash on Windows. I have used Git Bash to SSH into a UNIX machine and tried to run a program with a GUI. I got the message: LINUX/UNIX system detected, but unable to access X11 display. I have X-Win 32 (commercial). I’ve also used Xming which is like a free version of […]

Change git origin to a branch of my own

I cloned someone else’s repo to my computer from github to try it out. I eventually made some changes to it (locally) that I do not want to commit to the original repo. Instead, I want to create my own fork of the project, apply the changes I made, then push it to my own […]

Github and SVN Workflow

I’m working on a project with 2 more developers. The problem is that 1 developer is using SVN and the other developer and I using github. Is there a way to keep everything synced on both sides SVN and git?

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