GitLab: I can't push or clone repo, asking for Git password

I have installed latest GitLab with Bitnami. But I can’t push my updates to central repo. It always asks for Git password. I installed it in a local server and given the domain name as a local IP. The public keys are updated in /hom/git/.ssh/authorised_keys list. Iut it asks for Git user password. Please, help […]

How to manage multiple similar but different projects with git?

I have multiple different closed source projects based on a similar code base and every single day I need to copy changes and fixes from one to another and back. As some of my projects are diverged too much to use git submodules and in others I don’t want my clients mess with submodules and […]

Difference between prunings in git

Originally, I wanted to delete a remote branch. git push –delete <branchname> … did it for me. However, I don’t get the difference between the other commands: git push –prune … git prune … What are these for? The manual does not help me since it sounds similar and I would have expected them to […]

git svn: Delta source ended unexpectedly

I’m using git svn for svn repo. My colleague commited to repo some native libraries and i can’t rebase my trunk after that: D native/ A native/ A native/ Incomplete data: Delta source ended unexpectedly at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 5117 I’ve tryed to set core.autocrlf to false (as suggested) and do the clone but it didn’t […]

Weird behavior of git

The other day, I upgraded tiny_mce in a project that’s version-controlled with git. At that time, I made a git branch for the change and merged it to master and deleted the branch. Everything worked fine. Also, I changed the remote repo to another server and changed my .git/config. But I found out that I […]

Is git grep buggy – disable parallel search?

If I run a git grep command n times, I get errors about 0.8 * n times. $ git grep foo_bar_search `git rev-list HEAD` — dir/subdir >/dev/null fatal: unable to read tree (bc9e3369c6d6f027075e794fa11db02af3f8fb38) $ git grep foo_bar_search `git rev-list HEAD` — dir/subdir >/dev/null fatal: unable to read tree (473a47dd3895b1db09baf4cf9463f4cbd224d5dd) $ git grep foo_bar_search `git rev-list […]

Git merge strategy for maven project hotfix releases with multiple branches

What is the best practice to deal with recurring merge conflicts that are caused by preparing maven releases in a git flow environment with multiple hotfix branches? (See In this case multiple hotfix branches are needed to maintain at least two revisions of the application. Fixes for oldstable are regularly merged into the newstable […]

Capistrano stops at git:check

When I run a cap <stage> deploy –trace I got: > $ bundle exec cap production deploy –trace ** Invoke production (first_time) ** Execute production ** Invoke load:defaults (first_time) ** Execute load:defaults ** Invoke rbenv:validate (first_time) ** Execute rbenv:validate ** Invoke rbenv:map_bins (first_time) ** Execute rbenv:map_bins ** Invoke bundler:map_bins (first_time) ** Execute bundler:map_bins ** Invoke […]

Cannot clone GIT repository on network drive

Using Windows 7, we have a bare GIT repository set up on a network drive so that multiple users can pull/push from it. I am able to create a new working repo on my local and multiple other networked drives. However, when I try to clone a new working repository on the same network drive […]

How to use Hg-to-Git tool – fast-export?

I have tried the instructions from this SO post: cd ~ git clone git:// git init git_repo cd git_repo ~/fast-export/ -r /path/to/old/mercurial_repo git checkout HEAD However when doing git checkout HEAD it throws: error: pathspec ‘HEAD’ did not match any file(s) known to git What is the work-around for this? Update: I managed to install […]

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