Make git ignore the date in PDF files

First: I am aware of the general comment: Do not track generated files. Say, I want to track generated PDFs and have git ignore the date written into the PDF. That means, I want git to treat two PDFs as the same if the only difference is the the Date information. What I tried is […]

Can I merge files in git?

I have three files, and in this git-repository. I have “merged” them manually to Now I would like to get rid of the other three, but I want to keep the history of them. What is the best way to do this? I have found git merge-file, but when I try […]

Jira and git: How to get all branches reflected?

Using a development infrastructure of git, Fisheye+Crucible, and Jira 4.2. Commits to Fisheye-registered repositories are reflected in Jira Projects and Tickets since we configured the mappings in Jira; however, only commits on the master branch seem to be reflected. In Crucible, other branches can be chosen to search for commits for reviews. How can I […]

Tracking work hours through git

I recently finished a project that involved me working variable hours in one sitting. For example, I might start at 8AM and go till 2:30 PM. I would make a commit as soon as I started, and commit right before I left. I want to approximate how many hours I have worked on this project. […]

Using Git, is it possible to split up merge conflict resolution for a single merge between multiple developers?

Some background: Currently on CVS and looking to move to Git. We do planned releases for our complex custom internal platform every month or so. In current development workflow, we have multiple branches, one for each of our planned release, such as an example: Release 7000, that will probably go out in May Release 7100, […]

How can I version control my projects' cron jobs?

I have a bunch of projects that I push to a server with git and fab. They’re a load of Django sites. Some of these sites have cron jobs. I would like to be in a situation where I can: Manage the site’s cron jobs by editing a file locally and running a fab command […]

Rewrite a merge commit into a squash merge commit

I made a merge of a long lived branch and it took me time to complete the merge because of the conflicts resolution. I found out that I cannot publish my work with git-svn: git svn rebase will rebase all the commits of the merged branch instead of submitting one single merge commit. I discovered […]

How does git handle commits in a merge?

I’m having trouble understanding how a git merge works in terms of the commits created by the merge process. I’ve read the relevant sections in pro git and the git community book, but am still confused. Consider this scenario: I have an “origin” git repo: master | a0–a1–a2–a3 \ -b0–b1 | branch2 I clone this […]

“Layering” git repository

I’m using git on a daily basis for a while now, and this time I’ve run into a problem which I could describe like this. I have a repository which holds entire website structure, and web root is in the root of the repository. Everything was fine until that was repository for a single site. […]

`git clone` over HTTP Fails with “repository not found”

I’m attempting to set up a publicly-accessible git repository that can be cloned via HTTP on a server that I physically own and have root access to, but it seems like I’m missing something. I’m new to git so I can’t troubleshoot very well, but here’s what I know: I’m able to clone the git […]

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