git send-email subject doesn't change despite –subject option

I’m trying to set the subject of a patch I’m sending manually, but for some reason it always picks the subject of the patch commit instead of the one I supply to it. I’m running it as git send-email –compose –subject=”blah” file.patch and even though I can see the subject “blah” in the editor window […]

Startup script on EC2

I’ve created a custom Amazon AMI (Fedora) runs a few scripts and then shuts down. The problem with AMI’s is that if my code changes there has to be a way for the AMI instance to get the latest scripts before it executes them. I wrote a shell script & put it in /etc/init.d/nt_startup To […]

What are some Alternatives to Gitk that can be used in Windows Powershell?

I’m using windows powershell to manage git, but am limited in that it can’t seem to run the Gitk command. (At least by default) Are there any other tools I can use from PS or is there a way I can force PS to interpret the Gitk launch script correctly?

Git creates huge temporary garbage objects

I’d like to use git locally to track changes to a few local files, dispatched over my home directory. I initialised a repository at ~, then added the few files with git add, and made a few commits. So far so good, .git is 300K large. Problem is overnight, .git grew to 5.4G, filling my […]

Using git in iPhone projects

I have been doing iphone projects using git but I noticed that I got tons of conflicts. When using svn this wasn’t happening and merges were less frequent. Xcode needs the user to add a file by hand. For example adding a new image. When this happens an xml get modified. This xml file is […]

Should I use .gitignore, or auto-detect configurations for different servers in staging?

I am working in a firm where we currently do not have any staging workflow, and things are getting tight. I am trying to set up a proper workflow and have read some excellent tutorials and resources for different approaches. The workflow that I will be using is that developers commit and push their codes […]

How can I allow git merge commits to master but prevent non-merge commits?

I have a Git pre-commit hook that prevents me from committing to master unless overridden, in order to encourage developing on branch. However I would like to automatically allow merge commits to master. Is there a way to identify a merge commit from my pre-commit hook script? The script looks like this: #!/bin/bash BRANCH=`git branch […]

How do I merge between multiple forked repositories on GitHub?

I’m still very new to coding and Github and as such am a little confused with how forking repos works – so please forgive what may be a basic question. I’ve been working on a project with different pair partners all week and my current code base situation is as follows: My initial repo – […]

git rm –cached and 'deleted' status

I am wondering why when I do: git add <file> and after that, I do: git rm –cached <file> The file remains in deleted status in the stage área. Here the example: I am only looking for an explanation about the ‘deleted’ status on the file. Thanks

Git Renaming Issues

A friend and I are working seperately on a project. At first, I pushed a folder named old-name and he pulled from it. In the middle of it, I decided to rename the old-name folder to new-name to better distinguish it from other projects (let’s just say old-name is too generic and new-name is more […]

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