diffing unstaged or uncommitted changes in IntelliJ Idea

In the IntelliJ Idea IDE, how do I do the equivalent of plain ol’ git diff (ideally git diff -w) or git diff –staged, so I can view my changes side-by-side with my branch’s HEAD? I basically want the same thing as Project Explorer → Compare With → HEAD Revision in Eclipse Juno. I’ve found […]

Ignore submodule dirty status on commit

I have a repository with a submodule. For me, this submodule is read-only, so I’m using submodule.Module.ignore=dirty. This works fine for ‘git status’, but when I commit, the whole submodule is scanned and in git’s comments I can see that it’s dirty. Is there a way to avoid this?

The Git client in Visual Studio 2013 is “offline”

Visual Studio says that git is offline. Not just one git repo, but git itself. The option to connect to a new repo is gone and any existing projects will be opened in offline mode even when they are on the local machine.

.gitattributes merge strategy

This question already has an answer here: How do I tell git to always select my local version for conflicted merges on a specific file? 2 answers

How to clone CVS repository with empty directories

I convert a CVS repository to a Git repository with the following command: $ git cvsimport -vaikd :pserver:thillaiselvan@ -C IVR-GUI GIT However, Git ignores the empty directories in the CVS repository. But I want the repository to be cloned including those empty repositories. How can I make Git to do that?

Collaborating on Android Studio Project using git

I am trying my hands on android development using android studio. I have created a project using android studio. Now, I want to track it using git. I have added it into git and everything works fine with my local machine. But, when I clone it from another machine in different location, opening project in […]

How do I import an existing CVS module into a subdirectory of an existing git repository

I’m resurrecting a rather old code project, from when I was using CVS regularly, as a component in a new project that I’ve already been working on using git. I still have access to the CVS archive the old project’s module is in, so I was just going to use git-cvsimport to get the commit […]

Merging changesets in git for a code review

I have around 50 relevant commits on my local git repo, of this list I want to show in a code review only my commits. But they are mixed with other people commits, and some of my commits are corrections to others, so I don’t want to go commit by commit because I would step […]

GitHub Etiquette: How to make a received GitHub PR with changed history ff-mergeable?

A user created a PR with a single commit in my repository on GitHub. Since the PR, changes were pushed to the main repository, so the merge could not be fast-forward. TL;DR I pulled his branch, rebased a couple of times and pushed to origin, so the PR commit now has a different hash, and […]

Windows scheduled task to git push to github

I hope to add a Windows Scheduled Task to git push to github every night. I have a CMD file. When I run the CMD file on the windows command prompt, it works fine. But when I run it via windows scheduled task. It’s stuck forever. The status is “running”. And from the log I […]

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