IntelliJ and Git Branch Name

I’ve recently moved from Eclipse to IntelliJ. A challenge as I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie, but that isn’t what I’m here about. I miss having the git branch name shown in the package/project view. Does anyone know of a way to configure IntelliJ to display what git branch the project is in, so I don’t […]

git am/format-patch: control format of line endings

I created a patch from three commits using git format-patch <revision_three_commits_ago> This creates three patch files that I mailed from my notebook and read the mail on my desktop computer (both are Windows boxes). When I do now git am –3way –ignore-space-change *.patch the patches apply, but I don’t get the same SHA1 IDs for […]

Ignore *all* whitespace changes with git-diff between commits

I’m going through a codebase and fixing whitespace oddities and generally correcting indentation and such things, and I want to make sure I haven’t inadvertently made any other changes, so I’m doing git diff -w to display differences in all changed files while ignoring whitespace differences. The problem is that this is not actually ignoring […]

How to make git log decorate by default

I frequently type git log when what I actually want is git log –decorate. How do I make it decorate by default? I have seen lots of answers of the form “make an alias lg and then type git lg instead of git log”. But, I can’t find anywhere how to change the default behaviour […]

Xcode 7 GM can not authenticate git repository

I could commit to this repository without problem with Xcode 6. git still works fine in terminal, i can commit both locally and to the remote. In Xcode 7, I can commit locally but not remotely. it says authentication fails and it is impossible to reset the username. (it’s greyed out). I have the proper […]

Recursive Git push/pull?

I have a git repository that contains other git repositories. Are there commands that recursively push and/or pull for not only the meta-repository but the sub-repositories?

Stash changes to specific files

I have a large git project that I, stupidly, imported to eclipse and ran an autoformat on. Now, every file in the project is showing as modified. Rather than commit my formatted files, I would rather revert all the files that I have only been formatted and not had other changes. For instance: $ git […]

Self-host remote git repository on Windows server

We have a computer on our local network designated as ‘the server’, that runs Windows XP, where we keep the shared folders and stuff that should be visible to all. How do I create a remote Git repository on it, and setup it so different people on different computers on the local network can pull/push? […]

git: list new files only

When I do a git status I get a list of files prefixed with new file: . How can I get only this list? I want to process this files in a simple loop in a little shell script.

git post-receive not working correctly

I have the following problem. I have updated the ‘post-receive’ to cd into a certain directory and then pull the repo in to deploy it like so: #!/bin/bash cd /var/www/site git pull origin master However whenever I do ‘git push origin master’ on my local machine I get the following: Counting objects: 5, done. Delta […]

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