GitKraken with TFS 2017

I have used GitKraken succesfully with TFS 2015. But after upgrading to Tfs 2017 it cannot pull or push. If i use the https endpoint it always try to login to the server. If i use the SSH endpoint it gives me a “Early EOF” exception. Can anyone help me if i have to configure […]

Programmatically do “Git blame -w” in C#

I need to programmatically get the last author of a specific line in the Git history with C#. I tried using libgit2sharp : var repo = new LibGit2Sharp.Repository(gitRepositoryPath); string relativePath = MakeRelativeSimple(filename); var blameHunks = repo.Blame(relativePath); // next : find the hunk which overlap the desired line number But this is the equivalent of the […]

Create a commit using pygit2

I would like to make a commit on a branch (master for example). I am making a repository clone using pygit2 (pygit2.clone_repository) Then I change an existing file in the repository. Afterwards I run this to make a commit: index = repository.index index.add_all() index.write() author = pygit2.Signature(user_name, user_mail) commiter = pygit2.Signature(user_name, user_mail) tree = repository.TreeBuilder().write() […]

How to avoid checkout of sources on master node with jenkins pipeline

I want to define my builds using the Jenkins 2 pipeline feature and I want this configuration to be loaded from sources in a Jenkinsfile. However I don’t want to clutter my master node with workspace. Ideally, I could specify that a pipeline job is meant to be run a given node type but that […]

gitignore won't ignore my .settings/ directory (created by eclipse)

git status: Untracked files: (use “git add <file>…” to include in what will be committed) .settings/ I’ve tried the following variations on my .gitignore file and nothing seems to work: .settings/ *settings* *.settings/ .settings/* I’ve never had this much trouble with .gitignore, it usually just works. I must be doing something real dumb. NOTE: My […]

Possible to enable the word-diff option in github to see more granular changes to a line?

I’m exploring usage of github for text versioning. A major problem with github is the fact that changes are by line. So if you make a word or phrase change that is rather granular, the whole line appears to have been changed. In git itself, there’s a solution for this because you can activate the […]

git tool comparable to bzr qlog

For the purpose of code review I got quite used to using the bzr qlog command to visually review the changes between two commits. I am now starting to use git and am looking for the equivalent. The three primary features I want are: visual selection of the two revisions (like from a standard revision […]

“git push” and “git push –tags” in the same command?

I usually run: git push git tag v4.7 git push –tags Both the first and third operations connect to the server, which wastes time. I want to make it faster by pushing only once. What command(s) would achieve this? It is in a bash script, and needs to run fine in any branch, not just […]

Continuous Integration Advice?

I’m working on setting up a Continuous Integration server (using Integrity) for my Rails app, and I’d like advice: Do most folks set up CI to build and test their app on every push to their central SCM repository, or only when pushing to their staging branch? I’ll use the CI server to automatically run […]

Git: How to commit into SVN branch after rebase?

I have a problem with a SVN branch. I made a checkout of it with git checkout -t -b stable svn/stable. Then I did a merge with git rebase master. After that I tried to commit the merge changes into the remote branch with git svn dcommit But now it seems, that Git pushed the […]

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