How to make Git submodules easier for non-programmers?

Our small software shop recently migrated from Subversion to Git, as we programmers found Git better. The migration wasn’t painless, we’re having problems with the submodules feature. My main gripe is that once a repo contains submodules, you can’t simply clone it and expect things to work. You have to do an extra step to […]

Cannot push tags in Git

I am unable to push the annotated tag in my git remote repository. All the access permission have been provided in gerrit. eg. [refs/*] I am creating the tag using the below command git tag -a v1.0 -m ‘Base Version’ 712d77e When i try to push using the below commands git push origin v1.0 or […]

Merge no common commits into master branch?

I have a Git repo that has a lot of commits and separate code, say /Proj1 I also have another Git repo that has 1 commit in it that is not a common commit, /Proj2 How can I merge the two repos and have history show up correctly with parent commits? Basically, there aren’t any […]

How to Run Terminal as Administrator on Mac Pro

I am using a Mac for the first time and need to run Terminal as an admin. I have installed NodeJs and Git and want to download Phone Gap/Corova but when I try to install Cordova, it comes back with an error saying I should be an admin when running the terminal. How do I […]

How to use powershell to install and configure IIS, SSL certificate, urlrewrite, git and clone repository

I’m currently setting up auto scaling IIS webservers and need to automatically install and configure the following through a powershell script: IIS URLRewrite Import SSL certificate Configure a new website Add new SSL bindings Download my source code from a GIT repository Regards Liam

private mercurial/git branch for backup?

Is it possible to create a non-visible branch in git or mercurial I can use as backup? Eg at the end of the day I have unfinished work (may even be left with syntax errors) but I want it to be backed up in the repository online, without annoying others about the mess that’s left.

Git add branch on one single directory?

I have a git repository on GitHub, with 3 different folders and only the master branch. How can i create a new branch on one single directory instead of all the three?

Use merge or rebase to maintain a deployment branch

I host with AWS which means I cant use environment variables to control my production and staging deployments. I am therefore forced to use separate branches for deployment, and am wondering if there is a best practice approach towards their maintenance? If I merge changes into my production branch, the commit that contains my production […]

Pushing into multiple remote repositories simultanously in IntelliJ

I’m using git within the IntelliJIDEA IDE. I have two remote repositories to which I would like to push my commits. How do I push to both remotes simultaneously?

Why don't I have to commit after git merge

I have a repo master and I do with file1.txt and file2.txt git checkout -b fix1 I then change file1.txt and I do a git commit -a then I do a git checkout master then I do a git checkout -b fix2 I then change file2.txt and I do a git commit -a then git […]

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