SourceTree and Stash: Unable to get local issuer certificate

We have Atlassian Stash installed on a windows 2k8 r2 server, and for the most part everything is working nicely. We have a SSL certificate issued by our local on-premise CA and a DNS entry set up so we can go to https://stash/ and it works quite nicely except in Firefox where it throws a […]

How long should I keep my fork projects on github?

When I have a feature request on a library in github, I would either try to contact the author and/or implement it myself on a local copy, and when I am done, fork the project and push my changes. More often than not, the original authors are happy to see the enhancements, and they’ll either […]

Is Rsyncing git repo good enough backup solution?

I often backup my laptop to an external hard drive. Is rsyncing git repos over good enough backup solution or are there any problems with this method?

GIT pull/fetch from specific tag

Is there a way to pull/fetch code from a specific tag in a repo. Am aware that after clone, i can checkout to the tag but is it possible to specify a tag during a pull? In ClearCase i can rebase or deliver a specific baseline of code, is there a way where i can […]

How to remove/hide GitExtensions toolbar from Visual Studio?

I tried: right-click on a toolbar and uncheck GitExtensions right-click on a toolbar > Customize and delete GitExtensions moved the toolbar from the second row to the first row searched GitExtensions settings for a way to disable/hide the toolbar, but didn’t find anything The GitExtensions toolbar shows up again on the second toolbar row after […]

Using git as a centralized version server

I currently use svn at work. Our setup is: everyone has a working copy and we commit to a svn server served by apache2. So I commit changed, the other update, and everyone can work on the copy as they wish. So it’s pretty easy to deploy. But now, I’d like to do the same […]

git clean not working recursively

I am facing problems with git clean. consider the following scenario git status -su ?? file_1 ?? xyz/file_2 git clean -f Not removing xyz/file_2 Removing file_1 i don’t want to remove xyz folder, but want to remove the file_2 inside it. Why git clean is not working recursively ?

git-subtree pull merge conflict

So I used git-subtree to have various branches of repoB in sub-directories of repoA, like so git clone repoA cd repoA // some commits to repoA here git subtree add –prefix=src/dirA repoB branchA I did a few commits in repoA using git subtree push –prefix=src/dirA repoB branchA Some time later, I committed something to repoB/branchA […]

Gerrit: combine multiple commits into one “change”

As a git best practice, one should commit frequently, but to review the code you may need to review a patch consisting of multiple commits at once. Is there a way multiple commits can be reviewed and either merged or rejected at once?

Add git branch after initial fetch in the same svn-remote

I’m using git–svn to work with a svn repo. I don’t want the whole repo, sine it contains a lot of legacy, with binaries in it. I’m only tracking some directories. Here is my current .git/config, which is working fine. [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true [svn-remote “svn”] […]

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