What exactly do button “Abandon Change” in gerrit?

This button lays near “Review” button. I didn’t find any documentation that can help me. I have a lot of question regarding the button like this one: Can I push to review one commit then another and then abandon first and submit second? We’re using Git on our project.

capistrano rails 3 git error – fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I dont use git, but after upgrading to ruby 1.9.3 and rails 3.017 and using cap to deploy, I get these errors all over the place: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git They don’t seem to break anything, but they are annoying. I dont use git, how do I […]

How to build a streamlined development environment for micro-services

I was thinking about the micro services architecture and wondering if folks have a good best practice for development environments. My working assumption is that each micro service will live in it’s own git repository for isolation and ease of deployment. I’m also assuming that each developer will create a fork of any repo that […]

How to run git svn rebase on all branches

I’m using git–svn to manage a Subversion repository using git. I usually have a large number of git branches at any one time. I often need to update them to match the latest code in the repository, but find it a pain to run git checkout <branch>; git svn rebase for every branch. Is there […]

Git Working Directory to Eclipse Workspace

I have been building my maven project(s) within my spring tool suite work space and have now decided that I need to get busy with some version control. I have gone for GIT and have used the command line client to produce a local repository. So, I have a local repo – which is ready […]

Write Git info strings to exe file C#

I need to write git information: Commit name, tags, branch, etc to a binary (exe) file. It is needed to run strings * | grep git, on that file to simply view latest git info about it. I know that AssemblyInfo is displayed when I run this command (without grep), but I’m facing two possible […]

How to tell git to ignore a certain file if and only if another file exists?

I’d like to tell git to ignore a file named foo.ext if and only if there exists another file named foo.txe. I am almost sure that this cannot be done with the .gitignore syntax but there are maybe other tricky ways that I do not think of? Example of use: I frequently store the figures […]

get_git_version cannot find version number

In version.py there is a method get_git_version() when I execute ./manage.py runserver this error is raised from version.py file raise ValueError(“Cannot find the version number!”) def get_git_version(abbrev=4): # Read in the version that’s currently in RELEASE-VERSION. release_version = read_release_version() # First try to get the current version using “git describe”. version = call_git_describe(abbrev) # If […]

How to export all changed files between two Git commits in SourceTree?

In TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN it is possible to export all changed files between two revisions, including the directory structure, to an external folder. Is there a way to do so in Atlassian SourceTree (for Windows)?

Ignore multiline comments git diff

I’m trying to find the significant differences in C/C++ source code in which only source code changes. I know you can use the git diff -G<regex> but it seems very limiting in the kind of regexes that can be run. For example, it doesn’t seem to offer a way to ignore multiline comments in C/C++. […]

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