SVN Rename directory, maintain file history

I originally created my svn repository without the suggested trunk, branches, tags structure. It looks something like this. /src /src/file.txt /src/file2.txt I used TortoiseSVN to rename the /src directory to /projectName/trunk/src; however, now I can’t easily view the history of a file within the directory structure using Show Log. Is there a better way to […]

TortoiseSVN Won't Allow Me To Add Any Files

I am trying to add files to an SVN repository using TortoiseSVN 1.8.1. I right click on the files and select TortoiseSVN->Add. I then select all the files in the window that pops up and click OK. Upon clicking OK, another dialog box pops up and all the files appear to be successfully added because […]

svn path not found on branch not involved in merge operation

I am trying to merge a single file from my trunk up to a branch(wc) and am getting an odd path not found error for a path that looks to be on a branch not involved in the current merge operation. For example, in our svn project we have: branches branch0 branch1 branch2 branch3 branch4 […]

How to 'fix' a SVN branch/tree conflict?

I took over a software project and decided to put everything under SVN (on Assembla) using Tortoise SVN. The trunk is under ROOT. So the trunk contained the whole application (which I tagged 1.0). For my first big feature I created a feature branch named “dev”. I could merge changes in the trunk branch into […]

Eclipse is trying to build the files in my .svn directories… how can I tell it to stop?

I’m storing my Android project in a Subversion repository. After recently shuffling a bunch of stuff around I started getting tons of errors like: syntax error entries /project_name/src/.svn line 1 Android AIDL Problem syntax error don’t know what to do with “” entries /project_name/src/.svn line 28 Android AIDL Problem etc. It seems as if Eclipse […]

Using a wiki as a central development project repository

I have played with the idea of using a wiki (MediaWiki) to centralize all project information for a development project. This was done using extensions that pull information from SVN (using SVNKit) and by linking to Bugzilla to extract work assigned to a developer or work remaining for a release. Examples: <bugzilla type=”summary” user=”” /> […]

Jenkins Subversion Error – E200015: No credential to try. Authentication failed

I’ve updated the Subversion plugin of jenkins to version 2.2 Now i get following error for repos which build the first time after the upgrade and for repos where something within an external changed. It works for all other builds as expected. I tried to add additional credentials but this did not help. Now i […]

Best way to migrate from VSS to Subversion?

I’m a single developer looking to get off of Visual Source Safe and move to svn. A quick search brings up several tools, but I don’t see a clear winner and I can’t afford to spend a lot of time testing different tools. Has anyone done this successfully, and can recommend a method?

merging changes from a maven release branch yields conflicts due to changed versions in poms

following standard practice, I have an svn trunk for feature development, and a forked-off branch for building releases. The branch has been created using the maven release plugin, which is also used for creating releases. As it happens, the occasional bug will be fixed on the branch, and those changes need to be merged back […]

WebSVN – Authentication for paths in the repository

I need simple ‘to-the-point’ tutorial or neat exemple of How to implement authorization for paths (checkout diretories) out of a single Subversion repository, using WebSVN. Lets say repository is /svn/repos/r_project Two checkout (paths) from this repos are /svn/repos/path1 and /svn/repos/path2 … I want to protect each path (directory) with a different username/password. Subversion and WebSVN […]

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