How to list all files and their commit SHAs in a repo

My configuration management team asked me to produce a list of all the files included in a release and the SHA of the last commit for each file. I’m trying to figure out how to do that, but I’m not having much success. I tried using the ls-files command and got what looked like promising […]

Phabricator git ssh clone fails with password required error

root@jupiter:/home/jupiter/projects# git clone ssh:// Cloning into ‘transcend’… sudo: sorry, a password is required to run sudo fatal: Could not read from remote repository. I have set up the SSHfollowing the manual. I also have the conduit ping returning the correct message: root@demo:~# echo {} | ssh conduit {“result”:””,”error_code”:null,”error_info”:null} Below is my visudo file […]

How to get over Homebrew Git conflicts?

I installed Homebrew. “brew –prefix” is /usr/local. I’ve now mistakenly done things to the master branch of my local Brew Git repo that endlessly conflict with “brew update”. I’d like to throw away or ignore my local changes. Normally I’d just rm -rf repo and re-clone, but I don’t think rm -rf /usr/local is wise. […]

Formatting git log output with sed/awk/grep

Summary / ‘gist of’ version, if I have a set of messages with subject [SUB] and body [BODY] like below, How can I add a newline after the subject only if [BODY] exists (And replace the place holders with *) [SUB] some subject. [BODY] some body lines with newline chars and !@@# bunch of other […]

Git equivalent to `hg cp`

I am tasked with splitting/extracting a very big file (which has already been committed) into many smaller ones. Using Hg I would add the extracted files as copies of the existing big file (hg cp or hg cp -A) such that when I merge my branch onto master, other changes made to the big file […]

Java build system options

I’m currently building a desktop java application in a very clumsy manner. The application is deployed on Windows, Mac and Linux. Here’s my build process now: On Windows: Update local repository Fire up Eclipse Refresh the project Double click the .jardesc file to generate an executable jar file Commit the executable jar to source control […]

How to resolve jbossews on openshift: Failed to execute: 'control restart'?

When I push my app at Openshift it was upload and final messages are remote: Starting jbossews cartridge remote: jbossews process failed to start remote: Git Post-Receive Result: failure remote: Activation status: failure remote: Activation failed for the following gears: remote: 5433a24de0b8cd0dfa—– (Error activating gear: CLIENT_ERROR: Failed to execute: ‘control start’ for /var/lib/openshift/5433a24de0b8cd0dfa0000ec/jbossews) remote: Deployment […]

Error to Import Github project into Eclipse?

I am trying to import Github Project into my eclipse by Egit and used the URI,Host etc as you can check in Screen shot and when i am giving my github userId/Password i am getting error see attached screen shot or this exception. cannot open git-upload-pack: cannot open git-upload-pack Is i am doing […]

Gerrit: ! HEAD -> refs/publish/master (no new changes)

I made some changes, committed them and pushed the branch to Gerrit (git push gerrit). Now my changes don’t appear in Gerrit and I assume this is because I pushed the changes manually instead of using git review. When I run git review now, Im getting this error: remote: Processing changes: refs: 1, done To […]

Add a tag in remote repository without adding the repo on local

Do have anyway to add a tag in remote repository without cloning/adding it on local. I just need to do it for marking QA builds

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