Git review systems

Can anyone recommend a code review system that can be used from within the Eclipse IDE and work with Eclipse EGit integration? In the past we used SVN for our source control and that worked very nicely with the Atlassian Crucible connector. Using the Eclipse IDE connector in conjunction with its SVN integration you could […]

How do I prevent my git from corrupting?

I am working off of VMWare’s virtual ubuntu 16.04 environment on an android studio project. The git is set up normally and works most of the time but I occasionally (at least three times in the past two months) get a corrupted git. error: object file .git/objects/bb/2b004268181780ddea02ea4313142fc36a0541 is empty error: object file .git/objects/bb/2b004268181780ddea02ea4313142fc36a0541 is empty […]

Sign Git tag with Maven release plugin?

Is there a way to get the Maven release plugin to sign the Git tag it creates during a mvn release:prepare execution?

Web deploy from multiple computers

I work on a website on multiple computers, my work and my home pc. The source is maintained under a git repository. I use Web Deploy to publish the website to IIS on the public server. Everything works OK, I can publish from both computers and it works. The issue is that when I deploy […]

How do I fix 'bus error' when trying to do git-commit or git-status

I have a git repository on an OS X server that used to work fine. I was able to add files, commit them, and pull the content to my laptop. Now, when I ssh into the server and do git commit or git status in the repository, all I see in the command line is […]

Prevent Django SQLite db from being overwritten while pushing to Heroku

I’ve got a Django application that is storing a large amount of data in it’s models. The problem is, whenever I deploy to Heroku even if it’s a small change, the remote database with the correct data gets overwritten with the local database of dummy data. Scenario: I have a db file my_db which is […]

Unable to access 'git/attributes'

What does warning remote: warning: unable to access ‘/root/.config/git/attributes’: Permission denied means and what implications does it bring? $git clone git:// Cloning into ‘egit’… remote: warning: unable to access ‘/root/.config/git/attributes’: Permission denied remote: Counting objects: 57926, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (11872/11872), done. remote: Total 57926 (delta 30734), reused 56308 (delta 29136) Receiving objects: 100% […]

Transfer “authoritative” git repository from Github to a private github

My task is to move our repositories from public github to a private instance of github on our local net. My thought is to move them with git clone –bare <github-repo-url> git push –mirror <local-github-url> During a transition time, I should be able to make the mirror update itself from the repository on the daddy […]

How did these git commits get duplicated into the wrong branch?

I’m trying to help a coworker figure out what a bunch of “empty commit” warnings were about in his recent merge. I opened up gitk, and saw something like this: _o (Z) Merge branch ‘new-branch’ (yesterday) o | (Y) Fix bad merge (person 1) o_| (X) Merge branch ‘master’ into new-branch (recent) o | (W) […]

Can't git aws.push to elastic beanstalk with ruby repo

I’ve gone through all the steps in the different tutorials. I’ve gotten my elastic beanstalk instance to create via +eb init+ and I have set my path correctly. Then I did a git .init and tried a git aws.push and got the error of : error: cannot run .git/AWSDevTools/aws.elasticbeanstalk.push: No such file or directory fatal: […]

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