github with Visual Studio 2013 – cannot pull because of uncommitted changes

I am a single developer right now, but I do have a workplace, and I also do work at home. Github is pretty ideal for me because the goal is to track my code, but also just keep it in a good repository so I don’t lose it. So here is my work process… Do […]

Gerrit and Active Directory

I’m trying to set up Gerrit to use our corporate Active Directory for authentication. I know plenty of people have managed to get this to work but it just won’t work for me. If I run an ldapsearch command as follows I get the correct result, so I know my search strings are correct: ldapsearch […]

Cloning a repository without making it the origin remote

I’m cloning a git repository from a computer that’s going to be wiped. Is it possible to clone a repository without making the original repository origin/master? Or do I need to clone it, and then delete the remote branch (which is done with git remote rm origin)? Edit: The repository has only one branch, and […]

git stash and edited hunks

I totally love git add -p and git stash but I occasionally have the following problem, which is reproduced by the following sequence of commands: git add -p my_file: then I edit a hunk manually (using e) because the splitting that git suggests does not suit me git stash –keep-index: then I do some testing, […]

git stash is slow on windows

On my windows machine git stash has about 3.5 seconds overhead on each invocation, which adds about 7 seconds to my git commit hook. The same command under linux (same machine) takes about 0.01 seconds. The performance issue applies to empty repositories as well. I have tried the following from this thread and this thread: […]

Make git ignore files

I’m trying to make git ignore some of my files and I found one description about how you could do this From: TO IGNORE SOME FILES Add a file in the root directory called .gitignore and add some files to it: (comments begin with hash) *.log db/schema.rb db/schema.sql Git automatically ignores empty directories. If […]

Heroku not updating css for rails app

I’m having trouble updating my rails app on heroku. I’ve gotten my app up but I tried to change my application.css file in /public/stylesheets/ but whenever I try to push to heroku, the CSS never changes. I tested these changes locally and they work just fine, I just can’t figure out how to push them […]

creating git branch after the fact?

I suspect the answer to my problem is fairly simple, but I’m a git newbie and my head is getting confused at reading answers to all the similar SoF questions that don’t seem to be quite my problem. Here’s my problem: I have a repo at github with a single branch (‘master’) that I’ve been […]

Git workflow for a single developer on a local repository

I’m trying to refine a personal git workflow to something a little easier to deal with. Here’s some background of how I’m using git for purposes of this post: A single developer who is the only one working on the repository. A single copy of the repository that is stored on the local machine. Only […]

Git Alias Problem

I was trying to set up some git aliases by adding these lines to my ~/.gitconfig file: [alias] st = status ci = commit br = branch And when I go to run these commands in the terminal: git st, I get the following error fatal: cannot exec ‘git-st’: Not a directory. I do not […]

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