Why is indentation in empty lines bad?

Every FOSS project I know has rules against trailing whitespace in code. But I think it’s very natural to continue the current indentation on the next line: int main() { ….int a = 42; …. ….return a; } But git for instance throws warnings anyway. So my question is: Why are those tabs inside the […]

Change GIT repository to shared

Git allows to create a shared repository amongs a group: git –bare init –shared=group However – how can I change already existing repository to shared? I don’t want to re-git-init it.

Git and Bitbucket without SSH

I’ve set up a local git repository on my computer, and I’m trying to push that to a newly created Bitbucket account. The problem is that Bitbucket gives me an ssh url to push to, but the network I’m on (university) has the ssh port blocked for external ssh. So that fails, and if I […]

Which functions are missing in existing Emacs modules for work with git?

What do you think – which functions should be implemented to make work with Git from Emacs more comfortable? Which functions are missing in magit/git.el/egg/git-emacs/…?

Is there a way to specify which ssh key should be used for npm install

I have a private repo that I want to install in my package.json file. “private-module”: “git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org:private/private-module.git” By default npm uses your default private key. I want to be able to specify which ssh key npm should use when running npm install. Is there any way to do this?

Unable to push git repo to Heroku, despite valid SSH keys

There are lots of stack articles citing the same error message as I am getting. I went through the entire heroku setup doc on another computer and everything worked perfectly. Not sure why this one is not working, but I need it to. When I run: > git push -v heroku master Pushing to git@heroku.com:lit-tor-7969.git […]

Best practices for Xcode + Git for multi-developer projects

I can create a repo and use GitHub / BitBucket fine for my own projects. I have had problems when collaborating with other developers or trying to fork a project on GitHub. I am aware of other answers like Best practices for git repositories on open source projects but there are OSX / Xcode specific […]

git / github and web server deployment configuration

I’m running an Apache web server and was wondering what’s the best way to deploy changes (from github) to the web server? /var/www/ right now is only writable by root. Should I have my git project directly in /var/www/? (so it creates /var/www/.git/?) However, when I need to run commands (i.e. sudo git push) wouldn’t […]

Does Git Add have a verbose switch

I am in the process of moving all my private an public repo’s over to github. One of the decisions I have made is to only use the console as it means a smaller tooling footprint if I ever need to change PCs, etc. I would be a huge user of console applications and being […]

`git flow release finish` non-interactively

How I can use git flow release finish in a manner that doesn’t ask for merge commit messages? The -m flag doesn’t provide this, as I expected. The goal of course is to be able to script this in such a way that doesn’t require interaction.

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