sysopen permission denied

I’m trying to fix an intermittent bug in git-svn. The problem is happening in Windows XP only, with both Cygwin git (perl v5.10.1) and msysGit (perl v5.8.8). With any operation that involves a fetch, I’m able to get partway through and then the operation dies with a message similar to Couldn’t open .git/svn/refs/remotes/trunk/.rev_map.cc05479a-e8ea-436f-8d71-e07493b7796c.lock: Device or […]

How can I advance my local branch by 1 commit?

In my git repository local branch, it is behind by 9 commits. Can you please tell me how can I advance it by 1 commit? # Your branch is behind ‘my-git/remote’ by 9 commits, and can be fast-forwarded. I have read How can I fast-forward a single git commit, programmatically? I don’t understand the answer. […]

How to commit/push a Git tag with Gradle?

I have created a specific Gradle task that should only be called in the Jenkins build system. I need to make this task depend on another one which should tag the HEAD of the master branch after a successful compilation of the project. I have no idea how can I commit/push/add tags to a specific […]

Creating satis composer private repository for wordpress themes and plugins

My objective is to have a composer.json file committed to our project repository that specifies what theme(s) or plugin(s) should be used for that project and when a developer pulls down the repo all they need to do is run composer install. We want to keep the plugins out of the project repo to stop […]

Branching my own project from github, then pushing it back to github with branches intact

This feels like im missing something obvious, but i’ve been reading tutorials for 3 days and can’t seem to make it happen. I have a private repo on github. I want to run it as two separate branches. As I understand it, I clone the repo so its on my local machine, then branch it […]

What is the difference between diff and diff=astextplain?

Can someone help me. I am using Git (GitHub) and trying to decide what to set my *.sql files to in the gitattributes. I’ve seen people use *.sql diff=astextplain *.sql diff *.sql text=auto I was advised to set this to the second option, but I am just wondering what is the difference between that and […]

Choosing GIT or SVN for a very small team

My team literally consists of just myself and one or two other people. I mainly work on hobby projects and my website, and write about 1000 lines of code a week. I want to start getting into version control systems but since the majority of my projects are worked on by myself, I didn’t see […]

How to manage multiple user configs in Git?

I work with multiple Git remote repositories and each need different Git credentials (Name and Mail). Is there any solution such as a script or best practices how to manage them? I know about “config –local”, but I don’t want to set this variables manually everytime.

GIT Rebase operation was interrupted by a PC crash. Now repository is unavailable

I have 2 branches in my repository. There were no uncommitted changes in any of them. I pulled the branch1, checked out branch2, and started a branch2 rebase on branch1. In the middle of the work my PC crashed. After it finally booted up, i open GitExtensions to find that my repository is totally empty, […]

Using git diff in same file between first and last commit

I have a text file (.yml) that I enter some texts to my system use. But now we need to know what new lines at once. I thought to use git to solve our problem, but I cant find a clarified command to do this. Is this possible?

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