How to see all tags in a git repository in command line

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How to manage multiple versions of a project in Git

I have a project that is open sourced using git for revision control. Soon, I am going to release a premium hosted version of the project as well, but there will be changes made to the code specifically for the premium hosted version (performance, etc), that should not exist in the open source version. I […]

How can I reconnect a git repository with a svn repository?

I used git svn to import an existing Subversion repo into git. I then pushed this to git repo on a git server. Over the last few months changes to the software have been made in both Subversion and git repositories. Unfortunately, my local copy with the links between svn and git has been deleted. […]

git merge branches with different directory structures

I am somewhat new to git, I’ve been using it for a number of months, and Im comfortable doing most of the basic tasks. So… I think its time to take on some more complicated tasks. At my work, we have a few people working on older code to update it, this involves actual code […]

How do you deploy cron jobs to production?

How do people deploy/version control cronjobs to production? I’m more curious about conventions/standards people use than any particular solution, but I happen to be using git for revision control, and the cronjob is running a python/django script.

Is it possible to completely empty a remote Git repository?

Let’s say I make a mistake in my first push to a remote Git repository. Can I somehow revert this so that the repository is back to it’s initial state? I don’t have access to the remote machine, so deleting .git directory is not possible. The problem, as far as I can see is that […]

Ignore specific changes to a file in git, but not the entire file

I have a file in a git repository that has a local change on it. I want to have git ignore the local change forever, but not the file. In particular, If the file isn’t touched besides this change, git add . should never stage it. Likewise, git commit -a shouldn’t commit it. If I […]

git subtree push changes back to subtree project

The short of what’s below: I want to push commit messages to a subtree, but only the messages that apply to that tree. How do I do this? I have two projects, Master and Slave. Slave is checked out as a subtree of Master checked out to lib/slave via git subtree merge –prefix=lib/slave –squash projects/slave […]

Quantifying the amount of change in a git diff?

I use git for a slightly unusual purpose–it stores my text as I write fiction. (I know, I know…geeky.) I am trying to keep track of productivity, and want to measure the degree of difference between subsequent commits. The writer’s proxy for “work” is “words written”, at least during the creation stage. I can’t use […]

Git Push Error – Could not resolve host name

nshastri@N-SHASTRI ~/datasciencecoursera (master) $ git push origin master ssh: Could not resolve hostname https: no address associated with name fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

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