Team member cannot clone repo from BitBucket?

I am quite new to BitBucket/SourceTree, infact I am quite new to GIT! I created a BitBucket account couple of days ago, created a private repo and invited one other user (with WRITE permission). On my machine, I opened SourceTree, generated SSH key, added SSH key to BitBucket, voila, repo cloned, everything works. My friend […]

Is this git's correct behavior for “git add” with subfolders?

When using “git add” with a file pattern it only adds recursively the untracked files, and ignores the changed ones unless they are in the current folder. Example: $ git status # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use “git add <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout […]

Selectively importing other people's pull requests in your own Github fork

Ok I haven’t find a better way to title my question. Explaining the scenario is easier. But remember this is a Github question, not a Prototype-JS question (please don’t add the tag for me) The scenario I’m working on a Prototype-based web application. I found that 1.7.1 (no blame to the author) has a few […]

Working with two repositories, one with a “scrubbed” history

So I’ve got a private codebase that I am co-developing with some external collaborators. I want them to be able to contribute to the code, but I don’t want them to have the entire commit history of our project to peruse. I know it’s possible to “squash” the history of our repository using rebase: This […]

Git proxy that pushes to multiple remotes

I’m looking for a piece of software that I hope someone has built. I’m going to describe this software here hoping that someone heard about something like this and can point me in the right direction. I’m developing a web app which is deployed on Heroku. Because of Heroku’s limitations, I am being put in […]

Git: show message when cloning

When I clone a repository from my Visual Studio Team Services (was Visual Studio Online) account I obtain a message in the console during cloning itself: Cloning into ‘thirdparty/boost’… remote: remote: vSTs remote: vSTSVSTSv remote: vSTSVSTSVST remote: VSTS vSTSVSTSVSTSV remote: VSTSVS vSTSVSTSV STSVS remote: VSTSVSTSvsTSVSTSVS TSVST remote: VS tSVSTSVSTSv STSVS remote: VS tSVSTSVST SVSTS remote: […]

How do I change the external editor for GitHub client on MAC or Windows?

I am using GitHub client on MAC OS X 10.10. (Please note that I am not using GitHub for Enterprise.) I noticed that when there is a merge conflict, GitHub Client is prompting me to either resolve the conflict using Finder or External Editor. I do not see the file in merge conflict within GitHub […]

Retain author after a cherry-pick conflict

after a conflict i get the message to use git commit -c xxxxxx. When i do that i get another window having the desciption of my commit +a author but have no idea how to move on from there.

VS Code Git clean recovery

I accidentally hit Git clean command in Visual Studio code, and I lost all my files. Is there any way to recover my files? Tried to find files with recovery programs, but no results.

git request-pull: how to create a (github) pull request on the command line?

I’ve cloned a project, and pushed a branch with just a renamed readme file to README. I am trying to create a pull-request on the command line, just to try PR from here instead of a website. $ git request-pull origin/master origin readme:readme The following changes since commit 51320a3a42f82ba83cd7919d24ac4aa5c4c99ac6: first commit message are available in […]

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