Switching branches without touching the working tree?

I am currently on a debug branch, and would like to switch to the master branch, without modifying the working tree (leave it the way it is in the debug branch), so I can commit some of the changes into the master branch. Is there a way to do this?

Git to TFS Source Control Migration

I’d like to see how TFS will work for my command. So I’d like to move our current GIT repository to TFS database. We’ve used GIT for it’s prevailed branching support so I’d like to use TFS 2010 to address that issue. Now question is. How do I export our GIT repo to TFS. Obviously […]

Hiding GitHub token in .gitconfig

I would like to store all of my dotfiles on GitHub, including .gitconfig which requires me to hide the GitHub token in the .gitconfig. To do so I have a “.gitconfig-hidden-token” file which is the file I intend to edit and put under git that hides the token: … [github] user = giuliop token = […]

How do I synchronise two remote Git repositories?

I have two repository urls, and I want to synchronise them such that they both contain the same thing. In Mercurial, what I’m trying to do would be: hg pull {repo1} hg pull {repo2} hg push -f {repo1} hg push -f {repo2} This will result in two heads in both repos (I know it’s not […]

Can I get git log to print the history in reverse order?

I recently learned that I can get hg log to print the history in reverse order with: hg log -r : So of course I tried: git log -r : Well, it didn’t work. So what is the command to do the same thing in git?

Git – Switching branches (windows) & uncommited changes

I’m having a hard time understanding some git/DCVS concepts. Here’s what happened: I created a git project, and imported it from an SVN repo I made some commits I wanted to experiment something, so I created a branch called constants-update I switched to constants-updatebranch, moved some files, deleted others and added many more I committed […]

How to install Github for Windows offline?

As the question says how to install Github for Windows without an internet connection? If it is not possible then is there some alternative client with the following features: Support for proxy Offline installer I found smartgit which has an offline installer but it seems it doesn’t have proxy support. If there is no such […]

git: put a branch in a subdirectory

I have a git repository (at github.com) with two branches: master and gh-pages. I would like to have the gh-pages branch in a subdirectory, so that I don’t need to switch branches every time. repo/ (content of the master branch) gh-pages/ (content of the gh-pages branch) Is that possible ?

Can I add metadata to git commits? Or can I hide some tags in gitk

I want to associate custom metadata with a git commit. Specifically to record a review ID from a code review but it could be anything. Tags seem a natural way to do that but I expect to have a review for every commit and I don’t want to clutter gitk with tons of tags. Is […]

Eclipse and external src and web content folder linking or mapping

First thing this is not the question but the solution of the problem which I have faced and waste 4,5 hours to find out the solution. please let me know if there is any better alternative to manage the external src folder with eclipse project. I am using a version version control system (GIT) to […]

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