How to create new git branch with jenkins shell

I would like to reach the following: In some jenkins job, create a new branch from dev-branch do some changes on the new created branch new-branch push the new created branch to git repo I did the following steps in Jenkins: I have configured my git repo in the section “Source Code Management” and also […]

How I initialize a git Repository and add hooks and files into it?

I want to initialize an empty local repository and then fill it with the data (files) from this one. I want to attach a pre-commit hook for getting me the last revision number and auto-insert it in the source as a text. I red that if I want to do that I need also some […]

How to implement Stash Pull request 'Merge' button

In an Atlassian-Stash system, I have a repository with both pre-receive and post-receive hooks implemented but now the developers started to use the pull request (which is great!) but clicking ‘Merge’ button skips the logic that is in the pre- and post-receive hooks (which is blocking the merge is some cases and activating a build […]

Lost changes in git merge after marking a separate file as “resolved”

I know it’s a tricky subject so I will try to simplify thing as much as possible, tell me if we actually need more details about the changes involved. So basically, using SourceTree, I had to conduct quite a simple operation, merge branch A into B (B originate from A). Let’s says I had three […]

Git clone very slow on my hosted Bitbucket server

I have a very big project I would like to start versioning with Git in order to start working with a small team. This is my first time ever using Git. I installed Bitbucket server on a machine running Windows 8 and did an initial commit + push, which took some time because I have […]

How to check if the revision(commit) exists in a remote Git repository

I’m working on application that deploys other applications from git repo to server and there is an option where user can choose which revision to deploy. My problem is to validate revision exists in given repo without downloading it. In similar question they recomend to use test $(git cat-file -t $sha) == commit but it […]

forget a modified/un-merged file from git status once added to .gitignore

I’ve few modified files on server. I’ve added them to .gitignore file. Now when doing git pull origin master still those files were present there. So I used following command to remove them from git status git rm -r –cached . git add . Now when I’m doing git status it shows many files are […]

How to clear repository checkout history in Xcode

As shown in the snapshot below , how to clear these history items? I already deleted Preferences > Accounts > Repositories, but these still in check out history.

Logging execution and errors of git-receive-pack on restricted server?

I have limited ssh access to a restricted Linux server; since the server does not include ‘git‘, I simply copied the executables that I have there, and then I use: git config remote.origin.receivepack “/path/to/my/git-receive-pack” … in my local repo. I managed to get clone/pull working in this context (from server to local), but I have […]

Getting errors with ant in netbeans, but no meaningful error message is produced

I am pretty new to Java EE and Netbeans in general. I am getting errors with my build-impl.xml file when I am trying to deploy a project to glassfish. The project consists of a client folder, an ejb folder and a common folder. <ant antfile=”${project.202-slit-ejb}/build.xml” inheritall=”false” target=”dist-ear”> <property location=”${build.dir}” name=”dist.ear.dir”/> <property name=”” value=”${}”/> </ant> <ant […]

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