Merge tag from remote git repository without its history

Please consider the following situation: There are two repositories, one internal for the company’s developers and one public (e.g. on GitHub). [public-repo.git] [internal-repo.git] \ / \ \ \ (1) pull tag / \ \ \ / \ \-(developer 2) \ (2) push w/o history / \ \ / \-(developer n) \ / [local copy of […]

Git repo on server

I want to achieve a private repo where multiple users can work on online as well as offline. I have managed to install a repository on my webserver using ssh with putty. Now i tried to clone the repo locally to the local working environment. I used gitbash in the directory I wanted to work […]

Why do I get a “Could not chdir to home directory” log after issue “git pull”

I just noticed that when I issue a git pull command, I got a Could not chdir to home directory. I’m on Mac OSX so I don’t have my home directory at /home/xxxxxx. Why could this happen? Why does git need to chdir to home when doing pull process? $ git pull Could not chdir […]

EGit not showing changed files.

I have been using EGit to upload my stuff to github for a few months now. But off late I do not see what files have been changed, and I dont know why. Please help. As you can see I have updated some files and I cannot see a list of files in the files […]

How does jquery do their releases?

When I look at the latest commit from a tagged release, that commit seems to be lost from the master branch. Are they deleting their commits after they have pushed the tags? If you look at the last commit from tag:v1.11.1 it’s 1.11.. But, when I go find that commit from 1.x-master I cannot find […]

How to deal with a git that has git-svn and pure git remotes

I have two repositories, one is still an svn and acts as the main place, and another is pure git where is the daily work. I’ve my local clone using git svn clone svn+ssh://… and adding a remote using git remote add git@…. After a refactoring with its commits and branches, the git master has […]

Why can't I clone files into a Bitbucket repository?

I set up a SSH key pair to connect Bitbucket with Jenkins. But after that, I can’t clone repositories from Bitbucket. The error I’m getting is as follows. conq: repository access denied. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I have all […]

Unable to create pull request after new fork squashed original commits

I’ve forked a project on GitHub. I need to squash the original commits before making changes/commits to my forked project. However, I wondered if I would be able to create a pull request in order to merge my changes back to the original project. Can this be done? I tried to do it in a […]

How to use my GitHub Repository for OpenShift

I am new to OpenShift and don’t know how to use my private remote GitHub repository with OpenShift. I would like OpenShift to monitor my private remote GitHub repository and kick off a build every time I push to my private remote GitHub repository; and provided the build was successful, I would like OpenShift to […]

How to go back to previous uncomitted state after git pull

I am working on a feature-branch alongside with my colleague. It’s been a few days that I that have committed my changes. Yesterday he has committed his changes and that changed the structure of the project we were working on but didn’t harm my changes. I have pulled those changes and made a commit with […]

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