Does any database support revision control on its command line interface?

Does any database support revision control on its command line interface? So for instance, I’m at the mysql> command prompt. I’m going to add a column to a table. I type ALTER TABLE X ADD COLUMN Y bigint; and then the database prompts me: “OK. Check these changes in using git?” I respond yes, and […]

Why does `git checkout` produce the error `Invalid argument` when hash of the tree is used

I’m trying to create a git tree and check it out without using any high-level commands and commit objects. So I initialized git and create two blobs: $ git init $ echo ‘f1’ | git hash-object -w –stdin 8e1e71d5ce34c01b6fe83bc5051545f2918c8c2b $ echo ‘f2’ | git hash-object -w –stdin 9de77c18733ab8009a956c25e28c85fe203a17d7 Now I’m creating a tree using mktree: […]

Git – Can't change branch

I’m a git newbie, and just started using it the other day. The idea seems good, but I’ve already run into a problem that makes git seem like much more of a hassle than it’s worth. What I’m doing: I started by adding it to one of my projects, and I created 3 branches: Master […]

fix 'unbroken' code with git commit and revert (my stupid way)?

I was working on branch A when suddenly everything crashed and stopped working. I thought I might broken something in my code so I committed my changes and created new branche B from branch A to keep it as a backup. then I revert branch A to the last working commit, and start trying to […]

git on command line using github git

I have github git 2.14.1 installed on Windows 10 from this URL: How do I get access to the git command such that I can invoke it from the cmd or powershell commandline? What I really want to do is invoke it from Python using subprocess.Popen(‘somepath/git log –follow’ …), but I figure if I […]

xcode 4 cannot create a local repository

When ticking the “Create local repository for this project” in Xcode 4, I get a dialog box that says: “Cannot create a local repository. The git command line tool is required. Check the SystemTools checkbox in the Xcode Installer to do so.” Do I need to re-install Xcode or is there a fix for this […]

Getting rid of temp-xxxx.rdb files

When starting redis from a directory with a redis.conf that includes: save 60 10000 dir ./ it saves a temporary temp-1234.rdb (with the number always changing) to keep persistence. Problem is, I fire up redis-server from inside my git repo and these temp files are generated there and show up as untracked. Is there a […]

How do i get a list of all the files and their SHA1s from a remote Git repo?

I’m trying to figure out how to get a listing of all the files and their SHA1s in a remote Git repository. There is a way to do this from a local repo who’s command is: git ls-files * -s Which returns the following (in an example): 100644 1fd148918032743b3b79db573c63a5d453089808 0 2.txt 100644 ff804781c474a06bd055995e48c30799bc6ab65a 0 README […]

How to keep notes with files in Git

I am trying to do something unusual (?) with Git — storing my multimedia files and photos and some pdf files with Git. I want to keep some meta data with each file (e.g., with a photo: I want to keep some sort of caption with it; with a pdf file: some information about what […]

Git-p4 issues when trying to submit back to perforce

So I’m having issues getting this to work properly. I chug along doing a few things in my git repo, commit, git-p4 rebase and git-p4 submit. The problem pops up on the submit, with the following errors: common/data/testsheet2.xls has type 100755, expected 100644 I get this all over with several different files. Perforce is set […]

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