Talend project in SVN

I need to use Talend Open Studio with a SVN. What is the folder that I should put in the repository?

Delete all files from svn repository

probably this is a very easy question but I did not find yet how to delete all files present at the moment in a external svn repository. I can delete just one file using: svn delete -m “delete README” http://myrepo.com/svn/myrepo/README But now I want to delete all of them. I thought about a script which […]

how to use nested branches through git-svn

our svn server has a trunk called Dev and Branches live in /Branches/Release/1.0/ /2.0/ /2.3.4/ i cloned it with something like git svn clone -T Dev … -b Branches … when I run git branch 2.1 remotes/Release/2.1 i get: fatal: Not a valid object name: ‘remotes/Release/2.1’. How do I refer to the remote branch? Do […]

Sending SVN commits to an RSS feed

So my favourite web tool, Subtlety, was recently discontinued, which means that I no longer have easy access to the commit logs of various SVN projects that I follow. Are there any other tools that easily pump out an RSS feed of commits for a public SVN repo?

Xcode7 failed to check modified files for svn

Yesterday I checked out certain version of remote respository and made some change. And now I have two ‘branches’ in local respository, one is master, another is certain version. However, when I try to check commit history of svn in Xcode today, I find it fails to show modified files and an alert, saying The […]

SVN – how does removing a bin folder cause the src folder to be removed instead?

There was a bin folder in version control with a bunch of .class files and other junk that should not be versioned. Could someone please explain to me how the following commit: 529 svn rm –force bin/ 530 svn ci -m “Bin should not be under version control.” Leads to the following: Revision 249 Author: […]

Recommendations regarding Continuous Integration systems

We are currently evaluating different applications that interface with Visual Studio 2008 (C#) and Subversion to do automated builds of our core libraries. We are hoping to have nightly builds performed and either email the list of changes made to each developer or have the latest versions be pushed to each workstation. What has been […]

How can I commit multiple directories at once using subversion?

I tried using svn ci dir/a dir/b -m “my comment” but this doesn’t work. I also used svn ci dir/a/* dir/b/* -m “my comment” and it too doesn’t work. I know you can specify multiple files, but how can I tell subversion to check in all modified files in these folders? I mainly want to […]

Whats the easiest way to setup a local subversion server?

I’m really not well versed in these things, I just want to setup an svn server locally on my computer. Also I’d like to set it up and integrate it directly into Visual Studio 2008 if it’s possible? thanks for any help!

TFS- Revision graph like Subversion

Is there a way to see revisions/changeset to a repository in TFS just like how we can see revisions/branches in SVN using revision graph? Edit: I am using TortoiseSVN for SVN client

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