git-gui on Ubuntu doesn't show new directories

I use git gui on Ubuntu 10.04 (git-gui version to manage my commits (staging, unstaging, checking diffs) and I like it a lot. However it does not show any new files or directories that I have created, even though ‘git status’ on the command line shows them as untracked. I have to explicitly do […]

GitHub: How to do code review on new file with more than 1500 lines

On a project that I work on, we have a major feature branch which is nearing a merge into the main branch. There are a lot of commits which shouldn’t reviewed individually, so I created a PR for the branch and looked at the per-file diff However, there are a few new files which […]

What is the difference between git reset and git revert?

Hi I am a newbie to git and I don’t understand what is the basic difference between git reset and git revert. Does git revert reverts the merge being pushed ?

Git move single commit from feature_branch to master

What is the simplest way to achieve this? from: –A–B \ 1–2–3 to: –A–B–2 \ 1–3 I can’t figure any simple way to achieve this (less than like 5 steps).

Difference of merging from master branch and from dev branch

Assume that I’ve got a project with two branches. One is master and the other is dev. I’m using git and do either of the following: Case 1 git checkout master git merge dev Case 2 git checkout dev git merge master My question: What is the difference of case 1 and case 2?

bash script to check if the current git branch = “x”

I am very bad at shell scripting (with bash), I am looking for a way to check if the current git branch is “x”, and abort the script if it is not “x”. #!/usr/bin/env bash CURRENT_BRANCH=”$(git branch)” if [[ “$CURRENT_BRANCH” -ne “master” ]]; then echo “Aborting script because you are not on the master branch.” […]

Forgot to branch in git, need to move changes from master

This question already has an answer here: Move existing, uncommited work to a new branch in Git 4 answers

Collaborate/Structure a large scale Phonegap project

My friend and I planned to start on a mobile Phonegap projects, which will cover iOS, Android, and Window Phone. It will require access to some native features like Camera Phone. It will also have to make some XHR server calls, which is done in CakePHP. Now I am wondering how such a project is […]

installing from bower repository from private gitlab repository

I try to install a bower repo i registered to my local private bower instance. The git host is a private gitlab instance. bower install bower-test is given me the error bower bower-test#* not-cached git://* bower bower-test#* resolve git://* bower bower-test#* ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote –tags –heads git://”, exit code of #128 Additional […]

VS2013 git – Project marked as pending delete

I recently wanted to try VS2013 and the Git tool for SC. Everything worked great until I did something, but dont know what… I created a nodejs application and pushed it to github. However, the “main” script was not directly into the root repo directory, so I manually created another repo to be able to […]

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