Smartgit Integrate Develop not available – Bitbucket # commits behind | # commits ahead

I am using Smartgit and Bitbucket to commit my code. I did not check in code for many weeks and now I am so many commits behind. I am working from my own branch say branch x; not the Develop branch. My problem is I need to get caught up on those many commits behind […]

Openshift Origin secure git clone errors

Giving openshift origin V3 a try with a simple byo runbook setup that sticks closely with the Advanced Installation instructions. However, my builds are having difficulty cloning from any git repository, even public github ones. HTTPS: F0609 05:01:49.810021 1 builder.go:204] Error: build error: fatal: unable to access ‘’: Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested […]

Calling Groovy script as a pre-commit hook on my subrepository using smartgit broken

Calling a pre-commit groovy script independently elsewhere (not when located in my sub-repo) worked (using windows command line). I am using Windows 7. But, calling a groovy script when it is located within a sub-repository fails with following error Caught: unknown protocol: c

SetupAngularJS or Angular2 Projects for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Currently I have my git set up for AngularJS Projects. I do testing locally and if the tests pass I commit the code to Git repo. What I want to do is set up the UI project with CI and CD such that even after testing locally when I commit the code to Git repo […]

dokku deploy not triggering

I’m checking out dokku by following the tutorial here: I get though git pushing code up as seen here: but dokku never takes over to do the actual deployment. It’s such a simple set of steps to get to that pt I cant figure out what might be wrong in the setup. One […]

Viewing Commits From All Git Repositories Found Recursively within a Directory

Suppose dir0 contains multiple subdirectories, many of which contain their own git repositories. Is there a way for me to see the git commits of all of these repositories (perhaps some command to the effect of “show me all of the commits made in any git repository found in dir0 made in the last 24 […]

Polling many Git branches in one Jenkins CI job

I have a jenkins job, which build the project from git branch. Branch is set by build parameters. In our repository we have more than 20 branches. Can I do something to set Jenkins to build a job after any commits? not for all branches, but for list of 5 selected branches. I found a […]

Why NetLogo add + 1 twice – when it is not expected?

My question should be quite delicate but related to this one: NetLogo: avoid to have too many beetles on one patch in one time step?. The last example work but I have a problem to extend my model. The state of my turtles and patches depend mostly of the number and state of the turtles […]

Smartgit keeps forgetting Repositorys

We have a small Git-setup here at work. One Computer works as Git-Lab server and two other PC’s are using SmartGit to clone Repositorys from the server. On all PC’s, the OS is Ubuntu 12.04. The Problem: Whenever i cloned a repo from Gitlab, next time i boot there is no repository in smartgit. I […]

Git always bundles annotated tags

I’m having an issue creating backups utilizing git-bundle. I’m attempting to create backups by running the following list of commands: $git bundle create <path_to_bundle> –all $last_commit=($(git rev-list –all –timestamp | awk ‘{print $1+1,$2;exit}’)) $sha_tag=${last_commit[1]} $timestamp=${last_commit[0]} $git tag -f lastBundle $sha_tag I then want to verify that when I run this script immediately again over this […]

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