Grit commit seems to be overriding last commit in Git repo?

I’m using Grit to create a repo and committing as few times. Every time I commit, my commit is saved, but the old one disappears. Anyone have any clue what I’m doing wrong? First I create a repo and make a commit. If I log the commit, I get the commit ID, and everything works […]

How to find commit by tag name

I am just trying to find the way to show tags in the output of git log Is it possible?

Will I run into trouble with this Git rebase workflow?

I’ve just learned about rebase, and I’ve been strongly warned not to rebase commits after they have been pushed to a remote. I want to make sure I’m not going to explode my repository Example commit history foo W—X—Y / \ master A—B—C—D—E—Z—F—G Here, all commits on the master branch will likely have been pushed […]

Pushing new Rails 3.1 app to Heroku causing problems with Sorcery mod (requiring bson-1.4.1)

I have an app that runs great locally. Everything seems to be set up correctly to transfer over to Heroku, including the Postgres gem (and dev was done using a postgres server). The problem is, when I try to push it up, I get error messages surrounding the three currently problematic dependencies, bson_ext, bson, and […]

How to use git bash in windows for cloning an Android project

I want to create an IME for android in arabic language. I needed some reference and found this : Now I wanted to clone one of the directory trees onto my system as it was said there. I installed git on windows and I got a ‘git bash’ icon. I opened it , what […]

Shell script works fine by itself, but produces unexpected results when run through git filter-branch

Here is the script that I want to run using git filter-branch: #!/bin/bash if test -e src/unlagged.cpp; then more +34 src/unlagged.cpp | cat ~/newlic.cpp.txt – > /tmp/unlagged.cpp cp /tmp/unlagged.cpp src/unlagged.cpp fi if test -e src/unlagged.h; then more +34 src/unlagged.h | cat ~/newlic.h.txt – > /tmp/unlagged.h cp /tmp/unlagged.h src/unlagged.h fi Pretty simple. It takes everything past […]

How to avoid getting locked out of your GIT repo / SSH?

I created ssh keys using ssh-keygen and then created a repo on a source code repo site, as a GIT repository. I had to upload the file with my private key (or was it my public key?) to the repo and now I am able to clone no problem. I had a friend try […]

How to “rebuild” git repo?

I have something strange going on with some of my repos .. Xcode seems to think i have uncommitted changes whereas git status affirms all is well. What would be the cleanest way to: Delete existing repo Add all project files to new repo I suppose i can copy all the files into new directory […]

no git repository but all the git stuff is there

after having moved my repositories from one disk to another today I got the following answer for all the repositories: $ git status fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git Now, all my git stuff is there in the repository: $ ls -al total 8 drwx—— 1 luca luca 0 […]

Merge user-names in Git repository commits?

Possible Duplicate: How do I change the author of a commit in git? I noticed that on Github, pushing from terminal gives the correct specified name. However, editing in the Github online “edit” feature gives your username to new commits. Add to this the fact that some commits have my old username on another repository, […]

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