New image assets not displayed on Heroku staging site

UPDATE: I have just discovered that only when I push to production do my assets appear on staging. Whenever I add new image assets, precompile them, and deploy to staging they do not appear. However, everything works locally and on Production. Here is my code and my process whenever adding new image assets. Any help […]

git record-only merge / whitelist known breaks from interbranch diff report

I have an automatic report aimed at catching missing commits between release branches based on the output of tgt=$(git rev-parse –verify “origin/${TARGET_BRANCH}”) ref=$(git rev-parse –verify “origin/${REFERENCE_BRANCH}”) git log –oneline –pretty=format:’%h\x1E%ad\x1E%s%d\x1E%an’ –date=short –cherry-pick –right-only –no-merges “${tgt}…${ref}” which works nicely for 99% cases. Sometimes though, usually because of a gentle human touch post-merge/post-cherry-pick there are breaks. Which […]

how to run gulp minify on pre-commit?

I have a gulp task that runs a minification of several files, and it works perfectly when I run the command gulp minify from the command line. What I’m trying to do is to run this command automatically on pre-commit, but the minified files are not generated. I’ve installed pre-commit hook of npm, and I’m […]

How to make git insert SHAs into conflicted file instead of commit comments?

When I rebase and a conflict arises, the conflicted file looks like this: <<<<<<< c50c817dad7008a3760241084de2b83fd4f84288 it was on master 456 ======= it was on master 123 >>>>>>> branch – set up README conflict Sometimes other people don’t make such great commit messages, so I might wind up with something like this: <<<<<<< c50c817dad7008a3760241084de2b83fd4f84288 it was […]

symfony2 where to store reusable bundle

Question is where to store reusable bundle? Example. There is few application (AppA, AppB, AppC) that uses My/ReportsBundle. All those apps have composer.json “require”: “my/reports-bundle:1.0.x-dev” Now. When any developer needs to make changes to My/ReportsBundle, he goes vendor/my/reports-bundle/My/ReportsBundle directory. Make changes. Commit them to git. then others can just use composer update to get updates. […]

Read only Linux root file system in Git

I am creating an embedded Linux application. I am managing all of my source files in Git, including the Linux Kernel source, root file system (rootfs) source, the roofs itself, my application source and all its dependent libraries. My rootfs is owned by root and forces me to use sudo whenever i am updating it. […]

Fork Management of Git Multi-level Hierarchies

We have the following Git hierarchy structure in place, where each child is forked from the parent. If we build something in Client1 that will be useful in the entire hierarchy, what is the best way to push the changes up to the parents (whether just one level up or all the way to the […]

Tags created by npm use incorrect author

When I create a tag using npm version, for some reason npm is using incorrect author info; it is using a default username/email set up, instead of the username/email set up I have configured for git. Every single commit and tag I create manually through git will use the correct username and email credentials that […]

How to push changes from Git repository to Subversion

I am trying to learn how to use GIT with SVN repository (I know SVN, but total newbie in GIT). I have fetched the SVN repository, but I don’t understand how to push back to the SVN. The command “git svn dcommit” commit all the changes done on the GIT branch, but how can I […]

BitBucket credentials popup broken in Visual Studio's Team Explorer

I’m using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 on a Win7 64 machine. I’m following this tutorial to play around with BitBucket. Everything works fine up to the point where Visual Studio throws the authentication message box. This is what it should look like: The problem is that the dialog I get shown doesn’t contain the […]

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