How can I extract all changed files of a changeset in Mercurial?

Until recently we have been using SVN for all projects of our web studio, and there is a very convenient feature present in several clients like Subversive and TortoiseSVN that can extract all files that have been changed in a certain revision. Is there a way to do it in Mercurial? I don’t care if […]

Where should a Subversion repository be?

Should it be on the development servers or a Subversion server? I suppose this could be expanded to any client-server version control system.

Command line to list all merge(copies) in subversion?

How can you list all subversion merges? For example: Trunk ____9_____14____20___ \ \ \ \______\_____\____ Branch01 10 15 21 If I branched on rev 9, and then did a merge at rev 14. What is the subversion command line that identifies rev 15 as a merge from rev14 from trunk? The only way I can […]

How to downgrade a subversion tree from v1.7 to v1.6?

Is there a way to downgrade a subversion working copy from version 1.7 to version 1.6x? Version 1.7 uses a single .svn root folder and sqlite for metadata so the conversion python script from does not work. Do you know of a solution that does not involve making a clean checkout under v1.6 and […]

How do I avoid large number of svn:mergeInfo when merging trunk to a feature-branch in SVN

I am trying to keep a feature branch up to date by merging trunk into the branch. Problem is, that about 2000 files that was there when the branch was created, and that has been left untouched on both the branch and on trunk is getting updated with nothing but svn:mergeinfo. The project is rather […]

“SVN Blame” plugin for VisualStudio

I found this question but the referenced options don’t say anything about supporting “blame”. What I’m looking for is an integrated way to ask “Who edited the line under the cursor last?”. I know most/all SVN clients give this in some form but I’d like something that makes it easy enough that I can do […]

SVN tags: How not to update/checkout them?

In many projects, I check out the complete repository and have then the standard directory structure: project/ branches/ tags/ trunk/ If I do an svn up project, it’s all fine with the branches and trunk folders, but, of course, the tags folder is updated, too, and filled with (mostly) lots of tagged versions that are […]

SVN: What does the status “switched relative to its parent” mean?

I’m trying to update our live site from the SVN repository. As far as I know, there’s nothing in the repos. itself that should conflict with anything in the working copy dir. But when I try to “svn up” on the public root directory, I get the following error: svn: REPORT request failed on ‘/svn/oursite/!svn/vcc/default’ […]

Make an existing folder into a repository

I’ve decided that modifying files directly in notepad is probably dangerous and it was about time to have some proper source control (I am quite new to source control). I have installed VisualSVN server on my server and TortoiseSVN on my client machine. I can create new folders fine, check them our etc. However, on […]

Nested svn repositories

I got a “Project A” in repository. But in that project I’m using a library, which is hosted on Google Code. There is my question: is there any way, to have that library files “hooked” to Google Code SVN, and simultaneously my project in my repo (it’s parent to that library), so I can commit […]

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