Git: Have one user not fetch/merge changes to specific, otherwise tracked, files

We have a file that we need to be tracked in our Git repository. Most users need to be using this file as normal: committing changes to it, pushing, pulling, etc… We have one user for whom this file causes various computer issues, and never uses this file regardless. We want this user’s repo to […]

git: reset branch from detached state

I did this (on my production server): $ git branch * master $ git fetch staging $ git checkout staging/stage1 Now I want the master branch to point to HEAD which is a SHA-1 hash. I also want the master reflog updated. how can I do that? EDIT: To clarify what I mean by “reflog”: […]

How do I get back to my branch after local changes on an old commit?

I tried to get a former copy of my code by using the git checkout command. Before using this though, I committed the latest version of the code using git commit. After using git checkout to a previous version, I made changes to the code. Git now informs me that because I’ve made changes I […]

Fixing git warning: “updating the currently checked out branch; this may cause confusion”

This question already has an answer here: What is this Git warning message when pushing changes to a remote repository? 3 answers

Configuring Git with Apache on a Windows Server

I need to set up Git repositories on a Windows server. Requirements are: Git running on Windows with Apache 2.2 (because this Apache was already there and has been used for serving Subversion already) Allow to create various Git repositories Repositories are not public. Must be able to define access per project. Users with access […]

Sync Github repository's pull-requests with private repository

I have a Github repository and a private internal repository. Currently, we just add the two repo references n the git/config file of the repositoy, both as the remote origin. So, when we push changes, they go to both repos. We started doing this as a redundancy policy. However, we started using the pull requests. […]

My entire user directory is inside a master branch

I did something on my command line or git that causing my all user directory show up inside a git master branch. When I open my command line i will see ~ git:(master) ✗ and when I LS it, it would show me a list of my entire user directory on my mac. How I […]

Merging multiple git branches into master?

So I have 3 git branches: master refresh auth_upgrade I haven’t really been using branches like I should…so master is way out of date, refresh is somewhat out of date and auth_upgrade is actually the branch that is completely current. So…I ultimately want to make auth_upgrade the master branch and then git push it to […]

git post-receive not executed

I have setup the following post-receive: $ cat .git/hooks/post-receive #!/bin/env sh git checkout -f which is executable: $ l .git/hooks/post-receive -rwx–x–x 1 nils nils 30 11. Jan 13:17 .git/hooks/post-receive So when I push into it from my local machine it should checkout and have the changes I made locally. But that is not the case: […]

git format-patch : how can I get it to ignore already merged commits?

I’m working on my copy of the perl repository on github and created a branch titled “perl-d-add-tests-2” for doing some changes, where I have commited some commits. I submitted these commits upstream and they were applied into “blead” (the main perl development branch). I pulled from the upstream repository, and did a “git merge” from […]

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