Getting GIT versions from RTC

we have RTC 4.0.4 installed and we are using GIT. What do we need in order to receive the versions from GIT to our version field in RTC?

Git – how to resolve conflicts from each commit in one step during rebase without squashing?

A—B—C topic / D—G master Say I have the above branch structure in git. If I do git checkout topic followed by git rebase master, from what I’ve experienced, I will have to resolve conflicts for commits A, B, and C one at a time. I’m looking for a way to avoid having to resolve […]

Git confused because file has been replaced with folder of the same name

I downloaded and opened Apple’s new Pages version 5 (the Mavericks one). I opened and edited a file I have under Git control. Apple updated the file to its new format. The new format seems to be a folder with a series of files inside of it, maybe something akin to an app bundle. Now […]

changed branch and local uncommitted changes

I have been working on a branch (BR1) and have made a few changes that I don’t want to commit. For example, some local configuration. I have been told that branch BR1 has been renamed to BR2. Now, this is what I did: Save the local changes $ git stash Update branch information in my […]

git for multiple linux users

I have a specific question about the git file, “COMMIT_EDITMSG”. I have a setup where three linux users have access to the same repository. The repository was initialized with the following commands: git init –shared=group chgrp -R GROUP-NAME .git Where GROUP-NAME is the group including all the users who are to work with the repo. […]

update php application using app fog

I have an account on App fog, I have depolyed the app on it using af update app-name but my php code creates some file on the server the server, Now I want to download the updated code from the server, I tried using af pull app-name and also af push app-name but both didn’t […]

git merge followed by another git merge?

I have an awkward git merge scenario where I am not sure what is the best way forward. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our development branch has multiple contributors and hence is a hosted git repository. So there are three trees: upstream(say upX), development branch(say devX) & my local git tree for development branch […]

Reverting to a git branch

I’m using TortoiseGit, and I want to go back to the end of a branch last committed three days ago. I’ve hard reset a couple of times but since I’m unfamiliar with git I risk doing something foolish and would appreciate help. Looking at the image here: ‘master‘ is currently set at the version made […]

How to manage several projects with git

I want to organize all my java, C and Android projects with Git. I have several folders: something_like_gdlib example_library1 example_library2 … example_project1 example_project2 … In each of those projects I use some of those libraries. But if I update a library, I want all projects to get the changes for that library. Usually I work […]

How to push a Git repository containing multiple projects

I have an Objective-c project, which I originally started in Xcode3. This has a Help Book, started in a directory at the same level as the project. I have since added a Automator Action, which is a self contained project, but I added a Workspace to include in the Application bundle. When Xcode introduced Source […]

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