undo revert in git or tortoisegit

Is there an easy way to undo a tortoisegit revert? Here’s more info: I just committed a large multi-file checkin, and right afterwards decided I instead wanted to commit a separate small checkin before the big one, to make it easier to amend that big checkin tomorrow. So I brought up the log in tortoisegit, […]

How can I label my current git branch as ok then continue

I am in the middle of work on a branch. I’ve reached a “works so far” point. I want to clearly label my current state with a label, e.g. “ok_so_far”. So that when I continue and if (… ok when) I mess up I can get back to this point easily. I know I can […]

Push with Git Bash works, but fails with Git Gui

I’m hitting a weird roadblock with Git. I’m trying to push some code to GitHub using Git Gui. I’ve done this many times before, but this is the first time on this machine. I’ve set up the keys like I’ve done on my other machines, and added the public key to my GitHub account. But, […]

Modular Maven projects and multiple Git repositories

I have separated the code that I have been making up to this point from a single maven project to multiple maven projects. The projects that I have ended up with can be used by future projects, they are pretty much libraries. I have been using a single Git repository up to this point since […]

can't add file to git repository but can change / commit

here is error : git add .emacs error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database .git/objects error: .emacs: failed to insert into database error: unable to index file .emacs fatal: adding files failed how can I fix it ? what’s wrong with it ?

Creating initial wiki for new repositories

I’m creating multiple private repositories via GitHub API that should include predefined wiki pages. Wiki pages are handled via a separate git repository. Unfortunately creating a repository with the has_wiki flag turned on does not set up the wiki repository automatically. The Home document only seems to be created when I click on the Pages […]

How to cherry pick from branch A to branch B on a system without history?

Suppose I have a new system with no git history and I take a fresh checkout of branch A. Branch A already has a commit C1 which I did yesterday from some other system. Now I want to cherry-pick this commit C1 in branch B. Issue: If I take checkout of branch A and go […]

Why does git's cherry picking with more than one commit fail?

I try to merge two repos, yielding a flat (aka interleaved) history. I do this along the lines of https://stackoverflow.com/a/14839653/188108, under “History rewrite:”. The two branches to merge are in “master” and “src/master”. Then, I write: $ git checkout –orphan new-master $ git cherry-pick 9d325d6d 3f4c52ba error: a cherry-pick or revert is already in progress […]

How to keep a backup git repository in sync with a local one, “git push –mirror” or “git remote update”

At work we use svn on the server but I am using git locally (via git-svn) to make use of the speed/branching/commits that aren’t ready to share etc. This is working fine but I’m uncomfortable having changes just one my computer for days on end in case something goes wrong, and would like to have […]

Leave git diff result in the terminal

I use git in the terminal. When I have to make some changes, I use git diff to see what I have changed. I’d like that output result to stay in the terminal, so I can review it after I press q, since when I do press q, the results all disappear.

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