Using variables assigned with heredoc content in a Bash script via Sed

I’m trying to replace some configuration data in Ansible files with values that I have assigned with heredoc. The heredoc data contains values that are retrieved from Git. The end goal is to retrieve Git config and update some Ansible var files with their values. I don’t know how to resolve the error sed: -e […]

What causes “fatal: The remote end hung up unxepctedly” when using git to try and clone a repository on github?

I’m trying to clone the facebook iOS API located on I’m new to git and I’ve just downloaded the git client. I also have created a github account. I thought I configured everything correctly but I’m running into the following error: git clone git:// Cloning into facebook-ios.sdk… fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly […]

Modify Git commands for Read-Only Filesystem?

Is it possible to create a Git repository that saves its objects into some database (SQLite, MongoDB, etc.) instead of on a filesystem? It looks like I could probably store a full repository in MongoDB using something like GridFS. Wondering if there is a way to make it so git push origin master reads from […]

Splitting a repository with the possibility to later pull changes

I have a repository in which I have boilerplate code for new projects. I now have 2 projects for 2 different clients. The projects have some resemblances. Ideally if I were to add a new feature for project X that I think could be useful for the other project I want to add this non-specific […]

Gitolite client side on Windows machine

I am a developer and recently my company have decided to work with Gitolite repository. I work on a Windows machine and I have created my private/public key using PuTTYgen and I sent my public key to repository administrator and he added me as a developer to the project. I am using Netbeans with Git […]

“forking” own project in git

I currently have the following situation: I need to maintain a repository which contains multiple versions of essentially the same project as subdirectories. Lets call the dev/most important project “main” and the other projects “sub_1″,…,”sub_n”. The versions are distinct, but largely the same: think of examples like an Android project for Android 2.1 instead of […]

On diverged GIT branches

I have several questions on the following sequence of events. There are 2 developers working on this code .. First and foremost, what causes branches to diverge on a first place? 11:05:08 ~/myApp $ git status # On branch Dev # Your branch and ‘origin/Dev’ have diverged, # and have 1 and 3 different commit(s) […]

Push file updates to GitHub

So I’ve done an initial commit on my files from my PC to GitHub with git checkout -b [branch] and git add . and git commit and all that. I’ve now made a change to that file, how can I update that file on GitHub and add a commit message? I tried git add on […]

Git on mac, how to view files currently in GIT?

I setup a file extension to be ignored, how can I tell if it was added to git? I use git add -A to bulk add files. btw, what popular GUI tools are used for diff’s?

Git fetch from PHP file with shell_exec using private keys

I have built a php script that performs a git fetch on a specific folder: the exact command is : usr/bin/git –git-dir=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3//.git –work-tree=/home/bathan/www/sync_test/repo3/ fetch Of course, if I run this on the command line it works perfectly. Now, when I run this using shell_exec I get the following error: Permission denied, please try again. Permission […]

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