how to add dlls to bitbucket using sourcetree

I am trying to upload a .net project to bitbucket repository. For this I’m using atlassian SourceTree. First when I upload the working directory, it didnot show the dlls in working copy changes or staging changes. However after changing the global ignore list (tools->options->Git->EditFile), removing the dll entry, it started showing. But the staged changes […]

What to add to git repo?

I am doing a video player. I have the following in my project folder: these four dirs should each be on their own line: /source /sample_applications /images /videos Right now the repo just includes the /source directory…which is code only. It is on my local computer. I am thinking of adding it to git hub. […]

How can I use git to track SRPM customizations?

Our team frequently performs customization to various packages distributed with RHEL/CentOS. Our workflow involves installing the SRPM, executing rpmbuild -bp to unpack and patch the source, making our changes and creating a .patch to be included in the specfile, and building the new customized SRPM for later use with mock: $ rpm -i grub-0.97-13.5.1.src.rpm $ […]

Explicit and safe git pull in Intellij IDEA

Is it possible to do “git pull” safely in Intellij IDEA 9? Now I am using Git -> Pull Changes… and then I have to select branch explicitly – this is source of error if I pull from not current branch by error. This is completely unsafe. I wonder if there is a safer way […]

Increase git hunk granularity

I usually add changes with git add -p, and many times there are large hunks with several blocks of code, separated by blank lines. However, git won’t split the hunk any further, and I have to resort to manual editing. How can I increase the granularity of the hunks, such that every block of code […]

Go get doesn't work, I have git

Following go getting started page, want to install revel, it says it can’t find hg, I have git and I am comfortable with it. Double checked %PATH%, it has Git/cmd and Git/bin

How to change the starting point of a branch?

Usually I create a branch by running a command like git checkout -b [branch-name] [starting-branch]. In one case, I forgot to include the starting-branch, and now I want to correct it. How do I do so after the branch has already been created?

how to know a total commit of a collaborator

I’d like to know how many contribution of my collaborator. So I need know how many code write by himself and push to github. However, in github, there are also merge message will disturb me. Is there a way in github or in git that I can know a collaborator actually commit code in a […]

How do I prevent autotools from re-generating configure script automatically?

Sometimes due to the SCM not strictly remembering the timestamp of files the generated Makefile will think that it needs to re-run “autoreconf -i” or equivalent to re-generate from, configure from, etc.. How do I prevent this? I want to prevent it because it causes these problems: when creating a dist archive […]

Does gitignore work for files that have previously been versioned?

I have a file in my branch that I would like ignored. I added it to .gitignore but, when I change it, it still shows under deltas in git status. gitignore does work for previously not versioned files. Is the reason gitignore doesn’t work in this instance the fact that the file in question has […]

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