How to publish a java project source files on GIT?

I want to start moving some of my projects onto github repos. I’m a little overwhelmed on how to organize the files on these repos. I want to make sure I do this right. The specific project I’ve been working on is a Java project I’ve been building in Eclipse. It is essentially an ‘engine’ […]

How can I track a reference with a branch in git?

I want to track a Github pull request locally with git as the request is updated (example: more commits are added). Github has a way that you can work on pull requests that come to your repo by checking out the read only refs/pull/. In other words if someone submits a pull request to my […]

Git, tree conflict in Content.json file in Xcode 7

I have a tree conflict in Content.json files in Image.xcassets while pulling the code from another branch. I have pretty much tried everything that I could find online but nothing helped. Apparently the conflict is in only 3 files but I am not sure which ones of all the Content.json files in the project. I […]

Android per developer variables

My team work with Git and now we are building an android app. This app consumes our webservice, which every developer builds in it’s own computer while developing. Since we can’t use localhost inside the app (since it points to the device itself), we must specify the network address (e.g., by now it’s hardcoded. […]

Get default remote push and default remote branch

From a script, I would like to get the default push remote and the default push branch. For the recall, git will choose the remote between these settings, in this order: branch.<name>.pushRemote remote.pushDefault branch.<name>.remote very last default origin if config push.default current NULL if config push.default upstream I can’t find any reference how git is […]

Gitlab: Show unmerged commits over N git repos

I have about 10 git repos which have a branch called feature-foo in gitlab. Background: There is one core-project and nine repos for optional plugins. I think all branches should be merged since months, and I would like to delete these branches. Is there a way to show all unmerged commits of all repos which […]

Git: how to merge a commit into a branch via an update githook

I’m working on a rather interesting project, attempting to do the following: Whenever a developer pushes a commit to a remote branch, execute a githook that will lookup its associated QA branch via an issue tracking system, then merge that commit into the QA branch. It’s important that the commit to the remote branch (mirroring […]

Android Studio Terminal crashes on git commit

I am using Android Studio, Version 1.4.1. Since the beginning of using Android Studio(I think I use it from Version 1.1. and update regurarly) I have problems with the terminal when I am using git in it. Often the terminal crashes when I am just typing in a commit message after calling git commit -a […]

Provide passphrase to git in bash script

How do I provide passphrase with git fetch/pull in bash script. I really need to do it in a bash script, without using ssh-add or something like that. is it possible?

each IntelliJ module to a different Git repository

I am just migrating my Android development from Eclipse+SVN to Android Studio+Git. In Eclipse I had 2 projects: a library project and a app project using the library. Both were kept in separate SVN repos. Now, I have imported my Eclipse App project, and it has automatically created a single IntelliJ project with 2 modules: […]

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