Have SVN function as a Second (remote) repo to push to with Git?

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a SVN repo as a remote (secondary) repo to push commits to? I want Git repo to be my origin repo. I prefer Git and have my own private Git hosting and the company I work for has SVN repo. I want everything I do go […]

git merging a branch but not able to see the commit on the server

I created a development branch, called dev, which was based off “base”, i.e. initially HEAD of dev was at HEAD of base. I did some work in dev, tested and now wanted to merge dev to base. So, I checked out base and ran git merge dev. This merged my changes, basically did a fast-forward […]

Remote DOS Git repo and local unix repo

I am tracking remote repo which have files with dos endings (CRLF). I want to get local one which uses just LF, but I do not want to introduce changes in endings since I need to regularly merge with upstream repo. Any advises?

git pre-commit hook, add file into index

I’m trying to write a simple pre-commit hook to check if a file was modified, if so, compress it and add it into the current index, something like this #!/bin/sh # was the file modified? mf=’git status | grep jquery.detectBrowser.js’ # is the non-compressed file in the staging area? if [ $mf != “” ] […]

ignoring merges in git

I’ve not worked on a project quite some time and have just tried to pull the latest version. I can’t remember the last time I’d worked on the project but I’d obviously had changes made to the Master that I’d not pushed. As I’ve received some conflict warnings. Is there anyway to ignore my previous […]

Looking for the best practice with SVN / GIT for Magento projects

We are a small team, 5 people now (2 dev, 1 project manager, 1 webdesign, 1 integrator) and we are working on Magento since 1&half years. We must jump a new stage because we have new projects and 3 new people will join our team for dev/int and at this time some mistakes can append […]

git: creating remote branch failed

I tried creating remote branch devel using: git push origin origin:refs/heads/devel But it fails with: error: src refspec devel does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to ‘git@***.com:***/abcd.git’ What’s going on? EDIT: I am following: This Tutorial

Is it okay to run multiple invocations of 'git merge' simultaneously?

I’m trying to write a tool that is based on git but does some rather unusual stuff, and I need to know: is it safe to run multiple instances of git merge –ff-only [remote-branch] at once to get the newest commit available on any of them? All the remotes will be on the same line […]

File name is too long: how to remove?

git status shows following message: lit/1252-a-comparison-between-neural-networks-and-other-statistical-techniques-for-modeling-the-relationship-between-tobacco-and-alcohol-and-cancer.pdf: File name too long On branch master Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’. nothing to commit, working tree clean. This file was deleted, which I can confirm with a following command: git ls-files –deleted Output: lit/1252-a-comparison-between-neural-networks-and-other-statistical-techniques-for-modeling-the-relationship-between-tobacco-and-alcohol-and-cancer.pdf When I try to remove it with git ls-files –deleted | xargs git […]

Git repository broken after moving files and directories

I moved a bunch of files and directories around (including my .git directory) then back, and now git is broken this is the error message I get: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git apparently the solution is to rename head to HEAD, according to I backed up a git […]

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