Git Gutter to the Number Column

Since the Sign Column is limited to 2 chars (see here), is there a way to “move” the gitgutter‘s functionality to the Number Column? My first thought was to remove the number column and display the line numbers in the signs column, but it’s not possible. Let me explain: There are some color groups in […]

Ignore local changes in the file and update it on pull

We have a repo with a file say x.APK that is pulled by client machines. These client machine will modify this file and keep it locally for their use. In normal usage we will update this file very rarely say once in 2-3 months. The first time it will pull the files many along with […]

Forking (postgre)SQL database structure

I have been developing a network security application for several years now, as the lead developer at my company. It is a split-architecture design, where one component resides on the customer’s network, and the other component in our own cloud. We have developed our own custom versioning system that keeps both sides synchronized at each […]

Git squashed merge with conflicts missing commit message content

When I do a git merge –squash <source_branch> that results in conflicts, the pre-defined commit message content from Git contains only the conflicts information but not the summary of the squashed commits. λ git merge –squash <source_branch> Auto-merging res/strings_us/c4d_strings.str CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in res/strings_us/c4d_strings.str Auto-merging res/config.ini CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in res/config.ini Auto-merging […]

NodeGit return blob oids at HEAD

Whats the best way to obtain a list of ‘current’ blob oids at HEAD? I have the following, but it returns all oids in the repo, including deleted files etc. I’m not interested in ‘deleted’ blobs. return Repository.openBare( repoPath ) .then( (repo) => { return repo.getHeadCommit() .then( (commit) => { return commit.getTree() .then( (tree) => […]

Git pull and git fetch does not work on windows 10

I updated my windows a few days ago and since then git has not worked right. When I run the command “git pull” or “git fetch”, most of the time they do not work, simply nothing happens. Nothing happens when i run the command. Following the suggestion of KurzedMetal: I ran the command, but stopped […]

Why does Git store (and hash) blob size in the blob file?

Git’s blob object file format is blob <size string>\0<data>. The blob-identifying SHA-1 hash is calculated not from the blob contents alone, but from the header-augmented blob data (as described above). As a purist I do not like that architecture. It mixes the universal property of the data (its SHA1 hash) with some git-specific header. Another […]

My local git repo doesn't seem to register local changes anymore

I’ve got a project that I’ve been working on for a few years. Git has always worked as expected. Recently I started a migration to a new server (Siteground). I set up and cloned my repo (held on Assembla) there and after a bit of tweaking got it working. I made a few changes to […]

Trouble unstaging, deleting even untracking a file

I have newly cloned a private repository noticing that it has already a staged file that is on status deleted: issuing git status gives me this: Changes to be committed: (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) deleted: rootfolder/site/templates/article.php I wanted to make this working directory clean, the trouble comes when I unstage, untrack or […]

I need help setting up a github webhook with a localhost jenkins

I have: – a public github repository – a localhost:8080 jenkins – a java maven project connected to the github repository – a jenkins job connected to the github repo I am able to trigger manual builds anytime, but I want to have a build triggered at each commit pushed to the github repository.

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