How to push my changes back to the source code in git

I forked a project in github and then did a git clone on this project to get all the source code to my machine. I have made some modifications to the source code and my questions are:- How to commit my changes to the local git repository as well as my forked repository in github? […]

How to Setup Corkscrew to Connect to Github through Draconian Proxy

My company has a draconian proxy server that prevents me from SSHing to remove servers, and therefore preventing me from using github. I have spent the last day following examples on the web, such as How do I use GitHub through harsh proxies? But nothing seems to be working. Here is my ~/.ssh/config file: […]

What is “git” syntax for getting just the unified diff of how a single commit X changed a single file Y?

I’m writing code to programmatically run git commands and learning git at the same time. Am I mis-reading the man pages or is what I want to do not doable? The following will tell me how MYFILE changed between the two commits: git diff COMMIT1..COMMIT2 — MYFILE Good. But, let’s say I just want to […]

Linux kernel : Kernel version string appended with either ''+“ or ”-dirty”

I am trying to install latest kernel from git of Linus Torvalds, i.e., version 3.16-rc7. I have created a new branch by following using following commands: git checkout -b v_3_16 v3.16-rc7 Then I checkout on the branch v_3_16 and fire following commands make menuconfig and check the option CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO because I need the version string […]

Check if git branch exists in bash: weird interpolation behavior

I’m trying to see if a certain branch exists within a shell script. However, git-branch seems to modify its output when interpolated. (I don’t know the exact phenomenon or terminology here) For example, I’m trying to get the array of branches: $ git branch develop * master $ branches=`git branch` $ echo $branches develop […]

Why does “git push origin master” fail to github?

Here are the steps I took. I created a repository on github and generated a rails project on my windows vista home premium (which has msys git git init I then committed the generated files git remote add origin git push origin master On the 5th step, I get the following error. “Permission […]

Eclipse Luna file names not shown in GIT Commit Changes dialogue

I’ve recently updated to Eclipse Luna standard on Linux Mint. There seem to be a few bugs with it which I’ve managed to work around, except for when I’m committing changes with Git. The “Commit Changes” dialog comes up as expected, but the files window shows only a list of file icons without file names. […]

Do you have to run Composer on localhost and on production?

I’m new to Composer ( and wasn’t sure how it works if I install a package locally using Composer and then push my codebase to my production server using Git. Do I have to run Composer again on the production server? cheers, J

Alternatives to git-flow for managing frequent releases

I’m wondering what git branching / release strategies folks are using and would recommend for a project with the following requirements: Frequent release (weekly release trains) Ability hot-fix any time Fairly complex/large project with frequent product changes We’ve tried using the Git-flow process ( but had two main issues with it: The code we test […]

Delete branches which are not in the local repository using git

There’s a bunch of branches on one of my git repo’s that I got when I forked it on GitHub. I don’t want my GitHub fork to have these branches. Is there any way that I can delete all the branches on my GitHub repo that are not in my local repo?

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