Few files out of sync but git doesn't seem to notice

I have two repos that claim to be clean. One was originally cloned from the other and is used for dev work. There are a few files that I can see are not the same. However when I try pulling either way it says everything is up to date. How is this possible? Did that […]

maven-release-plugin in multi-module project having a seperate git repository for each module

I wonder if it’s possible to use the maven-release-plugin in a multi module project where each module has its own git repository? Something like this: parent/ .git/ pom.xml module1/ .git/ pom.xml I set up a simple test (under linux) and it fails for the “git add” command (simplyfied): cd parent && git add — pom.xml […]

How to add or remove a git tag by using GUI on Windows?

Possible Duplicate: How to use tags for versioning in git gui I install Git-1.7.11-preview20120710 and my OS is Windows. Adding or removing git tags from command line is easy: Adding a tag: git tag -a v1.4 -m ‘my version 1.4’ Removing a tag: git tag -d v1.4 But how to add or remove tags by […]

git log on a pre-filtered subset of the history

I’d like to use git log to show a set of diffs between commits that I have filtered myself. git log does have an internal history filtering ability that will (when used with the –patch flag) show diffs between commits that may be far apart in the history. But when I try to combine that […]

Walk the history with git?

Let’s say I have committed many times. Now I want to come back to a certain commit and view how my working directory looked like at that time (I actually want my working directory to change when I do it). And finally go back to original head without messing up my commits?! I know it […]

Exclude newly created Makefile from .gitignore

I have few folders in git repo. Every folder contains an “arm” folder which is included to .gitignore file. But I have a few Makefiles in “arm” folder and in subfolders of arm folder. When I make changes in Makefiles which is under source control git status show me the changes. But if I create […]

Unable to check code into GitHub

I am building an app. I have been successfully checking code into GitHub for months. I reached a point where I needed to package my app. So, its getting packaged into an ASAR file. Unfortunately, I did not add the file to my .gitignore file. Now, when I attempt to check in code, I’m getting […]

Get the diff in Git for files that have been renamed and then significantly changed. This does not currently work properly for me

I have a commit in git that moves a lot of files (Git recognizes these are moves/renames), then another commit after significantly modified some of these files. Everything shows up as expected on an individual commit basis, but when i diff an old commit to the latest commit on branch, git shows some of these […]

Git error fatal: Authentication failed

I am trying to use git to push my repository to a visual studio team services project, but I get the error: fatal: Authentication failed for (url of team project I am using the cmds: git remote add origin https://XXXXXXX.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection/_git/project git push -u origin -–all Any idea of the fix for this? Thanks!

git svn fetch does not update a recently created branch

I just recently created a branch in our subversion repository. Running git-svn does not see the branch for some reason. The only thing that I can think of is that the trunk is behind the branch because there have been no commits on the trunk since the branch was created.

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