Zip latest committed changes only

Git has the very handy archive command which allows me to make a copy of a particular commit in a .zip archive like so: git archive -o ../ some-commit This will contain the entire working tree for that commit. Usually I just need the changed files since a previous release. Currently I use this to […]

See diff between current state and last commit

Sometimes when I’m about to make a commit, I can’t recall exactly what has changed since the last commit. How can I see a diff of the current state of the code and the last commit?

a 'git pull' command works like 'svn update'?

I am using ‘git‘ to checkout chromium code by following this document: And it said ‘Run git pull or whichever command is appropriate to update your checkout. ‘. But the problem I run into is when I have local changes in my git working directory and then I run ‘git pull’. It said something […]

How to create releases in GitLab?

I had created a private repository which I then changed to public repository. However, I could not find any way to release. Is it possible to create releases in GitLab? If so, how are they done.

Is it possible to configure and per wildcard domains in .gitconfig?

I have a work computer, and it’s configured globally to use my work email and name when committing. This is good. However, I’d like to make some sort of rule that says, “if the repo origin is github, use user X and email Y” I realize you can make a config entry per repository, but […]

rebase reverted merged branch

Background: I recently merged a rather large topic branch into master. A couple of days later I discovered this topic branch contained bugs. So I git revert -m 1 <merge-commit>ed it. Problem: Now I’d like to check out the topic branch and rebase it against current master so that I can 1) fix the bugs […]

How to undo git update-index?

I just did the following to to keep a different copy of my config.php file in my localhost vs. my production environment: $ git update-index –assume-unchanged application/config/config.php Unfortunately, I didn’t write the config.php file exactly as I should and I need to reverse this such that I can make the change, commit it, and then […]

Trying to understand what Travis CI does and when it should be used

I am very new to Git and I am planning to contribute to some open-source project on GitHub after discovering a small error in it. Upon forking it and fixing the error, I purposed a pull request and I noticed this showing up: Failed — The Travis CI build failed Looking into the details I […]

Why can't eclipse resolve class in same package?

I hit F5 ~1000 times and restarted eclipse (also with -clean), deleted /bin, but nothing helps. Manually importing DoodleClient does not help. DoodleClient exists and is perfectly fine, everything worked before. Clicking on “Import ‘DoodleClient’ …” does nothing. What I did before this problem occured: I added *.class to .gitignore git rm *.class On the […]

how to overwrite with a git push, overwrite changes to the git server?

We are pushing builds to heroku and would like to push without pulling in latest changes. I am essentially using the github repo as my source control repository and pushing to the git heroku repo from several different machines. Since we have a few build servers pushing to the same heroku repository sometimes a push […]

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