git submodule update fatal error: reference is not a tree

user$ sudo git submodule update fatal: reference is not a tree: a094dcfeeb43fcd62a9e466156e05e7581026f33 Unable to checkout ‘a094dcfeeb43fcd62a9e466156e05e7581026f33’ in submodule path ‘client/src/util’ What do I do? I just want to get a clean copy of the latest code from the repo, i dont mind losing my changes. As you can tell, I clearly am not sure what […]

Run a build task only when changes have been pulled from a git repository

I have a C++ program hosted in Bitbucket git repository that I’m compiling with CMake. The current play can be seen below. It works fine except build-task is run every time the play is run. Instead I’d like build-task to run only when new software version is pulled by git-module. How I can tell in […]

Remote git branches not shown with `git branch -r`?

I have two directories on my local machine pointing to the same remote git repository. When I issue the command git branch -r in one of the directories I get a longer list of remote branches then in the other directory. How is that possible ? It seems that some of the remote branches are […]

Very slow download from GitHub

When cloning a repository from GitHub I sometimes only get a download rate between 50-100 KiB/sec (staying stable) while most of the time I have about 10 MiB/sec. When cloning the same repository from a different machine (= different global IP) I get full speed. Does GitHub impose a rate limit on repository cloning? The […]

Suse Enterprise 11 SP2 how to install git

I’ve never had a problem installing git on any Linux distro, but now I’m forced to use a client’s server which is SLES 11 SP2. It uses yast or zypper to do package management, which I’ve never used before. Apparently I should be able to zypper install git-core but that doesn’t work because it needs […]

Issue with ignoring subdirectory in git

I have a maven multi-modules project which has a depth of around 5 levels. I’m now moving to git and I see that a lot of the content of the target folder is captured by git as “Unstaged Changes”. I’ve googled a lot and searched SO but couldn’t find an answer as to how to […]

git branch without history

My git repo contains sensitive passwords which, for reasons out of my control, can’t be removed right now. Right now it’s all OK because this repo is internal-only, but I’ve been asked to create a branch that’s safe to share with partners. Is there any way to create a branch in git and then remove […]

How can you unstash changes using EGit?

When I switch branch with non-committed changes I’m given a prompt to stash my changes: When I switch back to the branch with the stashed changes I can’t see any of the non-committed changes. Using EGit how can I retrieve the stashed changes?

Project management with Git integration

I’ve looked around for a project management system, I’ve tried to use this one but it lacks some features I want and doesn’t really seem to be under any sort of active development. I only need a few features: Basic project/task management Very good git integration (when I pull/push my repo I want the management […]

Issue with GIT hosted on IIS with Bonobo

We installed Bonobo Git Server on a webserver using IIS7. Everything seems to work fine, we create repositories, we clone them, but when we try to push we have this error: $ git push origin master Username: Password: Counting objects: 3985, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (3561/3561), done. Writing […]

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