How to update a fork on Github to upstream version without pumping everything though my local computer?

Supposing I: Forked a 100 MB repository; Added just one little commit to it; After month, the upstream repositlry got a lot of commits and now 200 MB; Now I want to update my forked repository. I see two ways of doing it: Just push the updated version like usual. Drawback: it uploads 100 MB […]

Heroku Spring Java Error: No such file or directory

I’m trying to deploy my app on Heroku. I push it just fine, and my Procfile gets pushed. But when I try to run the app I get a “Error:No such file or directory” I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t even do a heroku run bash. I get the same error: “Error:No such […]

Git (Windows) – failure cloning from a separate-git-dir repository

I’ve been struggling to find an answer to this for days 🙁 Can anyone confirm whether I’ve got the syntax right in the example below for ‘Git clone‘ when attempting to clone FROM a repository that was initialized using –separate-git-dir ? If so, does this work on Linux systems ? With Git on windows (git […]

What happens when I 'git pull –rebase origin development' from within a feature branch?

Let’s say I have a feature branch called FeatureA, and it is out of sync with (remote) development on which it is based. Normally I would rebase my branch by calling git rebase development (after syncing my local development with origin/development naturally). Today, I do it different and call git pull –rebase origin development from […]

Git, two commits that have not merged together properly

We have two git commits like below, the two have not merged in together for some reason (the one at the top does not contain the changes from the one at the bottom). (I am not sure why my image is not working…it looks like this) * 5d0a88b (parent is 770c522) | * \ 770c522 […]

Is there a way to force git merge to always use an external merge tool?

Is there a way to configure git merge in such a way that conflict resolution always goes through an external merge tool? I’m writing the configuration for semanticmerge and there are cases like this that are incorrectly handled by git but can be correctly solved by semanticmerge: * two developers added the same method on […]

Errors when moving a specific commit to a new branch with Git

I have this: branch-1 a–b–c–d I need this: branch-1 a–c–d branch-2 b I tried this: $git checkout -b branch-2 $git cherry-pick <SHA-1 b> But I got this: error: could not apply <SHA-1 b>… [comment] hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths hint: with ‘git add <paths>’ or ‘git rm <paths>’ hint: and commit […]

Rails Tutorial localhost can't click “Account” button

I am following the Rails Tutorial by Micheal Hartl. I finished chapter 8, but after pushed to git and Heroku, my heroku site works fine, but in my localhost, I can’t click the Account dropdown menu. Here is my Heroku: heroku site Here is my Github: github Here is _header.html.erb: <header class=”navbar navbar-fixed-top navbar-inverse”> <div […]

Managing Ruby On Rails with multiple regions

I’ve been thinking about taking my SAAS app to international markets and was just wondering how others handle this type of situation with regards to the code base. Obviously there are things like validations which need to be updated (validating mobile numbers in different countries) but also billing changes. I foresee there being quite a […]

How to force the checkout of the latest revision from a remote server?

I have repository on GitHub to which I commit regularly from my local computer. On the other side I have server pulling from the repository. The web server just executes a git pull in order to get the latest changes from the GitHub repository. This is completely automated and should stay that way (solutions like […]

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