git workflow laptop-desktop-github

i want to have the following git workflow, github / \ laptop—–desktop The idea is that desktop is kept in sync with laptop, and pushing to github happens whenever, from either computer. Since my laptop is not permantly online, i need a way to pull and push to desktop from laptop. On laptop, i cloned […]

git aws.push Error

I need to push my code on aws. For that I’m doing aws.push, but it throws an error sometime. But retrying it again 5-6 times, solves it. My question is why it didnt worked at first place, why I’ve to try 5-6 times. The error I get is /mysite/.git/AWSDevTools/aws/dev_tools.rb:88: warning: Insecure world writable dir /usr/local […]

Download a specific branch of a github project

To cut the story short, to run a convolutional neural network model, I need an special version of nolearn, which has a url of the form . However, there are no Download as Zip buttons at the page, nor I can download it with git clone -branch 1659e4811e498dc1f442d8e6486d0831f85255b4/nolearn Simply, git clone does […]

Etckeeper + git and remote server

Is it some possible to clone etckeeper git repo on my computer, make some changes and after that push to /etc folder on server? I tried this but i have problem with push because etc is noa a bare repo. Thanks for help. BR,

Delete branch with jgit not working as expected

I am trying to delete a branch in my repo using jgit. DeleteBranchCommand command = git.branchDelete(); command.setBranchNames(“myBranch”); command.setForce(true); try { List<String> deletedBranches = new ArrayList<String>(); deletedBranches =; System.out.println(deletedBranches.toString()); } catch (GitAPIException e) { throw new MyInternalErrorException(“Error while deleting branch [” + branchName + “]”, e); } The value of deletedBranches will be [myBranch] If […]

Removing Git history as a result of adding wrong remote repo

Looking for a bit of help with Git if possible. I’m new to Git and trying to learn so bear with me 😉 To cut a long story short I have two remote repositories set up on two different servers. I had one set up fine but when adding the second one I accidentally added […]

GitHub Sync Fork From Windows Client

I can merge my branch or sync from the upstream by using the shell but, is there any easier way to accomplish this without using the shell? I have been following this instructions but is there any easier solution for this?

Adding git submodule into the root of the repository?

I want to keep my Vim plugins up-to-date with git by using github repos as submodules with the help of pathogen. Everything is well except pathogen itself. For example, I have a repository in ~/.vim, at pathogen’s repo has autoload directory in its root: <pathogen repo>/autoload. Is it possible to make a git submodule so […]

Create a remote git repo from local folder

I think there must be an easier way to do this. Right now I find myself following these steps: On the remote: mkdir my_repo cd my_repo git init –bare Then locally: mv my_repo old_my_repo git clone ssh://myserver/my_repo mv old_my_repo/* my_repo rmdir old_my_repo cd my_repo git add . git commit -m ‘foo’ git push origin master […]

If you use the git diff command, how do you get out of that mess?

I’m trying to use Git, within a Git Bash terminal-window on MS Windows 8.1 When I enter: $git diff file1 to see the changes in a given file, it then presents me with a : prompt. How does one get out of that mode, short of closing the whole terminal-window and starting over again? I […]

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