is there an API for GIT (C++ or other languages)

A company asked me to program a GIT wrapper for them. The people there have absolute no versioning systems experience, but it will be incorporated in their daily routine eventually (through my program). I’m planning on using VC++ to create a tiny windows applet that will help ppl in this process. Any thoughts on that? […]

How do I see the list of changed files for a single commit, in Git?

When I say git status I get a list of changed files. I’d like to get a list of changed files for a commit. Is there a way to use git show or some other command to do that? Thanks.

Visual Studio 2015 Team Explorer doesn't see existing local repository clone

I have a Visual Studio online Team Project with a repository. I have been using this with VS 2013 for a while now. I installed VS 2015 and connected to Visual Studio online in team explorer and chose the project in question. however, under solutions it says: You must clone the repository to open solutions […]

How to make .gitignore ignore compiled files with no extension?

Possible Duplicate: gitignore without binary files Edit: Dupe of gitignore without binary files When you compile, say, a Haskell file, (test.hs), using ghc –make test.hs, the result is test.hi and test. I only want to add and commit the source test.hs, while keeping test.hi and test out of the repository but in the same directory […]

Git 2.5.1's bash console doesn't open python interpreter

If I do it in CMD, it works without issues, but if I try it in Git Bash it doesn’t work. I like to use Git Bash as my only console, but I can’t do that if it doesn’t work with Python 3.4. Example is in the picture below. This can be easily reproduced. Uninstall […]

what does this message mean? more than one branch.<name>.remote

In the output from git remote show origin, I see this message: warning: more than one branch.main_int.remote A more canonical example would be: warning: more than one branch.master.remote What does this mean? Is it bad, and how do I fix it, if it is bad?

git show unpushed work

How can I find out what work is not yet pushed to another repository. In other words; what would I permanently loose if I was to delete that repository? Currently I use the following 3 lines, but I would like to know if this is a complete cover and if it is a sane approach: […]

'You don't exist, go away' – what does this heroku error mean?

So i’m pushing my code like usual and: git push heroku master You don’t exist, go away! fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?

Git pulling depends on the current dir

I am trying to git pull some repository via root user from any directory. For example, executing git pull from /root/: #> cd ~ #> sudo -u dmalikov git –git-dir=/home/dmalikov/path/to/repo/.git pull /usr/libexec/git-core/git-sh-setup: line 142: cd: /root/.: Permission denied Cannot chdir to /root/., the toplevel of the working tree And executing git pull from /: #> […]

Property to prevent gitlab from protecting default branches

With version 7.4 gitlab changed the behaviour of protected branches in new projects. In every new project the default branch e.g. master is a protected branch, meaning developers are not able to push to it. In my company a lot of developers work on the default/master branch and are now struggeling when starting a new […]

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