How do I use git-tfs and idiomatic git branching against a TFS repository?

How Do I Use git–tfs Idiomatically? The git idiom is to check out branches to the root directory of the repository. Checking out a branch will replace the contents of the directory with the contents of that branch. The TFS idiom is to check out each branch in a different directory under the root directory […]

Git bash home directory different from Git extension than Git Bash

If i run Git bash from Git Extention (CTRL+G), my home directory is %USERPROFILE%, which is ok. If I run Git bash from the context menu of a git repo folder, or if I run Git bash from the start menu, my home directory is %HOME%, which is different. How can I set up git […]

How to undelete a branch on github?

It seems that I delete a branch on github when I should not do it. What I did was as follow: 1- I add a new .gitignore to my system 2- I use git rm -r –cached . git add . git commit -m “.gitignore is now working” When I did this, I had one […]

How can I get a side-by-side diff when I do “git diff”?

When I type “git diff“, I’d like to see a side-by-side diff, like with “diff -y”, or like to display the diff in an interactive diff tool like “kdiff3”. How can this be done?

How to reduce git repo size on Bitbucket?

Summary of my problem: One of my private repositories on Bitbucket suddenly more than doubled in size after I pushed an addition of a few hundred bytes to two existing files. The repo is now over 2GB, which has caused Bitbucket to put it into read-only mode. Because it is in read-only mode, I cannot […]

how to pull from remote git repository and override the changes in my local repository

This question already has an answer here: Reset local repository branch to be just like remote repository HEAD 16 answers

fatal: does not appear to be a git repository

Why am I getting this error when my git repository url is correct?

How can I see what branch another branch was forked from?

My git repository has three branches, devel, stable and customers/acme_patches. A long time ago, stable was forked from devel, and all the bugfixing takes place in stable. Every now and then, stable is merged back into devel. customers/acme_patches is a branch with a few customer-specific patches. The branch wasn’t merged into either of devel and […]

Git Status Across Multiple Repositories on a Mac

I have been searching for a solution to this for a while and have not found quite what I need. I have several Git Repositories in a folder on my Mac (OSX 10.6) and would like a script or tool that will loop through all the repositories and let me know if any of them […]

GIT pull error – remote object is corrupted

$ git pull remote: fatal: object 21f3981dd35fccd28febabd96f27241eea856c50 is corrupted error: git upload-pack: git-pack-objects died with error. fatal: git upload-pack: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side. remote: aborting due to possible repository corruption on the remote side. fatal: protocol error: bad pack header Any ideas why this is failing? When I run […]

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