Does Google Code have anything comparable to GitHub pull requests?

Does Google Code (svn or git) has any thing comparable to GitHub pull request so that other can easily contribute to a project?

How do I configure Git to automatically pull from current branch when using “git pull”?

With our current setup you always have to enter the branch name (ie: git pull origin feature-branch” when doing a pull. I’ve already made the mistake of pulling from one branch into another, accidentally merging two branches with two very different releases. I’d like to avoid this by configuring Git so that simply typing git […]

Is there a shortcut for git branch name?

I tend to have long branch names for git (e.g., step110_create_search_engine_to_replace_google). How should I refer to it simply as step110 in checkout/commit statements?

Installing git on a cPanel server

I need to install git on cPanel but I am finding a lot of information indicating that this is not a simple process. I have a cPanel/WHM instance on a CentOS distribution and am trying to install git without breaking cPanel. The information I have found says that installing git can break cPanel because of […]

SourceTree password after opening Bitbucket account with gmail

I use my gmail account to create and log into my bitbucket account (similar to how I do with stack overflow). Now I am trying to access my repository through SourceTree. when it asks for password, I am not sure what to enter. When I enter my google credentials it fails.

git equivalent for hg rollback

How would I “rollback” the last commit in git without deleting any changes? This is something I’ve done often in hg: Commit “Fixed 107.” Remembered that I forgot to do something hg rollback Do something Commit “Fixed 107.”

Disable beep in git diff on windows

While paging through the results of executing git diff, I hear annoying beep sound when I get to the end or beginning of the diff results. I would like to know how I can disable this alarm bell? I am running msysGit on Windows XP.

git stash and pop shows file no longer marked as moved?

git mv file1 file2 git status # On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # # renamed: file1 -> file2 git stash git stash pop # On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # # new file: […]

Converting a local svn repo dump to git

I searched related questions but I couldn’t find anything matching my specific situation: I have some old repository archives from an SVN server that was taken down years ago. They’re tarballs of the original repository structure on the server. What I want to do is convert them to git repositories as a basis for future […]

Amend username for a pushed commit on Github

I made a push to a newly forked git repo on Github but after committing i noticed that my username was incorrect. The username I pushed was “Brock Woolf” but it should have been brockwoolf which is my username on github. I already changed the default locally like this: git config –global “brockwoolf” But […]

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