How to write a good Git commit message?

I know it’s not to be opinionated here but my question is, what is a good way of writing concise commit messages? I’ve been using Git (SmartGit, SourceTree) for a couple of months now and as I’m getting more used to it, I’m starting to realize that my commit messages are not clear or detailed […]

Add a line to the git commit message while I'm editing code

While editing code in VIM I would like to add small one-line notes to the Git Commit message. Sometimes I find it simpler to to fix a small issue right when I see it rather than to comment it or document it for a future fix. However, I still would like the change to appear […]

Getting SSL error when attempting to clone a Stash repository

I’m attempting to clone a git repository hosted in Stash, but having no luck. I get the following error: fatal: unable to access ‘’: SSL certificate problem: Invalid certificate chain I confirmed that I have access to the repository by logging into Stash and viewing it through my browser. I also loaded the private key […]

Git .pack file is too large

I’m trying to do a git clone from a bitbucket repo. When doing that this error occurs: fatal: Out of memory maloc, failed ( try to allocate 1822535087 bytes ) fatal: index-pack failed fatal: write-error invalid argument After searching for a problem on stackoverflow ( Repack of Git repository fails ), I ran this command […]

Git rebase on Windows sometimes fails with inexplicable “your untracked working tree files would be overwritten” error

This is something that occasionally affects some of our developers when they do a pull with rebase. For example, after making 5 commits locally to master and they run a: git pull –rebase origin master to make their history linear before pushing. Most of the time this works fine, but every now and then, during […]

How to fix the file not found exception on TFS git project build server on

How to fix the file not found exception on TFS git project build server on I am using VS2013. After chatting with Microsoft support I also logged this issue in the relevant Microsoft site Exception Message: (type FileNotFoundException) Exception Stack Trace: at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Deployment.Workflow.Activities.TryFindProjectInSolution.Execute(CodeActivityContext context) at System.Activities.CodeActivity`1.InternalExecute(ActivityInstance instance, ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager) at System.Activities.Runtime.ActivityExecutor.ExecuteActivityWorkItem.ExecuteBody(ActivityExecutor […]

`git diff` doesn't show any changes? Why not?

I’m in a git repo in which some changes have been made. So I first did a git status, which shows one file changed. I then did a git diff to view the changes, but that doesn’t output anything at all (see output below), not even a mode change or anything. Does anybody know why […]

In github, I transferred ownership of a repository to an organization in which I have owner rights. But now cannot push

I transferred ownership of a repository to an organization in which I have owner rights. However, now I cannot push to the repository. I get this error: $ git push origin master ERROR: Repository not found. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly What are the steps that I need to take in order to […]

Find branching point from post-receive hook

tl;dr: find branching point from post-receive hook only using github api calls. So right now I have a server hooked up with post-receive hook of a remote git repository. Whenever a git push is done, the server will be notified. The information will be passed to the server are standard post-receive parameters {old_revision, new_revision, ref_name}. […]

How to align RoundhousE to one-time scripts that have changed due to git line-ending normalisation?

I’m using RoundhousE to manage database migrations, and, due to bad legacy git config, the scripts have been committed to git with inconsistent line endings. I want to normalise these line-endings and, of course, in doing so RoundhousE detects hash changes to these files. I accept this as correct behaviour from a RoundhousE perspective, but […]

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