Is it possible to preserve git version history for moved files when splitting a repository?

I saw this question, but the answer does not discuss preserving the history of files that have been moved prior to the splitting of the first repository. What I’m interested is the following scenario: there is initially one repo, and some files have been moved around in this repo at various times due to refactoring. […]

Show non-merge differences between two commits in git

I’m trying to do a code review on a feature branch that has changes from the mainline merged in at several points. I make this question’s title intentionally very similar to Show non-merge differences for two commits in git but I’m not satisfied with the answers. My problem is that the feature branch has multiple […]

source control structure for a kohana based project

i currently have several projects using kohana as a framework, and what i have at the moment is a directory structure like this project – application – system – modules the “project” dir is under mercurial source control, and i basically copy and paste modules that i use. and commit them to each project. however […]

what's wrong with my git-svn command? cannot fork, why?

I was cloning a opensource project using git–svn, but failed. this issue is different from since i am not using cygwin this time:( The error message is different as before, it just cannot fork:( r6686 = f7adf2ab3ed10abac505b6ee5c88f983f3080e28 (refs/remotes/tags/NaiveBayes-1.0.1@8503) Can’t fork at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/ line 1262. real 550m4.292s user 17m12.441s sys 52m29.003s jesus cried, git svn […]

git remotes of same working directory are different (or at least it seems like it)

I have a working directory that I track with GIT on one of my computers and at some point in the past I created a remote (bare) repo on an external hard drive. This remote is called origin. I then cloned that repo on other computers at a later time. Since I created origin, I […]

Does cf push respect the use of .gitignore?

I’m using the .gitignore file below with the hope that when I push my application, the tmp directory and swap files will be ignored. That isn’t happening though and now I am wondering if cf push even considers .gitignore? *.swp tmp/ Does anyone know if cf push takes a .gitignore file into consideration?

why git status shows “working directory clean” even after I add a new file

$ git –version git version 2.5.3 $ git branch * feature/branchABC $ git status -b branchABC On branch feature/branchABC Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/feature/branchABC’. nothing to commit, working directory clean $ echo “abc” > abc.cpp $ git status -b branchABC On branch feature/branchABC Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/feature/branchABC’. nothing to commit, working directory […]

can I store password somewhere using git via http(not https)

I’m using a proxy(developed on GAE) which can only work using http. So when i try to git push I have to input password and user-name every time. Can I store it somewhere and don’t bother to input it any more? Thanks in advanced.

Git patch Java Imports

Is any good way to work around patchs with git and Java imports? I have a remote computer (the one I use at work), working with a branch called bugX Now I’m at home, and I want a “copy” of that branch to my local computer to keep working. So what I’ve done was to […]

git: replay commits on a different path

I’ve done a couple commits in “somedir” and have been continuously rebasing while I worked—my history is linear. Now I wish I hadn’t done my work in “somedir”, but in a separate copy. Can I replay my commits on “anotherdir”, which is an identical copy of “somedir”? (My commits are on a local topic branch, […]

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