Is it possible to create branches of git subtrees while maintaining parent repo structure?

We are looking to put sub-projects within a Git repository. The repo, i.e. ParentRepo, will need to sync with our private server, and then a few subdirectories will need to also push to a company github repo and pull from upstream github repos. We also need the ability to make branches from those subdirectories (not […]

Oddly formatted SVN repo to Git

I’m working to port an extremely old svn repo that, unfortunately, was made in a non-standard way. Check out the format below: PROJECT/ trunk/ service1/ service2/ branches/ service1-1.0 service1-1.1 service1.1.2 service2-1.0 tags/ service1-1.0.0 service1-1.0.1 service2.1.0.0 Now the git repo only needs to be converted once — we don’t need to support both at the same […]

Correct Path for Git Remote Add from Amazon EC2 Instance to OSX Client Machine

I’m trying to do a git remote add from a repository that sits on a remote Amazon AMI back to a cloned copy of the SAME repository that is sitting on my local OSX machine. I’m confused about what file path to use. I assume it’s something like: git remote add my_clone <OSX_User_Name>@<OSX_HOST_NAME>:<PATH_TO_CLONED_REPO> I obviously […]

jenkins complains host key verification failure although the key was generated

Error: Fetching upstream changes from……/………git ERROR: Problem fetching from origin / origin – could be unavailable. Continuing anyway hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Error performing command: git fetch -t……/……git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* Command “git fetch -t…../……git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*” returned status code 128: Host key verification failed. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly My comments: I found that jenkins […]

Save space when downloading Android source

I’m looking for a way to work with the Android source, and at the same time trying to keep the disk space usage low. Is it possible to init some projects as shallow (the ones I only need the latest source and won’t be modifying) and others as regular git repos to be able to […]

How to share a branch with other developers under git

Here’s generally speaking (I can provide more details), our workflow: 1) We have a prime repo on a remote server host. 2) We have a bare repo on a remote server host. 3) We have a clone of the bare repo with a working tree on our local computers, and the bare is setup as […]

Does git have an equivalent for the bazaar automv plugin?

The only distributed revision control system I’ve used on my projects is bazaar. I don’t know much about git and mercurial except how to do checkouts. The reason I like bazaar is the automv plugin. It detects when I’ve moved/deleted files manualy (from command line/ide etc.) which I tend to do alot when I’m in […]

git-svn clone failure, perl.exe failed assertion

My work has an absolutely massive and ancient code base that is very quickly becoming untenable for merging multiple projects together. I am attempting to pull the repository – WITH its entire history – into git to solve some of these problems. However, git svn is causing many problems when attempting to specify commands to […]

How to add two projects from one workspace to git in IntelliJ Idea?

I have two projects in Intellij Idea conjoined together in “Maven Projects” tool window…: – autotests – testframework Question: How can I add both projects to the git version control? I did: “VCS | Enable Version Control Integration“ But this added only one project to the git: autotests How can I add “testframework” project also? […]

Drupal Sandbox git repository so big? ( pack file size: 21MB)

I have uploaded Drupal theme in sandbox. My total theme file size is less than 1MB, but inside .git folder have pack files (file size is 21MB). How to reduce pack file size? git gc git repack git verify-pack -v .git/objects/pack/pack-*.idx But still have same file size.

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