Line history viewer – Git

I was wondering if any of you knew of a tool that would allow me to select a line in my code and then view a list view of the history of that line, on a commit by commit basis. Anyone know of such a tool?

How do I get a “git log” patch for a specific commit

If I have a commit hash that has not yet been pushed to origin, how can I generate a patch for that commit only. I would like to use git log -p –no-names but can’t see a switch to pass in a specific commit hash. Should I be using a different git command?

How to test git hooks

Since “testing” is a common use for a Git hook, my question is hard to search for. I’m writing a fairly involved git post-receive hook and want to know what the best way to test it is. Currently my process is: make changes to post-receive in a dummy “remote” repo make a change to a […]

Make a local copy of a remote git repository

I am not very familiar with the terminology or practices and procedures of version control. Here is what I want to do : I want to download a folder from a git repository from the Internet. Is cloning the right way to do it ? WOn’t cloning keep the unnecessary meta-data files ? Is there […]

Scalable (half-million files) version control system

We use SVN for our source-code revision control and are experimenting using it for non-source-code files. We are working with a large set (300-500k) of short (1-4kB) text files that will be updated on a regular basis and need to version control it. We tried using SVN in flat-file mode and it is struggling to […]

How to register newly mounted drive in git bash?

In my day-to-day work (I’m using MS Windows), I keep my git bash (actually using console2 for this) open for the whole day. It is also very frequent that I mount new drives that I would like to work with git. However I noticed that I need to exit the bash and open it again […]

Git push master fatal: You are not currently on a branch

Master is it at say commit #10. However, I ended up realizing I broke something along the way that wasn’t caught by tests. I ended up going to commit #5, and then slowly re-did the dev of each commit and adjusted it continually to ensure it didn’t re-cause the bug. Now I’m essentially back to […]

git svn – Can I use git and svn at the same time? no need interaction between git and svn

I am doing a development project. The company is using SVN, so for main commit and checkout should be done via SVN. However, I don’t like SVN and am a git user. Since only when I think my code is good I will commit to the company SVN, I would like to use git for […]

Import repository from git to gerrit

I have two questions about Gerrit: How do I convert or import an already existing Git repository into Gerrit’s format? There were a lot of commits without Gerrit control, I want to simply push those commits into a Gerrit project. I see two ways to do it: Copy existing bare Git directory to Gerrit and […]

Git: created new branch from a wrong branch

I usually create new branch from develop git checkout -b new-feature develop then after the last commit I merge back to develop git checkout develop git merge new-feature but this time I created new-feature2 brach from new-feature and now I cannot merge to develop. Is there a way to switch new-feature2‘s parent to develop? (The […]

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