Merge trunk to branch in Subversion

I’m using Subversion 1.4.6, and I cannot upgrade to version 1.5 right now. The situation: The trunk has a lot of structural changes (i.e. moving files around, mostly). I have a branch that was recently merged from the trunk, but before the major changes. What is the best way to merge the trunk to the […]

Using git-svn (or similar) *just* to help out with an svn merge?

Some complex subversion merges are coming up in my project: big branches that have been apart for a long time. Svn gives too many conflicts – and some of them seem spurious. Given that git is praised for a superiour merge experience, Would it be any good to use git-svn just for the benefit of […]

examining history of deleted file

If I delete a file in Subversion, how can I look at it’s history and contents? If I try to do svn cat or svn log on a nonexistent file, it complains that the file doesn’t exist. Also, if I wanted to resurrect the file, should I just svn add it back? (I asked specifically […]

How do I create a SVN Commit Message Template and Hook to Verify

I’m using Visual SVN Server and Tortoise SVN (client) for source control. I would like all developers to standardize on a consistent format for checkin notes. For Example I want their Commit Message to default to… Synopsis: Developer Name: (pre-populated) Reviewed By: [Bug Id]: [Change Bug State]: Known Issues: Affected Files: (pre-populated) In the future […]

Remove file from SVN repository without deleting local copy

How can I “delete” a file which is already in the SVN repository without deleting it from my file system? TortoiseSVN or command line instructions are welcome. The following works, but I am hoping for something nicer: Copy the file to some other location outside the repository. SVN Delete the file. Commit Copy the files […]

How to get started with svn:externals?

I’m looking for a succinct and well-written tutorial on using svn:externals. I already know how to use them in a basic way myself, but I want a good article that I can link to when answering questions like this one that come up recently: What to do with multiple projects depending on the same source? […]

Which plugin do you use for SVN in Visual Studio?

I’m considering using SVN for my .Net projects, and I’d like to know what plugins are available for integrating the source control capabilities directly into the Visual Studio IDE. I already know about the following Visual Studio extensions: VisualSVN, which seems great but is not free. It is implemented as a low-level VS package extension. […]

How to save password when using Subversion from the console

I was wondering if there is a way to save my Subversion password when doing svn operations from the console. The console is the only option that I have. When I try to do any Subversion action, e.g. svn commit, it prompts for the account password every time. Is there a way to save this […]

What are the benefits of using Perforce instead of Subversion?

My team has been using SVN for a few years. We now have the option of switching to Perforce. What would be the benefits (and pitfalls) of making such a switch?

How to undo a commit in SVN?

Possible Duplicate: Subversion: Retract Accidental Checkin How do you undo a commit of a file in SVN?

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