How to upgrade Git to latest version on OS X?

I just bought a new Mac with OS X Lion and I checked in the Terminal what version of git is installed by default. I got the answer git –version > git version I would like to upgrade git to the latest version, so I downloaded the dmg installer “git-” and I launched […]

Git – how to force manual merge even if there is no conflict

This is a question which was asked many times over the years. I have found a number of answers, in particular this one: Git – how to force merge conflict and manual merge on selected file (@Dan Moulding) This page contains is a detailed guide how to set up a merge driver that would always […]

git is very very slow when tracking large binary files

My project is six months old and git is very very slow. We track around 30 files which are of size 5 MB to 50 MB. Those are binary files and we keep them in git. I believe those files are making git slow. Is there a way to kill all files of size > […]

There is any way to synchronize GIT and Subversion repositories?

I want to access a repository using both GIT and SVN clients. A way I imagined to do that is through automatic two-way migration: when a user PUSHes into the GIT repository, it is also COMMITed in the SVN repository and vice-versa. There is any tool that would help me to do that?

Extract part of a git repository?

Assume my git repository has the following structure: /.git /Project /Project/SubProject-0 /Project/SubProject-1 /Project/SubProject-2 and the repository has quite some commits. Now one of the subprojects (SubProject-0) grows pretty big, and I want to take SubProject-0 out and set it up as a standalone project. Is it possible to extract all the commit history involving SubProject-0 […]

Git enter long passphrase for every push

Every time I try to push anything to GitHub it asks me the address… and after that it wants the passphrase. Is there a way to automate this? I am using Linux Ubuntu.

How do I deal with corrupted git object files?

I did a git pull when I was near my quota, and as a result (so I think), got a corrupted file: $ git pull walk dffbfa18916a9db95ef8fafc6d7d769c29a445aa fatal: object d4a0e7599494bfee2b5351113895b43c351496b3 is corrupted $ git fsck –full bad sha1 file: .git/objects/66/b55c76947b1d38983e0944f1e6388c86f07a1b.temp fatal: object d4a0e7599494bfee2b5351113895b43c351496b3 is corrupted $ git cat-file -t d4a0e7599494bfee2b5351113895b43c351496b3 error: unable to find d4a0e7599494bfee2b5351113895b43c351496b3 […]

How do I move forward and backward between commits in git?

I am doing a git bisect and after arriving to the problematic commit, I am now trying to get a step forward/backward to make sure I am in the right one. I know of HEAD^ to go backwards in history but is there another shortcut to get me forward (towards a specific commit in the […]

Git workflow for corporate Linux kernel development

I work for a company which builds embedded systems using Linux. Historically we’ve always used CVS to store our kernel work. Our kernels end up being a collection of: Drivers for our proprietary hardware Random fixes for bits of Linux we use Non-proprietary hardware drivers Random yukky hacks to tailor Linux for our application We’re […]

Deploying to Heroku using git on bitbucket

I want to host my source on bitbucket using git because I obviously get a free private repo and I want to host my app on heroku using the source code from bitbucket. Can i do it using the github client and heroku toolbelt. Will it work? Github is great but i dont want everyone […]

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