Commit Folder Android Studio Project

Not all folder in project uploaded to github as default. Is it ok? such folder build not uploading to git as default. any reference about it? should I leave it or including folder build too? How to do that? Thank you

Git shell command alias giving a “bad config file” error

I’m working on the following git alias [alias] pushup = !git push –set-upstream origin `git branch | egrep “^\*” | awk -F”*” ‘{print $NF}’` which is supposed to do a git push while simultaneously setting the upstream to the current branch. The command git push –set-upstream origin `git branch | egrep “^\*” | awk -F”*” […]

Git has no idea files are the repository. I cannot remove them

I am in a bit of a pickle with my remote master branch. I am working on a project with a guy who is new to version control systems and he made several commits with an empty .gitignore file. This resulted in many different binaries being pushed into /bin/ and /obj/ directories. I have successfully […]

How to copy a branch from one GitHub repository to another?

The Author had a respository, called Master. I forked Master, and created branch A on it. Then the Author created an Organization, forked Master to the Organization, and said that that should be the new official main repository. Then he invited me to join the Organization and now I have commit access. I’d like to […]

Best way to clone a git repository when authenticating via ssh key forwarding

Prerequisites: Host & git authentication happens via ssh key ssh key forwarding is enabled Every user of our team uses a dedicated user account – it is not possible to log in via headless user account Now we want to deploy an application from a git repository. This should be simple but it’s not. – […]

Why isn't there a “Git Init Here” option on my right-click box?

I’m trying to start learning git and use it. I’ve downloaded a training video about git and am currently watching it. I’ve downloaded and installed git on my computer. I use Windows 8 OS (32 bit version). But I don’t know why I don’t have a Git Init Here option when I right-click: As you […]

Syncing a fork in Bitbucket, Branches and are they synced?

I’m quite new to the whole forking “thingy”.. I get the basics of the concept, but the part I don’t get is: What happens to all the branches? Lets say that I decide to fork a repository; the original repository adds a bunch of new branches, which I assume my fork won’t be automatically updated […]

TeamCity Trigger on Pull Request vs Trigger on Merge

We build features in GitHub branches (one feature branch to one feature). We have a develop branch and a master branch. Both should always be green. We use TeamCity for builds and deploys. What I want to get to is that when a pull request is created (from the feature branch to develop), TeamCity automatically […]

Why does a newline in PS1 throw a syntax error in Git for Windows bash?

This question already has an answer here: PS1 command substitution fails when containing newlines on msys bash 2 answers

why git returns this error message: “error: branch '.*' not found.”

I am trying to delete al merged branch, but I dont understand why I got this error message: prompt> (master) $ git b 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 * master prompt> (master) $ git b –merged | grep -v ‘*’ | xargs git branch -d error: branch ‘4.0’ not found. error: branch ‘4.1’ not found. […]

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