Using vim for git commit messages broken after updating janus

After updating the janus vim distribution there appears to be a problem with using vim for commit messages. The best example of this is when doing a git pull to get someone else’s changes. The vim editor is displayed, I type my commit message, I enter :wq but instead of the commit working, I get […]

GIT copy file preserving history

I have a somewhat confusing question in GIT. Lets say, I have a file dir1/A.txt committed and git preserves a history of commits Now I need (for some reasons) to copy the file into dir2/A.txt (not move but copy). I know that there is a git mv command but I need dir2/A.txt to have the […]

Is it possible to git-checkout a single line instead of the entire file?

If I have modified several lines of a versioned file, is it possible to undo the changes of a line by command-line? Just like I would do for an entire file with: git checkout /path/to/file.extension but doing something like, say git checkout /path/to/file.extension –line 10 is this possible?

What Node.JS-specific files and folders are usually excluded via .gitignore?

I’m a newbie Node.JS developer… What do developers usually exclude from their Node.JS git repositories in production via .gitignore? node_modules? bin? Etc…

How can I keep my branch up to date with master with git?

I have a bug fix in my master, and I also want my branch to get that bug fix. What git command do I use?

Git: How to get the commit info of a changeset

I got a changeset after digging around with git blame. Now I want to know more about the changeset. The changes made and comments,etc etc. What is the git command to get that information? Looked around, but could not find the answer that I was looking for.

Git and DiffTool problems : What do LOCAL and REMOTE point to?

Ive been working on getting tortoisemerge working as the difftool option in Git with my .gitconfig file currently showing : [diff] tool = tortoise [difftool “tortoise”] cmd = tortoisemerge.exe -mine:$LOCAL -base:$REMOTE [difftool] prompt = false According to tortoise merge docs the ‘mine’ command states which file will be shown on the right, in a two […]

git error when trying to push to remote branch

I’ve cloned repository A’s master branch from git and created my own branch called Li. I’ve made some changes a while ago and pushed the contents of local Li to remote Li. Now I’ve pulled some updates from remote master to my local master branch and from the local master branch to the local Li, […]

Xcode – error: pathspec '…' did not match any file(s) known to git

I am using a local git repo. When I try to commit changes to the core data model file (.xcdatamodel), I get this message: error: pathspec ‘…/DataModel.xcdatamodeld/DataModel.xcdatamodel/contents’ did not match any file(s) known to git. How to fix this and commit the model as I do with any other file? Update: I don’t know who […]

Put current changes in a new Git branch

This question already has an answer here: Move existing, uncommited work to a new branch in Git 4 answers

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