How to use submodules publicly, but symlinks to a single clone locally?

I’m having my first Git Submodule experience. I have some projects that depend on the same subproject. I keep these projects in sync, so I’m using the “submodule branch” feature (e.g. git submodule add -b master [URL]). While I’d like the public GitHub repositories to convey the submodule relationship, in my own workflow I’d really […]

How to replicate git-checkout using only plumbing commands?

I would like to avoid calling porcelain commands from my scripts, but is there a way to get some of the behavior of git checkout <commit> using only plumbing commands like checkout-index? I’m particularly interested in the effect on the working copy: assuming everything is clean, checkout deletes files that were tracked in the old […]

What's the use of `-u` in `git push -u origin master`?

Possible Duplicate: What exactly does the "u" do? "git push -u origin master" vs "git push origin master" In Github, when you created an empty repository, the instructions ask you to execute git push -u origin master So my question is, what’s the use of -u option? After reading the manpage I still didn’t get […]

How to make automatic pull request with Sourcetree NOT in master branch?

I just wondering is there an option in SourceTree to change the default branch of automatic pull requests.

Differences between git branches using Visual Studio

I’m trying to understand how two compare between branches or different commits using VS 2015. Using other Git programs I can easily compare versions, but I can’t see how it’s done in VS. Can anyone help? Thanks

Remove a merge commit, keeping current changes

We have had a small problem in our team. One dev had to include some changes in our development branch. Before doing so, he accidentally merged a feature branch (which shouldn’t be merged then) and kept on working over those changes, generating a couple of commits after the merge. Now we want to keep those […]

Move a file to a new folder, keeping Git history

I am looking to move a folder so that it resides in another folder. Currently: /folder1, moved to /holder/folder1, for example. What is the easiest way to do this both on my home machine (Mac) and git to ensure that all of the history of the files within that folder remain on github. Sorry for […]

How do you make Git ignore spaces and tabs?

I have a small scripting project that consists of five different source files in one directory called “Droid XX-XX-XX”. Each time I created a new backup copy of the source directory, I put the date in the X’s. So there are about 15 different versions from different dates. I want to add each of these […]

How well does Git LFS handle small files?

Is there a best practice for the type files stored in Git LFS? Specifically for the minimum size? For instance, a 10mb music file would be a obvious fit, but what about a 25kb png? Is it worth putting in LFS or it better to just let Git handle it? My concern is performance degradation […]

jira and git linking up

I recently moved to jira for my bug management tool. I have installed the most recent copy which 4.1. We use Git as our version control system, I am looking to set it up, so looking around i found that the Git Integration Plugin for JIRA by BigBrassBand is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, […]

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