How to apply diff between commits to current head in git?

I was working on some topic branch on project I participate in. I normally rebase my branches before making a pull request. This time however, due to changes in master, rebasing is a big pain. Lot of conflicts and, what’s worse, after manual merging commits look just ugly and loose their point. I would definitely […]

Git commit in my case

I am on branch “feature“. After I did all the changes, I decide to commit my work on this branch. I first checked all the changes I have made by execute command: git status The above git command printed out the following result: On branch feature # Changes not staged for commit: # (use “git […]

How do I identify which remote branches a given SHA-1 “belongs to”?

We store the SHA-1 of the current checkout when building our Maven artifacts, so we can go back to the exact commit from which the artifact was made with “git checkout SHA-1″. This results in a detached HEAD not belonging to any branches. I can then use “gitk –all .” to visually identify the remote […]

How redeploy application on Google App Engine?

I couldn’t find it in the documentation, so help me please. When I want to deploy WAR file to Google App Engine, I just clone it from git in the cloud shell and press mvn appengine:deploy And application successfully deploys and starts. So I have a question, when I’m fixing something, pushing in git, how […]

Push a rebased branch?

I have a little situation here. I rebased a dev branch, and tried to push it, but it was rejected (non-fast-forward)… Since I don’t know why, I come to you… What I did: git checkout dev git rebase G # Here, I had to manually merge some files # Result (in gitk) was : # […]

Exporting from fossil to git

I’ve been trying to export my fossil repo into git using the instructions found here. I’ve seen this question here but it doesn’t have an answer to my question. I followed all the directions on but I can’t seem to get it to work. I did the following: git init new-repo cd new-repo fossil […]

Why is GIT not replacing CRLF with LF on writing to the working directory, although core.autocrlf is set to input?

Recently I fiddled around with gits option core.autocrlf und set it to input. I tested if the configuration parameter is set correctly: $ git config –global core.autocrlf input $ git config core.autocrlf input Then to test gits behavior I deleted all contents of the project folder (except of course the folder .git) and made a […]

How to see difference of first and third commit in git?

I have a problem , I need to see difference of first and third commit in git, but I can see diff of any commit and previous to it.

Github windows: Commit failed: Failed to create a new commit… continued issues

So it appears that I have the exact same problem as the individual who asked this question… Github windows: Commit failed: Failed to create a new commit I followed the steps suggested in the top voted answer yet it did not fix my problem. I then did what the third top ranked answer suggested…removing the […]

Should I commit or ignore Terraform local module symlinks?

Terraform may create a few files in a .terraform directory. The .tfstate file, which is a json file containing the state. I can review this question for that. .tfstate backups, which I’m pretty sure I can .gitignore. The modules directory, which contains links to modules. The terraform get command will create symlinks to my local […]

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